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Kansei (Visual Novel)

By sake-bento
Our latest game. Yay!

This is Kansei, the murder mystery game, and the sequel to Jisei. It's an interactive computer game, and it's currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can get the free demo here: [link]

Written by: ~sake-bento
Art by: ~dejichan
Music by: ~symbioteva
Built with: #RenPy
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© 2011 - 2021 sake-bento
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I bought the Linux version of Jisei and Kansei as a package deal. I'm amazed that it is now possible to buy commercial games for Linux. Running Debian Wheezy 32-bit. Kansei has to be the most beautiful visual novel I've ever seen -- even more beautiful than Cinders. If you're using Linux, make sure to try the demo to make sure that it runs on your installation. The Yousei demo did not run on my Debian Wheezy 32-bit installation. Maybe outdated Python? I bought the Mac version instead, which runs fine on my old white Intel iMac running Leopard (in 2014!).
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Ah I played Jensei... great game! I was crazy about it and almost buyed it! Unfortunately, my computer won't let me download Kensei. I've tried twice. Is there a way I can download it aside from the site above?
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Email me with the email address you used to buy the game and I can set something up for you.
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I didn't buy the game. I was trying to download your demo.
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Ah, okay. The demo is also available for download on the LemmaSoft forums: [link]
Esvandetta's avatar
Alright.. thanks! ^__^
Can't wait for the sequel!
Ladre's avatar
It's so exciting to see new games from you guys :D
ScionicSpectre's avatar
Hey- thanks a ton for making it available for Linux. It's looking very slick and interesting so far. I'll definitely bookmark this.
HiddenWings07's avatar
I already posted a comment on the journal, but I thanks again for this demo. Good job on the thumbnail, too - the layout is neat and makes the game seem even more interesting. Is that even possible?!? Haha.

Thank you, and I'll try to enter the contest if I have time! :dummy:
HiddenWings07's avatar
*but thanks again
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YAAAY, finally, Jisei's got its sequel. :la:
angelofstars's avatar
Omg! It's already out?!
Looks amazing !
OgawaBurukku's avatar
I really like the art for this one! I wish I had some free time to play this. I downloaded another game I by you guys I still haven't had a chance to play...
Aloixe's avatar
oh, it looks really interesting :D how bad that my only possibility is trying the demo, but at least I can wait for the rest of the games too :) go on like this! your games are always good :thumbsup:
sake-bento's avatar
I'll actually be doing some giveaways, raffles, and contests in the next few weeks. Details here: [link]
Aloixe's avatar
oh, thank you, I'll click the link as soon as I finish writing this :)
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