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IT'S THE BOIIIIIS!! :iconcelebrateplz: I'm so happy they're back too! :'D (Okay now for an actual critique) I am in love with this style, the lack of bl...

Well, here I am again, giving you a well deserved critique on a fantastic piece! Let's get started! So positives, I adore your style, n...

by Toxikku

Okay so, I really like this pic! The purple tint you've got going on is great, you pulled it off well with the moonlight. I will say th...

So um, epic doesn't quite do this justice, but it's the closest word I've got to accurately describe this incredible scene. I mean, thi...

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Using Nostalgia Against The Fans
Since Generations was a huge success, SEGA's one goal has been to keep beating that horse until it's decomposed into a skeleton. So this game had to include Classic Sonic and past stages. I'm so done with seeing old things that work being presented to me as something new and good simply because it WAS original and fantastic in the past.
When you look at all the rebooted movies that end up being terrible, awful remixes of classic songs, rebooted shows that miss the point of the entire show's original magic, and so on and so forth. When you really look at how many people are just taking past ideas and doing the most minimal effort to make it slightly different than before and present it like it's the best thing in the world.
Guys I need you to hear me on this one: taking already existing ideas and property just to make a quick buck is the laziest, most insulting thing a media creator can do. And we as the audience need to stop falling for it. Please stop patronizing companies that copy t
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 4 37
Charmy Nonsense 16: Charmy and the reunion
Hey there, this is a continuation of Chapter 14. So if you haven't read that yet, I suggest you do so to avoid spoilers. (If that type of thing matters to you) You have been warned, proceed at your own risk. (seriously though, I don't think being spoiled is that big a deal but whatever XDDDD)
So last time, we saw the end of Lil' Louie's terror on the Chaotix Detective Agency. And now that one visitor is gone, prepare to meet two new/old ones! This one's been in the works for a long time, eager readers, I hope you enjoy! X3333

"MIGHTY! RAY! HOW THE HECK ARE YA?!?!" Vector bellowed, rushing toward the long lost duo standing in the Chaotix's doorway. Espio was right beside him, a wide grin plastered on his face.
"This is certainly a welcomed surprise! I am so glad you've returned!!" Espio greeted warmly, bowing to Mighty and preparing to bow to Ray next as Vector reached out to Mighty. A loud thud sounded as the armadillo dropped the pile of luggage h
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 3 11
I'm done
Author's Note: Just some random vent stuff. Again, this felt important so, enjoy or at least learn from this? It's not romantic, but you can see it like that if you want, doesn't matter to me. I guess you'll only get it if you've been through it, so don't worry about reading all the way through if it doesn't resonate by the third paragraph.
I am finished. I'm completely and utterly done with you. I know that's not what you expected to hear, but if you cared about me half as much as you care about yourself, you'd have seen it coming. Then again, if you halfway cared about me, I wouldn't be done with you, now would I? But the fact remains: I'm truly done. With you. With this pathetic excuse for a relationship. With this routine of ours. This song and dance that flows out of you in waves and down on me like a tsunami, drowning me in your self-absorbed, entitled little world.
All your problems, all your issues, all your opinions, take up all my time. Everythi
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 6 6
Charmy Nonsense News - Chpt.16 and Beyond
This stuff is spoilers for Charmy Nonsense Chapter 14, so if you haven't read that, don't read this okay?
Seriously don't read this if you're not caught up.
Dude, I'm warning you.
Okay, if you really want to be spoiled.
Just remember you wanted this.
Nah, I'm just kidding, it's not that big a deal if you're spoiled XDDD
Okay! So Mighty and Ray! Let's talk a little about them! Well, I guess it's easier to tell you who they aren't first.
They aren't the Mighty and Ray in Sonic Mania Plus, similar to how Modern Sonic and Modern Tails aren't Classic Sonic and Classic Tails. I regard Mania Plus as the Classic Mighty and Ray, which is why I said at the end of Chapter 14, I'd introduce you guys to the MODERN Mighty and Ray.
Also, I might not have made this clear before, but I HATE ARCHIE COMICS AND I DON'T READ THEM. When they first came out all the way in the 90's, that's wh
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 1 7
Charmy Nonsense 15 (E) : Charmy Tries Stealth
Author's Note: Finally, we're back with Espio's serious story! Please read Chapter 5 before reading this chapter because this is a direct continuation of that story. And Chapter 25 will be a direct continuation for this chapter. So look forward to that one when I get around to writing it. XDDDD
Been waiting a long time to get this to you guys, I really hope you like! X333

The warm sunrise filtered into existence like a looming commandment, one he dreaded to acknowledge. Thin yellow rays shot through the blinds-covered window and shined against his cold scales, breaking his concentration. Magenta eyelids contorted at the light beams, the force of their luminescence palpable and pressing the chameleon's head backward a bit. His surroundings returned to his attention, the meditative position he froze himself in reluctantly melted and he felt the exhaustion of his extremities for the first time. Slowly, his eyes peeled open and the somber ninja was
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 7 4
Charmy Nonsense 14: Charmy and the Intern 3/3
Alright! It's time to end this mini-arc of hilarity! Espio wants to join in on the fun, but is fun the only thing he has in mind? Well, let's find out! Enjoy! Oh and don't think I forgot about that tantalizing surprise I've been teasing~ X3
"You--- you--- you--- YOU WHAAAAAAAT?!" Charmy shouted, causing Espio to snatch him out of Mighty's old room, where Lil' Louie lay unconscious, and rush them to Charmy's bedroom. The young bee was still in shock as the ninja peered over the door frame to see if they were alone before shutting the door.
"I want in. On the pranking" he clarified as he turned to the still bewildered Charmy. For a stretch of time, Charmy remained paralyzed, his mouth unhinged and his eyes bulging out of his skull. The chameleon simply stared back stoically and waited for his smaller teammate to unfreeze himself. When he did, an uncouth laugh roared out of his tiny lungs.
"HAHAHAHA! Yeah, okay Espio. YOU want to help ME prank
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 6 22
Storm X Wave: Battle Mode by SAJ-Man Storm X Wave: Battle Mode :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 14 5
Charmy Nonsense 13: Charmy and the Intern 2/3
All the pranks are from one of my favorite childhood books, Captain Underpants! George and Harold are my spirit guides and they have never steered me wrong! XDDD Enjoy!
An all nighter. Charmy had to pull an all nighter, outside, washing Lil' Louie's rusty, crust box of a car. His hands were sore and calloused like he'd just dug a ditch, his tiny arms were like wet noodles hanging from his shoulders, and he swore he'd never get the smell of car wax out of his nose. The sun rose just as he finished polishing Harold's hubcaps. Or rather, the spot where the hub caps would be if Harold had them.
Exhausted wings carried little Charmy up to his bedroom window, just as he entered the colorful mess of a room, his strength left him and he dropped face first on his bed. The young bee's body lightly bounced atop the springy cushion, before the warm embrace of sleep cuddled him unconscious.
A wild grin split Charmy's blanket buried face as he let his mind wander
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 7 9
Charmy Nonsense 12: Charmy and the Intern 1/3
Did you guys miss me as much as I missed you? Because I really missed you guys. ^^ Things have been crazy, obviously. Crazy like, going to the hospital at 10pm and leaving at 4am crazy. But everything's good now (thanks for your continued support :D) and I finally have time to work on my favorite fanfiction. C: I'm planning on squeezing in as many chapters as I can before school starts so, get ready for some chapter dumps! Enjoy, everybody!
"VECTOR, WHERE ARE THE WC'S?!" Espio asked behind various large stacks of papers, his patience worn thin.
"WHAT THE HECK DO YA NEED OUR WC'S FOR?! I THOUGHT THAT'S WHY WE GOT ALL DEM RECIEPTS!" Vector responded back from his closet upstairs, as he typed on a 30 year old, barely functioning calculator. The numbers he crunched seemed to be crunching him at that point.
"How many times must I explain this?!" Espio said to himself, the words steaming as they left his gritted teeth. "RECEIPTS AREN'T FOR TAXES, THEY'RE FO
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 3 7
A One-Sided Relationship
This came out of nowhere and has nothing to do with Charmy Nonsense or anything, but this feels important, so I’m just going to post it. This is my honest description of how a one sided relationship feels. (Romantic or Platonic)
First comes the explosions. The overwhelming shock of meeting someone you are absolutely crazy about. The feeling of unbridled heat and intensity, the desire to be theirs, not for them to be yours. Yes, the vast false pride you take in bending and breaking yourself to assist them or please them, even slightly. The rush of butterflies you get when they grace you with their presence. The inferno that supersedes all when they choose to say a small thank you or acknowledge your efforts at all. These are the explosions that blossom the relationship.
Next up is the vertigo paralysis. The confusion of the relationship when you realize your position in it. You realize you’re the one doing everything to keep the
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 4 13
Sketch: Madonna01 by SAJ-Man Sketch: Madonna01 :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 7 0 Dr. Eggman Nega Preview Video (YOUTUBE LINK BELOW) by SAJ-Man Dr. Eggman Nega Preview Video (YOUTUBE LINK BELOW) :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 4 0 Storm x Wave: Worry by SAJ-Man Storm x Wave: Worry :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 15 0
Charmy Nonsense: Charmy meets an ancient deity
Author's Notes: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back. XDDDDDD
This takes place right after the events of Sonic Adventure. Since they weren't in that game, I wanted to write how I think the Chaotix would react to Chaos and Tikal. That being said, I feel the need to explain: Tikal isn't dead. She isn't a ghost or a spirit, she's an actual living character. See end notes for the evidence backing this up.

An airplane flew across the sky, searching for something hidden between the clouds. The detective trio: Vector, Espio, and Charmy were its only occupants besides the pilot. Normally, this would have been a luxury out of their fiscal range, but the Chaotix helped this pilot once before so he owed them a favor.
It had been a long time since their last visit to Knuckles' island, the legendary Angel Island. Last time they were there, it was right after the Fighting tournament they all participated in. None of them won, but the after par
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 10 5
The Sound Scraps by SAJ-Man The Sound Scraps :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 16 6 Storm x Wave: Head Touch by SAJ-Man Storm x Wave: Head Touch :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 55 21


The Story of How I Discovered Sonic
It was my sister's sixth birthday (as far as I can remember) and as usual she asked for Mario and Mario-related presents. Well, except for the fact that she randomly saw Sonic Rush at a store one day and decided she also wanted that for her birthday. None of my family knew why. None of my family had ever really bought any video games that weren't Super Mario games. But, hey, my parents decided to get Sonic Rush for her anyway.
She played the game for awhile, and never finished it. I asked her about it out of curiosity, she said it was interesting and that was it. I remember looking at the characters though and feeling intrigued. I didn't pay much attention until a bit later.
A few years passed, one of our friends told us about Sonic X one day, I can't remember why. We decided to give it a try though. I didn't understand the plot, or what was going on at all. We started watching on the episode where they go for a picnic at a lake during a chaos emerald search and I was very confused.
:iconsaltwaterjanuary:SaltwaterJanuary 3 8
Stuff on My Mind about Marriage and Relationships.
So, I finally got out of my shell and started courting a girl. It only took till I was what. . . twenty-two? Needless to say, you might guess that I've had a lot of thoughts about what goes into relationships, marriage and other stuff before this point. What surprises you is how many more layers exist to those concepts once you actually start doing things. You find yourself wondering how to honorably pursue various aspects of the main goal (finding out if said person is compatible for marriage) without asking for too much information too soon and things like that. (Thank goodness the woman I'm interested in prefers people to be upfront. Outright honesty in communication is appreciated.)
The first thing I want to say is this: When people talk about how to be more or less attractive, the advice is poorly motivated. What do I mean when I say this? I am saying that being more attractive, is attempting to obtain a positive symptom but not a positive trait. 
:icontheswordlegion:TheSwordLegion 6 24
Gift by Drawloverlala Gift :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 760 67
Sally Acorn Mary Sue Test
   The Name: Sally Acorn
+ Is the character named after you (this includes your first, middle, and last names, and any nicknames or online names you use)? [20 points]
     + Is the character's name an unusual spelling of a more common word or name? [3 points]
     + Is the character's name a noun or adjective not normally used as a name? [2 points]
+2 for last name (As according to first question)
     + Does the character's name contain unnecessary hyphens, apostrophes, or other punctuation? (e.g. M'chelle, Gloria-Angelica, etc.) [4 points]
Not really.
    + Does the character have more than one first, middle, or last name, without reason? [3 points]
    + Does the character have a name you really, really like? [1 point]
               + Is
:iconkrissybkillin:KrissyBKillin 61 273
BS reason for not having other character spin-offs by TrueSonicSpirit BS reason for not having other character spin-offs :icontruesonicspirit:TrueSonicSpirit 43 22 Falling Asleep on His Arm by SetoAngel01 Falling Asleep on His Arm :iconsetoangel01:SetoAngel01 39 2 C: Flower Power by sendoki C: Flower Power :iconsendoki:sendoki 75 12 Espio by TheShadAmyArtistO10 Espio :icontheshadamyartisto10:TheShadAmyArtistO10 84 6 Mighty and Ray by Xxmisaki-12xX Mighty and Ray :iconxxmisaki-12xx:Xxmisaki-12xX 12 2 Tikal by Diamond-waterfalls Tikal :icondiamond-waterfalls:Diamond-waterfalls 199 18 Bday GIFT Knux and Metal by 7marichan7 Bday GIFT Knux and Metal :icon7marichan7:7marichan7 57 9 Modern Metal Sonic by Dinsanon Modern Metal Sonic :icondinsanon:Dinsanon 20 2 Sonic CD Wallpaper (2560x1600) by Sonitles Sonic CD Wallpaper (2560x1600) :iconsonitles:Sonitles 176 10 Navidad 2017 by Rattah Navidad 2017 :iconrattah:Rattah 28 11 Tails abrigado by Rattah Tails abrigado :iconrattah:Rattah 40 10 Test by RiszitheTiger Test :iconriszithetiger:RiszitheTiger 42 34
Check out this awesome talent I was blessed to come across!


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