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Fall Wallpaper V2

Made in Inkscape
SVG file:

Here is the recreation of my old fall wallpaper. I tried to maintain some of the key aspects like the characters and bright colors. The primary differences are increases in quality along with show style leaves...and a tree. I used darker, more saturated colors for the leaves than in the show in order to try match the effect that the leaves made in the original version.I think I put in too many leaves...I had to close down all other programs and restart in order to free up enough ram to export it. :)  Let me know what you guys think! (better, worse, etc.) I'm thinking that the leaves seem a bit small, but not totally sure. If any thing seems off or out of place please let me know. If I find enough thing to improve I will probably go back and do some additional tweaking.

*Redid the leaves leaves making them roughly 3x larger, changed leaf colors.*

feedback is extremely appreciated, I'm here to learn after all!

All vectors by myself:
Rainbow Dash

Original wallpaper:…
Google Chrome theme

MLP:FIM owned by Hasbro
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Good job! I'm setting this as my background, kk? ^^