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excited Twilight-elf

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Twilight as an elf. I created this for use in reconstruction of "Preparing For Launch", as I felt that the original interaction I had between Twilight and Pinkie was destructive to the overall feel of the wallpaper. 

Normal Twilight vector:

feedback is extremely appreciated, I'm here to learn after all! 
Feel free to use if you like! just make sure to give credit. (also a link would be appreciated so I can see it in use, though this isn't totally necessary) :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:

MLP: FIM owned by Hasbro
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Used and credited here
Thank you very much!
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nice, thanks for the link. :)
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Thank you for allowing me to use your vector ^+^
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X-mas Twilight is the best Elf :D
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You must make a Christmas wallpaper with this vector
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Will do :D It'll actually be replacing twilight in the recreation of this wallpaper: I'll be remaking all background elements from scratch and reorganizing things to try and salvage it seeing as I was so unhappy with the original. :D
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Good luck with that
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