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Guys...her name is Sadi now. No more name suggestions please =P


Ha yes, her name is Sade. No I do not mass name my characters Sade. Let me explain

When I was on schoolies I bought Emerald to entertain myself while everyone else slept in half the day. Emerald is definitely my fave pkmn game (havent played Diamond or Pearl yet) and so I had fun with it. On the last night at schoolies I got massively drunk off vanilla coke (trust me, its possible with how much of it I drank) and started talking to Jedda about could you imagine me in the pokemon world? Very humorous situations there...

Then the next morning after all was packed, I started drawing myself in pokemon version. Wasnt meant to be an actual OC or anything, but I decided I loved the design, so I made up a background story and slotted her into my pkmn fic/s. See...I have quite a few pkmn OCs. I've only ever posted Rio and Jupex though.

I am trying to find a new name for this character though. As she's an actual character now I dont want to keep calling her Sade. I need some suggestions, any nice names that might suit her? Just shout 'em out, really, Im completely stuck with this!

Yes pose is official art pose
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wow she looks sooo cool!!! great job ;)