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Naruto: Uchiha family Stamp

so here the uchiha one hehe the sexyest family hehe they so beautiful im so happy sasuke found happiness and made a family with sakura i made this stamp for those who support the family if you guys want a stamp for the other canon pairings let me know :3
:bulletgreen: free to use 
Naruhina version:
all characters (c) kishimoto
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I don't mind this at all. Honetly, I couldn't even be bothered caring about Sakura's choice of being in love with a f*cked up dude. (well, he WAS)
and also doing so much torture to Sakura, but she was so tough to even go through it, even Naruto knew the feeling of Sakura's pain.  
But honestly, even though we know Sasuke hardly has any emotions, I don't even know he even gives a crap about Sakura.
I can't even tell that Sasuke is even happy lol Kinda wish Sakura went for Naruto since he cared for her more then Sasuke
and Naruto always being there for her and shiet. Them two were so close, their relationship were so f*cking goals lol
It's funny to see people complain about Sakura punching Naruto for 'no reason', yet they don't get that Naruto
also has comedy too? Once Naruto pisses Sakura off (without him realizing), she goes off and punches him while he's
flying away. I don't see how that abusive when it's not even telling us that "This happens in real life, guys! WATCH OUT!." 

But SasuSaku is actually pretty f*cking good, especially the fanarts (adorable)
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I love this so much!! Thank you! <3
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Sarada is soo cool ♥ (Sasuke looks even more like Madara XD)
Use it ^-^
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Daah!! Love this stamp La la la la 
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