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naruhina moment

naruhina :) i remember when i saw this :) naruto called hinata beautiful :D from Naruto episode 148
OMG i had no idea that this would get 100 fav ^_^ Thanks EveryOne

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This was my favorite scene! I couldn't stop laughing when Naruto was telling Kiba about her the next day!

The Danisnotonfire: FEELS 
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I agree; although indirectly Naruto called Hinata beautiful. And Hinata will always know that Naruto called that "Mysterious" woman by the waterfall both beautiful and talented. At least Hinata knows Naurto finds "Her" attractive and gives her hope that one day Naruto... heh, need I say more.
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The CANON 615 beats it any day. :D
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even if it is a filler it still their moments..:love:
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oh by the way! can you tell me if it was a filler?
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i know it. thanks. but i wanted to know if it's a filler (:
awesome gif by the way
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it's a filler?????? nooooooooooo :iconnoooooplz:
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.__________________________________. just imagine DAT MOMENT 'hinata-chan...? you were the girl in the waterfall back then?' jdfijvioeqrhvioeqriovqjheior *never gonna happen* :iconlazycryplz:
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i know even if was filter it was still cute:icon0inuhappycryplz:
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Narutö still don"t know beautiful girl is hinata
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My favorite moment...
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i feel a bit sick liking this clip she is naked
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You're welcome.:):iconsunglompplz:
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Ooh, I remember this scene. It was pretty great. :)
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lol i know right^^ it was filler but it was such a cuttte moment :iconsqueeeplz:
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I remember this! It was so great, Hinata was blushing bad after that incedent! X3
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