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RE: Alistair++ - Otome Game




This is a free to play otome game/dating sim/stat raiser about romance, revenge, and video games.

Windows Users:
Download it here: [link] (Click on "Direct Download Link", and NOT the big green button)

Mac Users:
Download it here: [link] (Click on "Direct Download Link", and NOT the big green button)

Linux Users:
Download it here: [link]


This is a collaboration with =TheeForsakenOne and =tooaya.

This is the EXTENDED EDITION of RE: Alistair. If you've never played before, just download and enjoy. If you're a returning fan from the original RE:A, here's what you can look forward to:
-CG backgrounds instead of photos. Made by mugenjohncel.
-A date box in the top corner. Now you can know what day it is!
-Large, attractive, stat button for easier access to your current stats.
-More CGs. Twice the amount of the first run, in fact!
-More scenes. Spend extra time learning about your favorite guy. Or even your not favorite guy!
-Character profiles. Learn fun and interesting facts like everyone's age.
-An attractive, smaller filesize! (No, seriously.)


=tooaya - Characters, CGs, and GUI
Visit her profile and revel at her lovely artwork. Do it now!

=TheeForsakenOne - Programming
Be sure to leave a multitude of compliments for all the cool stuff you can do in this game. It's not easy.

~sake-bento - Writing
My personal account is mostly food. For more visual novels I've written, check out #sakevisual


If you have any questions, please read the FAQ and the Walkthrough first. You might get an answer there.

FAQ: [link]
Walkthrough: [link]
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i want ecchi stuff..