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What have I been doing the past six months?   College, duh. But I've been trying to clean out my room and make a little cash so I can move to a place better suited for my cosplay business.  It's what I've been taking these classes for. Still I'm putting quite a bit of my anime collection up for grabs. Right now I have the VHS, DVD, CD, Manga, and Plush sale up. And right now, I just finished up the Doujinshi and Anime Cel sale. So help a gal out with her cosplay dreams and click here or here to help pay for my tution and books. And of course, don't forget about my prints which are still available.
Yaoi Couple Contest at Aarinfantasy Forum
I dont know whether you guys are aware of this but currently SasuNaru is going against the classic couple from Ai no Kusabi, Iason and Riki, in the Yaoi Couple Contest at Aarinfantasy forum. So, i'm begging all of fellow sasunarusasu fans who are also members of aarinfantasy to show your support by voting for them here: Vote for SasuNaru It just takes a few second to vote! Maybe a minute more if you want to register and join in on the fun of an extensive yaoi forum. [Just mention me, Sakata, when they ask who reccommended you.] The poll will close on 29th June 2007 at 2:41pm Central, so there isn't really much time! Thanks for taking yo
Each regular print is on card stock paper and personally signed.  Since they are left overs, there is a limited amount, which is first come, first serve unless I get a significant demand. They're also knocked down from the original price to only $4 :dollarus: each.  Basically that's for cost of printing and shipping. :buymyprints: :below:Update:below: The prints in question are: :new: Inhuman [Naruto/Fruits Basket] :new: Beautiful Mess [Naruto] Mark of the Beast [Naruto] No Place to Belong  [Naruto] Chakra Convergence  [Naruto] Only 2 left:flame: Sakura Season [Naruto] :new: A 9x11 glossy Naruto poster!


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I2aminspired|Student Filmographer
Do you still come here often?
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Hi, remember me? Might remember me as Sirrah, the girl who loved your Tas/Chi fics and send you naruto. Just wanted to poke you since I made a devi-account and of course friended you ;)
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Haaaaai! =]

So i haaave no clue bout this naruto thing or anbu, i dont really care either lol. not the point im making XD

I've noticed it alot on dev and i just want to say i think you have it down to a tee.

Your work is awesome and the detail outstanding. Just wanted to let ya kno =D
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I've seen your Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto drawings, and I gotta say I like your pictures. Would you like to join our club?
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What's up
I took this new free iQ quiz my friend showed me. you should check it out. just CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE FREE IQ TEST
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As a known Naruto X Gaara artist we thought it would be appropriate to let you know that a NaruGaaNaru Valentine Love Fest is about to start on the NaruGaa LiveJournal community.

The rules are simples; on February, the 14th, or in the Month that follows, you can post on the community a NarutoxGaara picture, either linked to the Valentine theme, or based on one or several prompts left by the fans.

This is why you are also more than welcome to leave a prompt! If you ever dreamt of seeing Gaara dressed as an Egyptian God with Naruto worshipping him, or want to read a fic featuring the two of them taking dancing classes together, this is your chance of inspiring someone to do the art/writing for you!

You can become more information and post your prompts there:

We will post the list of prompts in about a week.
Of course, you can post fic or art ideas without having to submit something for the Fest!

If you don't have a Livejournal account, you can still leave an anonymous comment with your prompts, likewise, when the time for turning your response to the challenge, you can post to the archive of your choice.

About advertisement anywhere on you own accord we would be more than happy. ;]
Anyway, help us spread NaruGaaNaru love on that special day!

Other important information?
When you are no NaruGaaNaru artist or author, you got this note because you are:
a) a member of a NaruGaaNaru Club in deviantart;
b) you faved a fanart of this fandom from an known artist;
c) you were of any kind noticeably enough, for one of us, to be part of our (ca. 500 people) list. Um~ Congrats!?

Also we would appreciate it.. when you don't go and report this note as spam, or diss us now, just because we were not in the mood to go and make just for this a new account.
So when you are not into this pairing anymore or really see this as spam, we would be happy to see you just IGNORING this note! ..Thanks.

Last but not least, we tried to sort the nicknames of all people in this list out, but in the end we kinda lose track of it.. (we were just two people to make this list in our freetime)
So for people who became this note twice, you can feel spamed now, we are very very very sorry!

Have a very nice day,
~Nonexistenz & ~Kato-sama
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