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Fem!Tsundere!Popstar Idol x Male Reader (3/3)
The endings will be next...
So if you want to see more of this kind of fic, let me know~!
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 

(Tsundere!Popstar Idol x M!Reader)
I was looking at Beatrix from the crowd of people. She was on stage, and looked, well, dashing if I do say so myself. She only stared at me when she sang, but I could tell that there was so
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 22 38
Fem!Tsundere!Popstar Idol x Male Reader (2/3)
This is the first time I wrote a fic at school. Straight up I was bored and had study hall so I wrote it.
So if you want to see more of this kind of fic, let me know~!
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 

(Tsundere!Popstar Idol x M!Reader)
I yawn befo woke up the next morning, the bed was really relaxing, and I didn’t think that I was going to b
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 45 15
(Your POV)
Wilson: “Glad you made it. I’m sure you heard the news already. Come on, he’s just about to start.” Deadpool walked me down the hall, A large door at the opposite end. Once there, he pushed it open, letting me through first before walking in himself. It was a large cathedral like room, dawned by stained glass windows and several symbols of just about every religion there was. But this wasn’t a religious mass. It was a wake. “Come on, we saved you a seat.” Deadpool led me down the pews towards the front, two spaces situated directly in front of the podium. He sat, and I sat after to his left. I looked around, finding characters of every genre sitting quietly. I recognized most, not all, but most.
Tony: “Glad you could make it kid.” Behind me sat Tony Stark, his brother the Crimson blade to his left, Natasha Romanoff to his left, and the rest of the Avengers onward. Mr. Stark rested a hand on my shoulder. A warm, yet sad sm
:iconthe-authors-library:The-Authors-Library 39 13
100 years ago, at 11 AM on November 11, 1918, the guns fell silent.
For the first time in 4 years of slaughter, the Western Front did not echo with the roar of heavy guns. The moonscape of No Man's Land was as quiet as its lunar counterpart.
The dying had ended.
Empires had died. New nations were born. The balance of power had dramatically shifted.
But even as the seeds of new conflicts began to germinate, in the former Tsar's palace under a Red banner, in the sands of the former Ottoman Empire, in a small apartment in Italy where a former reporter entertained Blackshirted followers, in French Indochina and Japanese Korea, and in the hospital bed of a distraught Bavarian Corporal, much of the world celebrated.
For now, the War was over.
:iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 4 6
Boobusters! (Booette x Male Reader)
Okay, I got Bowsette out of the way! Now to catch up with TheNessY21 and TaranThyGod, I need the other meme waifu! ...Plus, I've always wanted to write the GhostBusters into one of my stories so, two birds, one stone! ...Or four birds since this counts as my Halloween fic and a celebration of Luigi's Mansion for the 3DS. Also, I'm gonna mess around with this character's background too because...well, it's more fun to write it like that.
Disclaimer: I don't own Mario or any other related titles. If I did, Toads would be much less annoying. The rights go to Nintendo. Booette belongs to the internet.
The Mushroom Kingdom. A calm and peaceful place in the world, not causing anyone any problems. Ever since Mario had finally killed Bowser after so many years, a new era of peace and security has graced the land. Birds were chirping, Toads were at having fun, and the creatures all around were enjoying a peaceful afternoon...u
:iconfanficadan:FanFicAdan 41 15
A True Warrior (Teaser)
Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with just a brief sneak peek/teaser for the next series planned.
I’ll likely be doing this at the same time as SAO
(Y/N) - Your Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(F/C 2) - Second Favorite Color
(A/C) - Aura Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(H/S) - Hair Style
(S/N) - Sister's Name
< word > - Thoughts
That's right people! RWBY!
Disclaimer: Lets' get this out of the way - RWBY does not belong to me, but this story does. Now, let the peek begin!
It was late in the evening, almost on the edge of night time, and a, (H/C) haired young man was relaxing in a bed, listening to music in what appeared to be a relatively large apartment complex. An then suddenly, a rumble caught his attention.
???: "Dammit, what the hell is happening down there?"
Then, his phone rang, and he answered.
???: "What the hell is going on
:iconphantommaster18:PhantomMaster18 9 18
Erza x M! Fangpyre Reader
So, got lazy, and decided to do this fic because why not. Oh, and the word Fangpyre in the title is totally intentional, if you were wondering. Good thing I had this pending request, courtesy of BraveVesperia1 . I decided to do this oneshot for this specific day because wizards and magic can be spooky too. This oneshot could have been done without him requesting it. It wouldn’t have been the same. Hope you enjoy, and Happy (late) Halloween, peeps!


Fangpyre :pumpkin: And :pumpkin: Titania


Long ago in a distant land…

I, Y/n, the Fangpyre master of darkness, unleashed an UNSPE
:iconoperation-ivysaur:Operation-Ivysaur 11 1
RWBY: M|Reader Insert (Halloween Special) [2018]

Hey Everyoooooone! It's Nehpets here. And today I've made a little something special for this year's Halloween. I may be on a little hiatus while I think of a plan on how my RWBY series could continue, that doesn't I'm on a hiatus completely! So this will be the continuation of the Halloween Special I made last year. Happy reading, everyone!
Part 1: Here
And just to make things crystal clear:
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth
And you belong to yourself

Hope you fellas enjoy!
LET .....

-------Last time on Halloween Special 2017-------

"I really like how you guys did those
:iconnehpetssanders:NehpetsSanders 21 9
RWBY: Winter x M!Reader
POV: Winter
       Even in the wilds of atlas my boyfriend still seems to find ways of annoying me. “You’re form is erratic (Y/n)! You’re too brutish!” I yell at my boyfriend as he slashes through grimm with his two-handed bastard sword. He’s always so irresponsible and never seems puts regard for himself into consideration, only focusing on the ‘fun’ aspect of fighting. Sigh, how he angers me sometimes. (Y/n) cuts the throat of Beowolf and runs back over to me with that goofy ass smile on his face while putting his weapon back in it’s sheath. “Loosen up my ice maiden. I’m alright see?” He says which irks me. I roll my eyes and grab his ear like a parent would do to their misbehaving child. He winces in pain and says “Oooowww, that hurts you know.” I reply by saying “Well if you’d listen to me or at least stop making reckless mistakes then we wouldn’t be doing this now wo
:iconwriter-of-da:Writer-of-DA 43 5
One Sky, One Destiny Aqua x Male Reader

Art By: Nijuuko:
One Sky, One Destiny.
Requested By: Drag0riz3r on Deviantart
Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) x Male Reader
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(F/n) = First Name
(L/n) = Last Name
(M/n) = Main Or Preferred Name
(Riku’s POV)
Yen Sid: “Before you leave on your quest… There is someone else you and the others should know about. Someone I and Mickey miss greatly.” I heard Yen Sid say behind me. I turn around and place my bag on the ground and nod. He does have a… Sadder demeanor about him though. “I had two apprentices in my time as a master key blade wielder. Mickey was my second… My first was a man named (F/n) (L/n).” Yen Sid said in a surprisingly sad tone.
Mickey: “I remember him. He was one of the nicest people I ever met. Much like Sora though he knew when to be mature.” Mickey said a bit sadly but t
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 26 14
Fem!Shy!Tsundere x Male!Popular!Reader
Hey guys, thanks for choosing to read this oneshot! If you'd like to request anything, I have my request journal right here: Upload Schedule + Request Policy!! Part Dos
Overnight Sensation
Standing in the middle of the dancefloor, I look over and notice one of my old friends from middle school. She’s sitting against the wall, looking at her phone. My friends grab at my arm, pulling me over to them, “Hey y/n, are you gonna go after any girls?”

I think for a moment, “Yeah. I have one in mind.”

Today is Homecoming. I’ve been telling my childhood friend, Kanon, that she needs to get out more and meet more people. That Homecoming would be perfect for her to go to. I
:iconboomboomboi:BoomBoomBoi 19 15
The Grandmaster Pt. 2
(Y/n) eyes open, the first he saw was a big poster of his favourite manga/anime (?????). He sat up, and the sheet fell off revealing his upper body, it was uninjured. "Dad's quirk."  Hikaru (L/n) quirk was the ability to create seeds that could be planted and would grow different plants, the most powerful were the Senzu beans.
I  swung my legs over the edge of the bed and the stood up sitting on my desk was a newspaper.
Local Teen Heroic Faces Villain
Yesterday at 7:38pm the local bank, was broken into by the villian known as The Rhino, a man whose quirk makes him a huge rhino with super strength and durability. When local teen (Y/n) (L/n) confronted the bank robber. The two talked before engaging in quirk but destructive brawl (Y/n) was able to use his quirk which appears to be energy manipulation of some kind and defeat the villian, Cont. on Page 6.
(Y/n) quickly change clothes into a pants and a shirt, and walked out of the room. When he was captured in a hug. "My b
:iconblazinglunarwolf:BlazingLunarWolf 11 0
RWBY: Halloween 2018 by Soundwave3591 RWBY: Halloween 2018 :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 63 4
Mature content
Jubjub X M!Reader FULL {LEMON} :icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 28 9
Male!Reader x Belarus - Pulled Ch. 13
        Like Romano and (f/n) swore with each other, they made sure that Arthur got out once every day away from the spell he’s working on. Arthur thrashes around each time they do but relents when he stubbornly agrees that he needs some time away from his project. Holing himself away is not the best thing to do at a time like this no matter how dire (f/n)’s situation is. The (nationality) is fine with being in this world until the spell is ready so there is no real need to rush things.
        Each night at the gala, (f/n) seems to be in different groups with the countries he’s been with the past few weeks. One night he’ll be with Romano, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Japan; another night he’ll be with England, America, France, Canada, and Prussia. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus always stay close so as not to lose him. He feels like a child at times but doesn’t blame them. He’s just happy to sp
:iconchamirhatake101:ChamirHatake101 9 5
Lucy x M!Reader Part 2
Hi guys, back with part 2 of the oneshot requested by BraveVesperia1. This could have been written without him requesting it. It wouldn’t have been the same. Hope you enjoy!


When Heart Fates Heart Collide


“The way I see things, the fate of this match rests on you and Titania. Without you two, I’m guessing the whole team would implode. It’s such a shame, considering how great the fairies once were, and what they’ve been reduced to.”
Makarov sighed, his mind trying to
:iconoperation-ivysaur:Operation-Ivysaur 19 2


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