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RE: Alistair++ - Otome Game

By sake-bento
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This is a free to play otome game/dating sim/stat raiser about romance, revenge, and video games.

Windows Users:
Download it here: [link] (Click on "Direct Download Link", and NOT the big green button)

Mac Users:
Download it here: [link] (Click on "Direct Download Link", and NOT the big green button)

Linux Users:
Download it here: [link]


This is a collaboration with =TheeForsakenOne and =tooaya.

This is the EXTENDED EDITION of RE: Alistair. If you've never played before, just download and enjoy. If you're a returning fan from the original RE:A, here's what you can look forward to:
-CG backgrounds instead of photos. Made by mugenjohncel.
-A date box in the top corner. Now you can know what day it is!
-Large, attractive, stat button for easier access to your current stats.
-More CGs. Twice the amount of the first run, in fact!
-More scenes. Spend extra time learning about your favorite guy. Or even your not favorite guy!
-Character profiles. Learn fun and interesting facts like everyone's age.
-An attractive, smaller filesize! (No, seriously.)


=tooaya - Characters, CGs, and GUI
Visit her profile and revel at her lovely artwork. Do it now!

=TheeForsakenOne - Programming
Be sure to leave a multitude of compliments for all the cool stuff you can do in this game. It's not easy.

~sake-bento - Writing
My personal account is mostly food. For more visual novels I've written, check out #sakevisual


If you have any questions, please read the FAQ and the Walkthrough first. You might get an answer there.

FAQ: [link]
Walkthrough: [link]
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i want ecchi stuff..

Kitgirl401's avatar
I dont see the direct download except the big green button...what do i do?
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I love this game<3
Ulvkatt's avatar
I never thought you participated in making this. I loved this game! :D
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There is no direct link for Mac anymore :/
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Shiro ! Shiro ! Shiro ! ...  
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Why does it have to be that short. I finished it in less than an hour... Twice...
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^The game is awesome, it's too short indeed. I usually take about 4 weeks to finish a VN. You can play other  full length VNs at many websites, averaging from 20-60 hours of playing time.
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Is the download 100% safe?
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It is. If you have Norton, sometimes it will get flagged as a virus because not many people have used the file. That just means they're suspicious because they haven't seen the file before, but they haven't actually detected any viruses.  Remember to click on the text that says "Direct Download Link" under the big green button.
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Thank you very much!  I downloaded and played the whole game. It was really fun ^_^!
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Derek is the best Heart Heart  :happybounce: 
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The 1st time I play it , I can play bonus , but now , I use win 7 and can't play bonus althrough I have all ending and unlock all CG . Why ? ;;A;;
mew-mew-sparkle's avatar
Did you get both of the alone endings as well?
Ferim's avatar
Yes , I did ...
mew-mew-sparkle's avatar
Oh ;u; Well I don't know what to tell you. Someone put the bonus on YouTube though.
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Have you tried played other otome games besides this one yet?
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thank you for share this game! ^_^
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I LOVE you ;w;
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We love you too! If you haven't seen it yet, we're working on a sequel game to this one. You can check out the site here:…
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Just so you know, I played this a LONG time ago and it's still one of my favorites. Best free otome out there, by far. I'm a big fan and you've truly done an outstanding job with this project. Thanks so much for being awesome.
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Thank YOU for being awesome enough to let us know how you feel. It's support like yours that keeps us going, and we really are honored that you enjoy our work.
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I played this game ages ago and loved Shiro the most. ^__^ But in my opinion, Merui seems more fitting for Travis.
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