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megaman redesigns: Elecman  by saiyanpikachu megaman redesigns: Elecman :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 1 1 top 10 favorite pokemon movies by saiyanpikachu top 10 favorite pokemon movies :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 3 0 nickelodeon vs playstation all stars roster by saiyanpikachu nickelodeon vs playstation all stars roster :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 4 0 nicktoons vs capcom by saiyanpikachu nicktoons vs capcom :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 6 1 top 15 favorite marvel villains by saiyanpikachu top 15 favorite marvel villains :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 6 0 my mortal kombat vs nintendo roster by saiyanpikachu my mortal kombat vs nintendo roster :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 1 0 most protect detective pikachu by saiyanpikachu most protect detective pikachu :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 7 3 stan lee memorial drawing by saiyanpikachu stan lee memorial drawing :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 5 1 top 15 favorite Marvel Heroes by saiyanpikachu top 15 favorite Marvel Heroes :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 5 0 koei tecmo vs nintendo by saiyanpikachu koei tecmo vs nintendo :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 1 0 capcom vs Mortal kombat  by saiyanpikachu capcom vs Mortal kombat :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 1 3 super crown sora by saiyanpikachu super crown sora :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 3 0 Sega vs Mortal Kombat roster by saiyanpikachu Sega vs Mortal Kombat roster :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 1 0 snk vs nintendo by saiyanpikachu snk vs nintendo :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 3 0 nintendo vs arc system works by saiyanpikachu nintendo vs arc system works :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 5 0 pirahna plant smash bros by saiyanpikachu pirahna plant smash bros :iconsaiyanpikachu:saiyanpikachu 7 1


PHS Chapter 2 part 13: At the School Field by JawaunXD1000 PHS Chapter 2 part 13: At the School Field :iconjawaunxd1000:JawaunXD1000 1 0 Cheerleader [Commission] by NebulaUniverseArt Cheerleader [Commission] :iconnebulauniverseart:NebulaUniverseArt 1 0
MMD Cheerleader Bubblegum Animations Info
After an inspiration from this MMD Animation I did with 4 cheerleader models.

I've decided to do another section with my MMD animations. This time with cheerleader models.

I'm calling it....MMD Cheerleader Bubblegum Animations.

Popping Gum Bubbles
Floating Away with Gum Bubbles after being blown.
 Stars GreenA Green Star in The GIF Picture means Popping.   Stars BlueA Blue Star in The GIF Picture means Helium Bubblegum Flight. 

Some cheerleader moves might be included during the gum’s inflation. Depends on the method.
And not to worry, I'm crediting their creators and owners when used. 
I'm opening Requests on this. Not sure about Point Commissions. Just requests.
Hope you'll like them.  CT16, Out!
:iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 1 0
Drag-saster!! by unit1138 Drag-saster!! :iconunit1138:unit1138 139 32 Getting More Watchers page 34 - Epilogue by TinyThea Getting More Watchers page 34 - Epilogue :icontinythea:TinyThea 12 9 Steven Universe - Peridot 158 by theEyZmaster Steven Universe - Peridot 158 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 26 0 Star vs the Forces of Evil - Hekapoo 24 by theEyZmaster Star vs the Forces of Evil - Hekapoo 24 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 28 1 Wander Over Yonder - Lord Dominator 55 by theEyZmaster Wander Over Yonder - Lord Dominator 55 :icontheeyzmaster:theEyZmaster 24 0 [SHADOW] Failed SHADOW-Kaijin04 by Kainsword-Kaijin [SHADOW] Failed SHADOW-Kaijin04 :iconkainsword-kaijin:Kainsword-Kaijin 7 12 Fire Emblem: Lucina by Omiza-Zu Fire Emblem: Lucina :iconomiza-zu:Omiza-Zu 71 2 Eclipsian Beach Day! by Shaded-Seraphim Eclipsian Beach Day! :iconshaded-seraphim:Shaded-Seraphim 17 1 RWBY - Long Long ago, there was... Chibi Salem by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Long Long ago, there was... Chibi Salem :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 218 62 RWBY - Chibi Jinn by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Chibi Jinn :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 197 14 Wax Based Colored Cheering by Planet-i-Studios Wax Based Colored Cheering :iconplanet-i-studios:Planet-i-Studios 3 0 RWBY - Ruby Cheer by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN RWBY - Ruby Cheer :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 179 17 Curvy Kumiko Oumae - Hibike! Euphonium by ThiccerWaifus Curvy Kumiko Oumae - Hibike! Euphonium :iconthiccerwaifus:ThiccerWaifus 79 0



megaman redesigns: Elecman
Im thinking of doing a little series of drawings where i redesign some robot masters from the Megaman series.
First being Elecman!
I decided to go for a more power plant worker look to him since he was made to control the voltage of nuclear power pants.
top 10 favorite pokemon movies
To celebrate the release of the first live-action Pokemon movie, Detective pikachu, let's go back and take a look at some of my favorite films based on thsi multi-media franchise. But mostly the anime.
To be honest, these movies are kinda the same. I mean, we have Ash and friends traveling to a new place and finding a legendary pokemon and they have to fight a villain who wants said legendary. But for me and alot of fans they're still fun to watch. So here are my favorites.

Honorable mentions:
Giratina and the sky warrior
Arceus and the jewel of life
Mewtwo returns
Diancie and the cocoon of destruction

And here are the ones I haven't watched yet but I want to:
I choose you and The power of us.

10. Destiny deoxys

9. Lucario and the mystery of mew

8. Hoopa and the clash of ages

7. Pokemon the first movie: Mewtwo strikes back

6. Pokemon heroes

5. Jirachi wish maker

4. Pokemon 4ever: celebi-voice of the forest

3. Pokemon the movie 2000

2. Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea

1. Pokemon 3 the movie: spell of the unknown
nickelodeon vs playstation all stars roster
Here is an idea i had during middle school, Nickelodeon vs playstation. I didnt know why i made it, but whenever i had the chance i always added on to that roster. But years later i sort of forgotten about it, untill today.
So here is Nickelodeon vs playstation all stars!
I didn't add any m rated games like God of war but i did add t rated games like infamous on the roster.

Spongebob squarepants
Danny phantom
Sam manson
Vlad plasmius
El tigre
Doug (quailman)
Ren and stimpy (space cadets)
Jimmy neutron
Professor calamitous
Timmy turner
Invader zim
Jenny wakeman
Queen vexus

Ratchet and clank
Captain qwark
Dr nefarious
Tombi (tomba)
Toro inoue
Parappa the rapper
Cole McGrath
Chop chop master onion
Spike (ape escape)
Specter (ape escape)
Dart (legend of dragoon)
Rose (legend of dragoon)
Lloyd (legend of dragoon)
Sly cooper
Carmelita fox
Sack boy
Nariko (heavenly sword)
Emmet graves (starhawk)
Nathan drake
Kat (gravity rush)
Jak and daxter
Sir daniel fortescue
Zarok (medievil)

Guest characters:
Ladybug (miraculous ladybug)
Jaden (power rangers samurai)
Crash bandicoot
Spyro the dragon

Final boss: Dan phantom (danny phantom)

El tigre=carmelita
Ren and stimpy=tombi
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is coming in no less than a month now but Sakurai says that there will be 5 characters for DLC. So here are 5 new characters, who are not assist trophies, i want to see as smash ultimate DLC.

1. Shantae

Still hoping for my half-genie girl to be playable. Even though she is a spirit

2. Geno (Super Mario RPG)

This character has been requested for years, and if King K. Rool and Ridley made it in, so can Geno.

3. Bandanna dee (Kirby)

Say what you will about piranha plant being in smash, but if you think about, this might pave the way for bandana dee being in smash. Think about it, they're both disposable enemies in platformers.  Plus Sakurai should represent his baby Kirby more.

4. Banjo-kazooie

Now i have not played Banjo-kazooie but i do see this bear and bird duo making it into smash. Hell, the president of XBOX wants to see them in the game.

5. Mike Haggar from Final Fight
Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury

I could not decide between these two, so i went with both.
Final Fight is a classic beat em up game by Capcom and not a single character from that genre is in smash. Plus, Haggar vs Incineroar who would win?
And as for Terry Bogard, we already got Ryu and Ken from Street fighter, so let's see another fighting game character playable in smash bros. And some Fatal Fury and king of fighters games are on nintendo consoles, espically the waifu bate SNK Heroines for nintendo switch.

Honorable mentions:
Nightmare (soul calibur)
Heihachi mishima (tekken)
Dixie kong (donkey kong country)
Labo man
Decidueye (pokemon sun and moon)


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Jonathan Clark
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United States
I am a nice good boy and artist and I am from portage Michigan


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