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Hello there! This pic is extremely important to me and I thought I'd write a critique for you! But before I get into it, I'd like to sa...

IT'S THE BOIIIIIS!! :iconcelebrateplz: I'm so happy they're back too! :'D (Okay now for an actual critique) I am in love with this style, the lack of bl...

Well, here I am again, giving you a well deserved critique on a fantastic piece! Let's get started! So positives, I adore your style, n...

by Toxikku

Okay so, I really like this pic! The purple tint you've got going on is great, you pulled it off well with the moonlight. I will say th...

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Learning and Teaching: Pre-Riders Part 11
Author's Note: Finally, the mystery will be solved! Where did Storm go? Let's see, gang! X3
His room never looked more safe, Storm swore he would be safe from whatever ailed his body because of Wave by wrapping himself in its solitude. He hadn't left the sanctuary for the entire day, working out and playing video games to take his mind off of things. He'd gotten bored pretty quickly, but he could handle boredom way better than whatever craziness he felt when he saw her. Or touched her. Or even smelled her, as he found out yesterday.
He felt like a total creep, but he couldn't get her scent out of his nose, she was like a walking lavender bouquet topped with whipped cream. And not the kind from the can, the real, hand- whipped cream. And just like that, thoughts of her galloped through his mind; her sly smirk, her sultry walk, her laughing face. Wave had taken center stage in his brain, once again.
The only thing that brought him out of
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Learning and Teaching: Pre-Riders Part 10
Author's Note: Whoo, it's been a little while huh? Welp, schools out for the summer so hopefully I can start cranking out a chapter a month like (semi)usual. Anyways, thanks for your patience and enjoy the kinda long chapter. ;D
Nimble fingers tap-danced across a glowing holographic keyboard in the darkness of the night. Wave sat against an alley wall, working her way into the pharmacy's security. She was currently resting her back against a disgusting dumpster belonging to the establishment. She was only a few keystrokes away from controlling every camera in the drug store, which amounted to 8 measly cameras.
"What a bunch of backwater, thumbsuckers. This is too easy", Wave thought as the final keystroke gave her complete access to the lacking security of the run-down town's pharmacy. Wave clicked the red jewel on her necklace and the holograms blipped out of existence. She stood to her feet and sauntered out of the alley and crossed th
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Storm X Wave: Intimate by SAJ-Man Storm X Wave: Intimate :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 72 21
Charmy Nonsense 20: The Shipping Container (V)
Alright! Chapter 20! You know what that means! It's serious story time! Before you read this one, make sure you reread Chapter 10! Not only because this chapter is a direct continuation of that chapter, but I added a song to that story AND I kinda reworked a few things to make it flow a little better.
This chapter has three songs! The first song is Maximum Black by Bohren und der Club of Gore. You can play this one as soon as the chapter starts.
The second song is Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses, BUT! Don't play this one until you see the squiggly lines! (~~~~~~ These things)
And the last song is Surely by j^p^n. Play this one when you see the squigglies again. Trust me, it will make ALL the difference. Alright, enjoy!

Heavy footsteps rushed across the spiraling road of the Radical Highway, focused and determined. The sprinting crocodile had hoped against his better judgement that crossing Radical Highway wouldn't be necessary on hi
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 2 9
Learning and Teaching: Pre-Riders Part 9
"Hey Storm? You awake?" a nervous Wave asked, as she rapped her knuckles on Storm's bedroom door. She was greeted with silence for her trouble, which only made her feeling of awkwardness increase. After a moment of stewing in the uncomfortable quiet, she raised her gloved hand again to knock a little louder, before a deep, sleepy moan emanated from beyond the hatch-like door.
"... 'Am now" mumbled Storm; a weak, exhausted response.
Wave couldn't shake the uncomfortable pit that formed in her stomach at the sound of his voice. "Still feeling sick?"
"Yeah, real sick" he groaned
"Any better than yesterday?"
"Nah, worse- Look jus'... jus' go on wit ya day. I ain't much good fo' nothin' right now" the tired Storm said, clearly wanting her to leave. She knew it, it was her default tone toward Storm. Well, that is, before the Extreme Gear lessons. She should have been upset at him, this was going to be the second day he missed his lessons, which meant he was playing hookie from work.
But, "..
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Charmy Nonsense 19: Charmy takes a bath
Hey gang, we're back and I'm happy to see ya! But guess what? You could have read this chapter a WEEK AGO! For just $3 a month on Patreon, you can have access to all my stories at least a week in advance! Plus, you will have access to my Sonic related YouTube videos early, art related to said videos, and art related to my fan fics! All of that for just $3 a month! What a deal, right? So if you want to support Charmy Nonsense and your good pal SAJ-Man, head on over to my Patreon and pledge today! :D
Okay that's enough of me Patreon pitching XDDD On with the chapter! This chapter is a reader prompt from T420000 or SnowAntoinette. Go check 'em out and tell 'em SAJ sent ya! Thanks for the prompt, buddy! C:

The old wooden steps creaked and moaned under red shoes, as the bold young man stomped up the stairs of the Chaotix Detective Agency. A musty cloud wafted in front of his face, blocking his path like a brick wall, but Mighty was used to breakin
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 6 9
Super Sonic Gif (Check Description) by SAJ-Man Super Sonic Gif (Check Description) :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 39 5
Learning and Teaching: Pre-Riders Part 8
"And you just want to eaaaaase onto that turbine. You don't want to break it, merely test its limit" Wave instructed, giving a screwdriver to Storm. He gingerly took it from her and moved to one of the tiny fan blades on the underside of their learning gear. It had been 7 weeks now and Storm had gotten noticeably more confident in his lessons. The large grey feathered boy was comfortable with his situation now and he'd nestled into the routine. So when he attempted to copy Wave's movements, her response surprised him.
"Wait-wait-wait stop. That's too much force. Eaaaaaase. Lightly." she said patiently. But her words threw him off-balance; he WAS easing lightly, as lightly as someone of his size and strength could be. Storm tried again, the tool shaking in his massive hands as he pressed the screwdriver on the miniature blade and immediately the blade snapped in pieces.
"For the love of- I said ease onto it!" shrieked the magenta swallow as she slammed her hands on the table. The bulky
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Sketch: Gerald and Maria by SAJ-Man Sketch: Gerald and Maria :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 16 9 Commission: SaltwaterJanuary by SAJ-Man Commission: SaltwaterJanuary :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 5 2
Oh no
Author's Note: Definitely not meant to be romantic, I'm just dramatic when it comes to any relationship. XDDD
Oh no.
I can feel it again. Rising in my chest. Heating my skin until it permeates beads of sweat. Making the bones in my leg feel weaker than they are. Kicking my heart into overdrive as the beating between my ribs deafens me. Throwing my eyes out of focus, blurring everything that isn't you. Rattling my skull and coiling around my brain, overriding any thought not pertaining to you. Drying out my throat as if cinnamon replaced my saliva, burning every nerve ending until I'm far removed from relaxed. Making every muscle tense and strained yet petrifying my useless body in place. Imprisoning me in an all to familiar state of unconsciousness, the state of uncertainty, unpredictability, and impossibility.
Oh no.
It's back. The feeling of butterflies swarming inside me, making every action, every word, and every thought questionab
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My Mindset for Writing and Release Schedule!
This is a part of Charmy Nonsense Important Information articles. I didn't have enough space to put the whole title in, sorry XDDD</b>
Hey guys! First I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting Charmy Nonsense as much as you have! When I first started this, I didn't think it was going to grab so many people's attention and be loved. I really didn't! This was all just a writing exercise! But I'm so very glad that it's evolved into what it is now. So thank you so very much for all the comments, critiques, questions, suggestions, follows, favorites, and most importantly... thanks for reading. ^v^
Now, onto the actual reason for this update! A few people have asked when more chapters are coming several times over the years. And I'm not the kind of guy to berate people for asking that question, it just goes to show how much they enjoy the stories and are eager to continue to support the series. However, I am making this so if
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Learning and Teaching: Pre-Riders Part 7
It was hard to understand how fast the days rolled by for Storm and Wave. Today marks the 5th week since Storm's Extreme Gear lessons began and after quite a bleak start, the two birds persevered and were now in a comfortable flow. In just this time, Storm had managed to grasp 4 of 49 Extreme Gear systems, and they were currently working on their 5th. Sure, this was pretty slow compared to Jet and Wave's comprehension of the Gear systems; but Wave was just happy that some progress was being made.
During this period, she had actually managed to relax around Storm, and vice versa. While the heliotrope avian would never say they were friends... they were definitely something more civil than before.
"Okay, now this is when you'll need your trusty Phillip's head screwdriver, apply the appropriate amount of pressure on this side of the magnetic footprint aaaaaand..." Wave half enthusiastically advised as she demonstrated this delicate procedure. Her large grey student focused intently on the
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Maria: Flowy by SAJ-Man Maria: Flowy :iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 34 0
Charmy Nonsense 18: Charmy and the Clockwork Maze
Author's Note: Guess who's a college graduate now? ^^
"... charmy..." a small voice called in the darkness. The unconscious bee stirred in his sleep, trying to brush off the beckoning voice. He was so sleepy, so comfortable. In fact, he couldn't remember how he had gone to sleep, but he didn't care. He was in a bliss dream about ice cream and rollercoasters and everything his hyperactive heart could long for.
"... Charmy..." rang the voice again, louder this time. Round cheeks scrunched up at its return, a moan escaped the mouth of the usually rambunctious child who tried to shift around to get more comfortable. When he moved to his side a bit, he realized something odd. Unlike every other time someone tried to wake him from sleep, his head was not atop a pillow that he could pull down over his ears to silence them. Nor was his body resting on his springy mattress, but curious still, was the fact that his helmet was still on his head.
:iconsaj-man:SAJ-Man 6 3
Learning and Teaching: Pre Riders Part 6
The gargantuan Storm looked between the two Extreme Gear parts in her delicate hands, trying his hardest to remember what either of them were for so he could get Wave to stop staring daggers into his face, like she was doing currently. It was only a night ago that she suddenly decided to be his teacher for real, and boy, he was kinda wishing she hadn't. Ever since 6 am, she's been railing on him to get the names of Gear parts, the material they're made of, and the function they serve memorized. Like, who could possibly memorize all that complicated stuff in ONE AFTERNOON?!
"Well?!" a sudden, frightening voice harshly asked, expecting an immediate reply. The frightened bulky boy jolted backwards in his seat, the sight of Wave's piercing gaze making him strain to get some words out.
"Ah... uh... dis is... no uh, wait... dis one is...uhhhhhhh---" he stagnated, irritating the already fuming magenta avian.
"If you don't stop holding that same dumb syllable and say actual words in the next f
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Johnny x Ash - Senorita by SetoAngel01 Johnny x Ash - Senorita :iconsetoangel01:SetoAngel01 26 1 Johnny x Ash - Carry Me by SetoAngel01 Johnny x Ash - Carry Me :iconsetoangel01:SetoAngel01 30 3
The '06 Reset: A Case Study
I somehow can't seem to escape Sonic '06. It's left such a deep imprint on the fan base, it's as if it only came out last year with how much it's being played. And its story allows for a lot of speculation. Recently, :iconpsychographer16: did a theory on what Soleanna would be like after the reset, since all we see is that one brief moment at the festival. But I'm here to address what it may or may not have done to the franchise afterwards. And I'm not talking about dropping the Adventure formula and making only Sonic playable. I'm talking lore-wise. For as inconsistent as it is, '06 brings up some great ideas. 
Now, it has recently been mentioned to me that Iizuka himself denied that Blaze was born and raised in Crisis City, but instead native to the Sol Dimension. So much for my theory, so I will delete that in the near future. And with that annoucement/disclaimer out of the way, let's get theorizing. Or rather I would if I didn't have to answer a burning question: is '06 canon?
:iconhypersonicxda:HyperSonicXdA 6 166
Hyper Transformations: A Case Study
One of the most obscure remnants of the classic era, is the infamous Hyper transformation. Obscure not because of impopularity, but because of lack of information. Officially, only Sonic and Knuckles have sufficient control over the Emeralds for them to go Hyper, but it is generally assumed that since Shadow is a master at manipulating Chaos Energy, he can go Hyper as well.
Hyper form appearances are rare, and most of the information I’ll be using here comes from only three sources: their only official appearance, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, their most elaborate appearance, Nazo Unleashed Stage 3, and their most recent appearance, Sonic RPG Episode 9. This info is scant, sometimes even contradictory, and much of it remains speculative, but I’ll try to go into as much detail as possible, considering each source separately on every aspect.
The appearances themselves
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
After Sonic collects all the Chaos Emeralds in the Sonic 3 levels of Sonic 3 & Knuckles (hereafter r
:iconhypersonicxda:HyperSonicXdA 1 321
Team Sonic Racing Review
This is sort of late, as I finished the game last weekend...but I decided that with any new video game I play, I'll "review" it, just to gather my thoughts and all. And, just in case someone else is wondering too. (It's actually good that I waited a little bit to "review" it since that way I have time to let my mind settle anyway).
SPOILERS in this review...I warned you.
The last recent review I did was on Sonic Forces, and I think I had given that a 3 out of 5. Looking back on it now, it was more like a 2 out of 5, really. But that's because as time went on I started to like that game less. (Although, I still liked part of the ending...and Silver's little battle with Infinite). Team Sonic Racing WAS better than Sonic Forces, in my opinion. Just not VERY much better.
I guess I'll start off discussing the different sections.
- Music/Soundtrack -
Personally, I didn't really like the music much. Sonic Forces' music stood out to me more, and I still listen to some of it today. The music fo
:iconsaltwaterjanuary:SaltwaterJanuary 2 15
Happy Birthday, SAJ-Man  by SaltwaterJanuary Happy Birthday, SAJ-Man :iconsaltwaterjanuary:SaltwaterJanuary 5 4 Sonicforcesvillians by OGKE Sonicforcesvillians :iconogke:OGKE 18 1 Let's keep this as our secret by Snowsupply Let's keep this as our secret :iconsnowsupply:Snowsupply 206 13 Amy Rose by Snowsupply Amy Rose :iconsnowsupply:Snowsupply 263 27 Rouge the Bat by Karneolienne Rouge the Bat :iconkarneolienne:Karneolienne 275 44 Silvur by ShineTHedgehog Silvur :iconshinethedgehog:ShineTHedgehog 93 30 just like we were kids again by Mellowccino just like we were kids again :iconmellowccino:Mellowccino 95 7 Tails by FernandaSailor Tails :iconfernandasailor:FernandaSailor 61 5 Omit style 1 by EAMZE Omit style 1 :iconeamze:EAMZE 861 44 Blaze-Nyan And Silver by inano2009 Blaze-Nyan And Silver :iconinano2009:inano2009 2,098 156 Omit style 2 by EAMZE Omit style 2 :iconeamze:EAMZE 798 53
Check out this awesome talent I was blessed to come across!



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