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Pinkie playing the organ



SVG file:

Pinkie Pie from Castle Mania. I'm pretty happy with how this came out. I couldn't find any decent reference shots of the organ in this perspective; so I had to work out most of the proportions by eye based on the other perspectives. I spent a little time while playing with the colors to try and come up with good looking daytime colors for it and I think those look pretty good as well. :) 

Also, the organ and the stool are completed objects, so if you want to use those for another shot in this or the opposite perspective feel free to use it, just give me credit. :) You can just delete pinkie from the SVG file or if you want you can send me a note and I can give you whatever you need be it PNG or SVG.

from Season 4 ep.3

feedback is extremely appreciated, I'm here to learn after all! 
Feel free to use if you like! just make sure to give credit. (also a link would be appreciated so I can see it in use, though this isn't totally necessary) :iconyouareplz::iconallowedplz:
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yeah, the others didn't look much like the actual art style but this perfects it.