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Well, here I am again, giving you a well deserved critique on a fantastic piece! Let's get started! So positives, I adore your style, n...

by Toxikku

Okay so, I really like this pic! The purple tint you've got going on is great, you pulled it off well with the moonlight. I will say th...

So um, epic doesn't quite do this justice, but it's the closest word I've got to accurately describe this incredible scene. I mean, thi...

Okay, this is the first critique I've ever done, so I apologize if it's incoherent. ^^ The thing I like most about this is the use of m...

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A One-Sided Relationship
This came out of nowhere and has nothing to do with Charmy Nonsense or anything, but this feels important, so I’m just going to post it. This is my honest description of how a one sided relationship feels. (Romantic or Platonic)
First comes the explosions. The overwhelming shock of meeting someone you are absolutely crazy about. The feeling of unbridled heat and intensity, the desire to be theirs, not for them to be yours. Yes, the vast false pride you take in bending and breaking yourself to assist them or please them, even slightly. The rush of butterflies you get when they grace you with their presence. The inferno that supersedes all when they choose to say a small thank you or acknowledge your efforts at all. These are the explosions that blossom the relationship.
Next up is the vertigo paralysis. The confusion of the relationship when you realize your position in it. You realize you’re the one doing everything to keep the
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 4 12
Sketch: Madonna01 by SAJ-Man Sketch: Madonna01 :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 7 0 Dr. Eggman Nega Preview Video (YOUTUBE LINK BELOW) by SAJ-Man Dr. Eggman Nega Preview Video (YOUTUBE LINK BELOW) :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 3 0 Storm x Wave: Worry by SAJ-Man Storm x Wave: Worry :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 14 0
Charmy Nonsense: Charmy meets an ancient deity
Author's Notes: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back. XDDDDDD
This takes place right after the events of Sonic Adventure. Since they weren't in that game, I wanted to write how I think the Chaotix would react to Chaos and Tikal. That being said, I feel the need to explain: Tikal isn't dead. She isn't a ghost or a spirit, she's an actual living character. See end notes for the evidence backing this up.

An airplane flew across the sky, searching for something hidden between the clouds. The detective trio: Vector, Espio, and Charmy were its only occupants besides the pilot. Normally, this would have been a luxury out of their fiscal range, but the Chaotix helped this pilot once before so he owed them a favor.
It had been a long time since their last visit to Knuckles' island, the legendary Angel Island. Last time they were there, it was right after the Fighting tournament they all participated in. None of them won, but the after par
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 7 5
The Sound Scraps by SAJ-Man The Sound Scraps :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 14 6 Storm x Wave: Head Touch by SAJ-Man Storm x Wave: Head Touch :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 48 15
Charmy Nonsense: Charmy and the sunglasses pig (V)
Author's Note: Okay, time for another serious one. Hope you enjoy.
It was a crisp morning when the call came in. A young dancer was reported missing since last night. It hadn't been 24 hours so the police hadn't taken the case, the parents begged for Vector's help over the phone. That was all it took to get them out the door. The club was located in the shadiest part of downtown Central City, the infamous Night Babylon. Home to the scum of Mobius and the place the police pretended didn't exist; its only saving grace was the part where Rouge stayed, her Club Rouge was the safest place in all of Night Babylon because of her reputation. Vector always appreciated that about her, even if she was a piece of work herself, she didn't allow her place of business to encourage criminal activity.
Too bad that wasn't the club the girl worked at. No, she hung her high-heels over at the Sweaty Martini. Classy, Vector thought. That place was basically a mag
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 4 9
Charmy Nonsense 9: Charmy and the Halloween Party
Author's Note: Whaaaat? A Halloween themed story in November? What are the odds?! XDDDDD this is what happens when I try to do a holiday themed fic, I'm late and people get awkward about how late it is. Well ya know what?! I don't care, Halloween is whenever I say it is! B/ (sorry, enjoy you guys XDDD)
Charmy floated along, on his way to Amy's Halloween party, in a costume too gaudy and colorful to clearly distinguish for adults, but immediately recognized by children as Super Duper Scooper, the Ice Cream Hero. Charmy was too excited to see all of his friends at Amy's place, he just knew they would flip over his costume. Plus, you know, candy.
He was almost there, turning a corner swiftly ready to meet up with Vector Espio and everyone else... but something stopped him. Someone, actually.
Standing just a few yards from Amy's apartment, Charmy's eyes immediately latched onto the silhouette of a man, a human, staring at the place w
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 0 13
Happy Halloween! Join the Eggman Nega Contest! by SAJ-Man Happy Halloween! Join the Eggman Nega Contest! :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 36 8
Charmy Nonsense 8: Charmy goes to the doctor
"But I'm not siiiiiick!!" Charmy whined, reiterating the same phrase since this morning, when Espio reminded Vector that Charmy's never had a check-up. Vector agreed to the idea simply because he had to know if Charmy had diabetes from all the sweets he let him eat. God, he really hoped he didn't have diabetes.
"We heard ya the last 98 times, brat! It ain't about bein' sick, it's about takin' care a business!" Vector said, placing his hand over Charmy's head and gently pushing him back to his seat in the waiting room.
"Besides, it won't take that long, Charmy. Just sit down and be quiet until they call your name" Espio said, peering over his fascinating magazine of National Geographic. This issue was all about the unnatural effect that climate had on design patterns in the mountains of Press Garden. Yeah, he would read something boring like that, Charmy thought to himself.
"But guys, I don't think you understand... I'M. NOT. SICK!" the honeybee shouted impatiently. Vector
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 7 8
Oh Hi, Thanks for Checking In by SAJ-Man Oh Hi, Thanks for Checking In :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 8 2 Commission: Kiss Storm Day by SAJ-Man Commission: Kiss Storm Day :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 6 5
Charmy Nonsense 7: Charmy At the Dump
Yo guys! Before you read, just know that I am still open to story suggestions. I've got a few lined up, but not nearly enough. Feel free to leave a suggested story in a comment or a note! Thanks in advance!
So I don't know why this one didn't want to come together, but it was fighting me the whole way. XDDD Glad I got it finished for you guys though! Hope it's worth the wait!

The smell. That's what met them before any sight of the place. The horrid, putrid odor of rotten food and scents of disgusting waste bombarded their senses with no remorse. And yes, not only the noses of the unfortunate group were violated, their tongues were as well. The visceral incomprehensible smell of the massive compound of garbage was so powerful that within moments of following the stench to its source, they found themselves gagging.
This phantom taste conjured up by their active imaginations working in tandem with their assaulted noses was nothing short of revolti
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 1 13
Charmy Nonsense 6: Charmy(almost)Goes To The Moon
"Hurry up, Foxy!" said the impatient bee hovering over the older twin tailed mechanic. His orangish-yellow body was underneath the rudimentary engine of some hurriedly made contraption. The sounds of him tightening screws and welding pieces together was clear, but the annoying boy buzzing about him didn't seem to care. So after tightening a set of drill bits, Tails rolled himself from under the metal contraption and looked up at Charmy impatiently.
"Charmy, this isn't just some simple projectile. It's literally rocket science" he explained, rubbing the sides of his head. His face covered in oils and engine lubricant, causing him to stink slightly, evident by Charmy waving his small hand back and forth under his nose.
"All I'm hearing is a bunch of talking, not a bunch of spaceship finishing!" Charmy yelled back. The black striped child had been waiting FOREVER for Tails to finish this thing. He could have watched, like, 7 WHOLE EPISODES of his favorite cartoon, Dyno Bots from the Plane
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 4 2
Sketch 030 Emerl the Gizoid (READ DESCRIPTION) by SAJ-Man Sketch 030 Emerl the Gizoid (READ DESCRIPTION) :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 8 4


Evil Eggman the Hedgehog by ShockRabbit Evil Eggman the Hedgehog :iconshockrabbit:ShockRabbit 123 9 Blaze and Eggman Nega by emotwo Blaze and Eggman Nega :iconemotwo:emotwo 231 55 Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 by Krokodilov Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 :iconkrokodilov:Krokodilov 96 20 Eggman Nega by SaroTheHedgehog Eggman Nega :iconsarothehedgehog:SaroTheHedgehog 32 8 NEGA MOVE by SPIRALCRIS NEGA MOVE :iconspiralcris:SPIRALCRIS 144 30 Iron Oxide by TheEnigmaMachine Iron Oxide :icontheenigmamachine:TheEnigmaMachine 77 21 The Nice Guy by JulianIvoRobotnik The Nice Guy :iconjulianivorobotnik:JulianIvoRobotnik 10 3 Dream by Masked-Bixch Dream :iconmasked-bixch:Masked-Bixch 121 6 Girls Girls Girls by Motobugg Girls Girls Girls :iconmotobugg:Motobugg 563 35 Eye of the storm by MightyRay Eye of the storm :iconmightyray:MightyRay 22 16 Collab: We're SONIC HEROES! by MightyRay Collab: We're SONIC HEROES! :iconmightyray:MightyRay 135 22 Commission - Storm x Wave by RenatoDesenhista Commission - Storm x Wave :iconrenatodesenhista:RenatoDesenhista 17 7 Train Ride by Mephikal Train Ride :iconmephikal:Mephikal 139 16 Jash -- I Missed You by SetoAngel01 Jash -- I Missed You :iconsetoangel01:SetoAngel01 53 4 Amyjump by knockabiller Amyjump :iconknockabiller:knockabiller 536 17 Digidigi by tysonhesse Digidigi :icontysonhesse:tysonhesse 1,938 74
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