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Here is a "possible" appearance of Yamoshi (ヤモシ Yamoshi) I found by a fanartist from Spain on Facebook (and dA, too), Alberto Cubatas, who guessed the design, that will be appear in the new Dragon Ball movie on this "Christmas"~! Outfit is looking so identical, but the hairstyle is different which look much like Raditz's long spiky hairstyle with one hair strand! Hmm~! I am looking forward to see the new and confirmed image of Yamoshi (or possibly new Saiyan name?) that design by Akira Toriyama in coming future! So hype~!

This fanart picture that someone stole and made it look like real by added on "V-Jump" logo and Akira's art studio name without the fanartist's permission. -Shakes my head.- Shameless. However... it looks closely identical, but not exactly because you see on the bottom with Raditz's hairstyle under the fanarts.

Original: [link]
Image may contain: 1 person
This is an originally leaked new movie's trailer.


a new Saiyan with blue Sadala's armors named Shallot that appears in Dragon Ball Legends.…

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Oh, my artist friend asked me a question.

"What is uterine fibroid?"

Uterine Fibroid is non-cancerous (beigin) tumor inside the womb. Not just one, but more than just one which I don't know how many I have it since the doctor didn't tell me clearly. Some women are gone without notice the pain or any symptoms and does not need to have treatment, but some women like myself have experience the pain with one of those symptoms once it became constant without disappear. It hurts lot, so I need to use natural treatment to make it shrink the fibroids and relieve the pain in my womb.

Here is the link you can read about Uterine Fibroid with those image you can understand clearly: 

Uterine Fibroids

Read more links for information on my comment below Lynn Briefs here. :aww:


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TYPES AND PRICES ( $ ) & POINTS ( :points: )

Um... this art commission business is still opening, so 
for everyone who is interesting in commission my artworks with different type of art-styles.
And, here is the list of the prices for one character each!
Traditional (Pencil or with Colored Pencils)
CHIBI (eg: Cute Sad Chibi Bete): $2 / 160 :points:
HEADSHOT (eg: Headshot): $3 / 240 :points:
WAIST UP (eg: Goddess Bete's Wrath): $4 / 320 :points:
FULL BODY (eg: Sailor Earth): $5 / 400 :points:
CHIBI (eg: Upgraded Sailor Phaeton SD Wink :Lineart: ): $10 / 800 :points:
HEADSHOT (eg: Mysterious Warrior Appears): $20 / 1,600 :points:
WAIST UP (eg: Blood Mask and Sailor Drakulon :Lineart: ): $30 / 2,400 :points:
FULL BODY (eg: Gonou Walks and Salutes): $40 / 3,200 :points:
CHIBI (Not have done yet): $15 / 1,200 :points:

OMGosh~! I saw an actual spoiler video just now and captured on my own iPhone to show that that there are 12 universe gods (both creators and destroyers) who bow before Zeno the king of all universes! omgnoes 

I saw left is Beerus (see the diamond shaped on the banner) with Supreme Kai and right is Champa (circle shaped on the banner) with his Universe 6th Supreme Kai, rest of 10 more Creation and Destruction gods are new, middle is the Grand Priest (short angel as the Father) and "twin" Zeno sat between the Grand Priest. My gosh~! Shocked 

I can't wait to find out about 10 more new universe gods on February 5th~! So hype~! :Squee:

10 More New Universe Gods! by Saiyaness-N-Goddess
Seen it on Facebook with subtitle~! :excited:…
CooperGal24 commented on Sun Stick:
A DA member named :iconazure-and-copper: did a fanart page of weapons and items from her WIP fan manga called Earth Guardian Mamoru (A Sailor Moon story, but with the characters' genders and roles swapped), and one of them is the Earthen Wand, which is what your wand reminded me of in appearance!

My Honest Answer:
(No ounce of lie, here I am to say~)

Oh, what? Really?!
(Checked her out, literally)
 Onionhead studying hard - Onion head
Wow! No way~ I had few perfect ideas to create this similar Sun-like weapons to be the counterpart of Moon-like weapons long before she posted it!
onion head 'shock'
Earthen Wand... those Sun-shaped brooches and weapon counterparts... and even Crown Earth Sceptre
onion head 'siga'
Also on the other image of Apollo the black cat, Solaris the white cat! 
Bad Augury..Onion
My BGSS ("Beautiful Guardian Sailor Sun") characters that I named several warriors's guardian pets that mentioned on The Animal Guardian's Elemental Powers in 2011: 

 Sol the Sun Canine (aka Canis Solaris as her nickname for "Dog of the Solar" and "Sun Dog" where I derived a name from the a rainbow halo around the Sun) with White Greek Shepard and she is also Sailor Sol.

 Apolla the Sun Feline with the beautiful silvery blue eyes and Colorpoint Shorthair (aka "Flame Point Siamese" breed) who is a fraternal twin of Artemis the Moon feline. Apolla is a feminine name for Apollo and is Sailor Apollo. I was thinking of make Apolla look like Artemis's "gender-bend".

 In two more additions, Terra the Earth Canine with Brown (or Copper) Siberian Husky and beautiful green eyes. She is also Sailor Terra. She is a guardian pet of Sailor Earth. 
Mulciber the Vulcan Canine with Weimaraner as a guardian pet of Sailor Vulcan.
(Which she haven't created, so nothing related. Just let you know mine's.)

Even Queen Theia I planned to think about a name for the Sun Queen as a mother of the twin, Princess Helia and Prince/Priest Helios! She even made Sailor Chibi Earth in Helios's gender-bend appearance that I was possibly planning make my Sailor Sun's daughter to be Sailor Chibi Sun with that cute "fem-Helios's" hairstyle!
No kidding~!
There is White Earth Crystal, too! Oh, dear! 
More EGM Weapons by Azure-and-Copper
I even have posted a Legendary White Crystal (aka White Sun Crystal & Sun Crystal in "lotus-style" crystal, not her true starseed in "lotus-style" form, but just as "What-If" crystal) for my Sailor Sun that I posted on Dec 26, 2011! Yet, it still was my first thought of concept of the name and posted there long before her by based on the date.
And... I recalled that I had a conversation with Ai-Sanura long ago as she mentioned
 that her Imperial Sailor Star (Sailor Sun) had White Sun Crystal, too~! 
Onionhead Aggk - Onion head
See here my Legendary White Crystal in Lotus-Style (as "What-If"):
Sun's White Crystal Lotus by Saiyaness-N-Goddess  
However... soon I will have to make my own sunflower-style crystal as a true starseed form of the Legendary White Crystal to fit for my Sailor Sun's personality. It formed when it summoned an entire Sol System Warriors's starseeds to grant a final form of starseed crystal the most powerful crystal in an entire Milk Way galaxy. It should be post soon or later when I done with drawing. I truly hope that no one will do like I have in my mind... hm.
Even I recently discovered Muserfairytales's OC, Sailor Sun (aka Queen Astera) who made Sun Stick when I had this exactly thought in the past, too!
<da:thumb id="592660682"/> 

I decided to draw this Sun Stick digitally from the old abandon working in progress artwork in my USB after I finally posted the Moon Stick from my stash before my beloved legally blind sister passed away hours later on the very same date of Feb 26th on both Moon and Sun Stick (was working in progress).
Sun Stick by Saiyaness-N-Goddess  
When I excited to come up to be the counterpart of the Moon Stick that I saw in Sailor Moon Crystal and even in renewal manga before long I discovered this image. 
Soooo Cute..Onion
Until then I saw it and learned that he already posted on Feb 23rd, I was like; "... Meh!" 
Whats Your Problem..Onion
I changed the idea to add the 7 golden crystal spikes which I recalled Helios's golden crystal horn adorn on his head as a Pegasus and Helio's radiant crown with 7 spikes in Greek Mythology. So, I created it by added with golden spike crystals and gold metal screw-on balls. I thought it was perfect fitting for an original solar weapon. Helios's Radiant Crown
And, now... she already did! 
Ugh! I am so disappointed and sullied. 
Onion Boy 6
So close similar! I had that thought long ago as I started to create it for BGSS until I saw them when you mentioned it, I felt like to face planted on the tablet and wanted to cry inside. I felt like that I can't make it some 'look-like" theirs to make me look as if I steal their ideas.
Onion Boy 5
Confound it all... they already did beat me to it. I felt so defeated! 
Onionhead isolated - Onion head
Meh... to be honest, I felt that I want to give up on my BGSS since their nearly similar ideas killed me. *Sob*
(Sighs sadly) I am sorry... I am not intending to get enrage at them nor offend them, but... I am just trying to express of how upset I am from my own thoughts with emotional breakdown such sad-mad mixed because I was working on to write it down. I did wrote down some that I already explain on this above and inside link on my artworks. Before you could jump in the wrong conclusion, forgive me for make this journal to let all know that I am not intending to tweak their artworks for no reason.
Onionhead drama- Onion head
I don't want to see them to trip over my artworks for being steal their ideas and got a wrong idea about me as "copycat".
I knew they can do anything to say horrible mean against me. 
I hope you to please... do not bring the anger against me nor bring stupid troll/bash me over small thing about their artworks. It was a coincidence! We have some unique like minds sometimes! Sometimes it can kill me inside because I am scary of post it since some of them can show so much similar to mine.
Onionhead blood - Onion head
Also... I hope you to understand about this kind of... an awkward situation when you encountered other artworks before me.
Since I already thought of that for so long time, my own blue print in my mind was happened to be nearly similar to theirs. Yet, I kept forget what I was supposed to do it ever since I was preoccupied with my family. I didn't give myself a chance to sit down to get my blue print out of my mind and draw it. 
 I am sorry that I could have been finished my old abandon artworks I saved in my stash for years and posted in the past, but I was being so slow due to focusing on get myself back in the track and to take care of my family especially beloved beloved sister for nearly 2 years. Now I already lost her to her peacefully sleep.
So... I apology if you feel awkward or get anger vibe from me by tantrum. I am not sure what I can say when you show the expression toward this. I was dreaming to get closer to Naoko's artworks by using the counterpart of her OC's items for my Sailor Warrior OCs. And I was trying to avoid the conflict with the similar ideas from their artworks because it can cause them to misunderstand my artworks when I came up with my own "blue prints" to draw down.
Onionhead ... - Onion head
Anyway... I feel like it is not original anymore, so I felt of get more difficult to create the original gorgeous weapons. I am not able to come up with new idea from my blue print in my mind sometime when I got art blocked.
I Hate You Computer..Onion
Forgive me... I am not blaming on them. None of their faults. Just make sure that I want to have peace from them without accusing or anything kind of stupid toward me.
Really disappointed for me. I am not knowing what to think with the artworks I wish to draw for BGSS anymore.
I should give everything up on my own future project of BGSS. I guess I am done with it now.
Onionhead falling - Onion head
Thank you for reading this, uh... "awkward" situation with the artists if that happen they find my artworks similar to theirs. I also wanted to remind you to keep it in your mind about this.
And thank you, CopperGal24 for letting me know.
Have a lovely morning.
May God be blessed upon you.
Onionhead Alone - Onion head


Oh! I forgot to update on that day of recently Monday.
We already got him re-home on recently Monday via my mother's FB that an elder woman who is also a cat lover that have a cat at home and wish to have another cat as Leo. She lost other cat to illness. Her living cat is lonely and wanted to socialize with another cat, so lucky for Leo to meet the cat to get know who Leo is as a cat. Ha, ha!

(Sigh) O
h, dear... I got heart broken again because I am missing Leo so much. I hate to feel as if my bond with him is severed. He was last touch to pet by Amber before she passed away peacefully that I will forever remember. He liked to wake me up and wanted me to give his love attention by petting him to comfort him or playing with him. I made sure that I took care of him with love. He loved to follow me anywhere I go. He was our family members.

On that day, I cried when I saw Leo in carrier cage and cried when I watched Leo depart with an elder woman and cried on my mother's shoulder. 

 I did bid him a farewell with love. Leo the male feline is already departed with an elder woman for a new home and introduce a new feline friend that I wished for.

I felt empty again. Like worse. Geez... I broke down with wet eyes. Oh, Lord... I pray for his safety and have get lot of lifelong love. I know he will be happy and I will be okay because I had to move on.




LOCATION: Perryville, MO

I have to give Leo up to someone (who is a cat lover) a forever home because we will move out to the apartment (which the resident of my Kristal's family is at) soon as possibly this month or next month when the apartment is ready for us to move in. We have all the stuff Leo have, so you will not have to worry about to buy one.

Due to apartment to meet the requirement for a "declawed" cat, we can't have the kind of money to pay for the surgery because I refused to have Leo declawed. I want him to enjoy his lifelong nature claws in his paws.

Since Amber passed away peacefully on Feb. 26th, we will have to give Leo up for someone (who is a cat lover) a forever home because eventually we will move out to an apartment on the first day of Friday, April 1st.

I can not let him to experience being "betrayal" by declawing him and to experience bad side effects. I want to find someone as a cat lover and introduce him to interact with the cat(s). I want him to keep his claws as his natural paws. I want someone who can tolerate with the reckless scratch accident and be responsible with the trimming his claws weekly.

He is a male feline with charcoal-silver and white. He has arrow rosettes spots. His eyes has gold and green tint. I believe he is mixed of Bengal and other breed due to white marks by having white tips on his paws, muzzles, left leg and some right leg.

On middle of January, we introduced him to be our newly family member when he was a kitten. We intended to give Amber a surprise gift, but he chose me instead. He was in love with me after I took well care of him by comfort him when he was scared. He enjoy his healthy and happy life, but daily morning mischievous as a kitten. He is a quiet feline unless he is meowing at bugs or at the owner when they closed the door behind him for store or bathroom. He has flea issue (as why we put flea control collar beside reflected leash collar and had a medicine for him on tapeworm because of flea) since the previous owner abandoned him and didn't check him at the vet when he was a kitten, but we wished to get him to vet even though we don't have the kind of money because we knew it is expensive to pay a visit at vet.

My family and I will like to ask you to please kindly help us to donate for the expense of Amber's funeral.

We finally have her cremated box on Tuesday of March 1st, but the payment for the funeral and crematorium is not over yet. We don't have that kind of money to pay for expensive expense, so we need your help to donate and make memorial message or your condolences which we will appreciate it very much.

Please forgive my younger half sister, Kristal for writing the wrong date and time which should be Friday, February 26th at around between 3 PM to 3:30 PM.

I want to thank you some of people for donating to support us, and praying for my grieving mother and family.

Thank you, have a nice day.  Emoticon: Bow by KuroiRaine

IMing: Cry Warning! Please, take this heed! This may will break your hearts in many pieces! IMing: Cry  

Icon - 048 Hironi (Sad Cry)

    On Friday of February 26, Amber went to the dialysis center in the morning after took well care by home nurse to prepare her. At the morning hours, I was sleeping with warm and clean bed spread. She went there to make up for the “lost” time at the dialysis center because it was closed due to power went out by blizzard two days ago on Wednesday (at that time she was not able to take dialysis to filter her blood, she took a "chemo" medicine instead by the nurse’s order). At about 2:30 PM afternoon, she finally came home from local store (for Boost drinks brand) and gas station at Rhodes for the drinks before 3 PM. I already wake up since afternoon like 12:30 PM to 1 PM, so I started to clean up my room and cleaning the cat litter before I started to notice the vacuum seemly not strong enough to suck the dirty on the carpet up. I thought it must be full and needed to be clean inside with the dirty thick filters that they didn’t cleaned ever since. I decided to clean the vacuum in the kitchen after I stopped cleaning on the carpet floor in my bedroom. Until she opened the door, she made it by step herself on the floor from stair without my mother's help in which surprised me, but perplexed me as I was greeted her while cleaning the dirty vacuum. In my mind to say, “Huh... she was not suppose to climb up on the stair alone without my mother’s help. Where was Mom?” Even though, she was brave enough to climb up on the stair herself alone without my mother’s support her. She took some breathes before she asked me to help and bring her Boost drinks in her "dialysis" bag. With my perplexed looks, I thought to tell her after I examined that Amber already held the drink from Rhodes that should satisfy her need, but she said, “No, I wanted that Boost drinks.“ I asked, “Why? I am confused, Amber.” She replied, “Because I am hungry.” Shortly after cleaning the vacuum, I respectfully willed to go down-stair to get the bags and brought it to her room. Even though I sensed something wrong with her by said, "I am hungry.” In my own gut, it was something a significant warn sign about her that we should check what was up, yet I declined the tiny warn sign while looked down at my handmade orange blanket that gifted by my half aunt Lisa that she wished to use for the dialysis center to keep her warm. It was big enough for her to cover ever sides which was why she wanted to borrow mine.

(It is now returned to me after her demise, but I still smell the dialysis scent that she used to go there which will always remind me of her! It made me weep to think of Amber~!)
    After I placed her bag on her bed, I asked her about the girl scouts cookies in "grocery" bag and Amber replied, "Oh, that's for everyone." I nodded and said with small smiles, "Oh, okay~! All right, this coconut chocolate cookies is my favorite. So, Amber... here you go to drink this (Boost) in the bag." She said, "Okay." I came back in the kitchen to placed the girl scouts cookies in grocery bag on the counter and lend my back against the kitchen's counter to drink my juice. Soon I watched Amber drop her bag on the floor and reach her hand toward Leo the Feline to pet him shortly. I smiled at her for touch Leo with his head bumped her hand (which let her know he liked and loved her) and saw he left her. After I done clean the vacuum, I talked to my mother about the vacuum filters while Amber prepared to make bed to get on in her blanket. I noticed that she didn't take some Boost drink after all, so she got in the bed to take some rest instead. My mother went in her bedroom to check on her to see everything go well shortly before come back to kitchen to do something to prepare for dinner tonight. While as I wondered about her face that look awfully tired with black circle around her eyes.

Before tiredly Amber was starting to fall sleep, she asked our mother, "Mom! Will you mind to watch the TV with me tonight, please?" which made our mother rolls her eyes. Since it was her nightly basis to watch the television with someone, so that way she would not feel alone. Our mother replied with a sigh, "Okay, Amber... I will." as she agreed before prepare to make a homemade bread. I looked at our mother's facial expression toward Amber and knew her tending for cranky and annoy, but I told our mother that we always do love her in despite of her ways. We knew that Amber was very tired and sick person. Soon, my mother done make a homemade bread and popped in the oven, she went in the living room to sit down a black leather recliner as she heard Amber’s final words, “I love you, Mom.” My mother replied back, “I love you, too.” Even though I can’t hear at the time I was without wearing a cochlear implanted, so I sighed with a thought to say, “Sleep well, Amber” before I went back to my bedroom to do my digital artwork.

(Do you know that there is an inside message of “I love you” as a way of say good-bye? Yes, it did. That’s which why she said it every time before she gone to bed since she knew that anytime she will be gone eventually.)

    Around between 3 PM to 3:30 PM, she peacefully passed into an eternal rest due to her body gave out by renal failure with medical complication and her fragile heart just couldn't handle the strain anymore. Since October 9, 2015... she lost a kidney transplant to new medicine that ruined her kidney by blood clot, allergy, and infection after she gratefully received a new kidney transplant on her 35th birthday of August 20th. After the doctor surgically removed her, she was heart broken for not have it as she always wished for and not be able to eat anything. She was born with LMBBS (Laurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl syndrome, an autosomal recessive genetic disorder / rare disease) and more of other health problems involved in later of her life. She was very exhausted from the dialysis for every Mon. Wed. & Fri since almost 3 years. Ever since she was been sick for all of her life, she need much more of peace without anymore suffers to interfere her. So, she had to go because it was too much damages she endured from her body. Although, she was a strong warrior that fought a life-long battle with her illness at birth and for 35 years of her life until her last breath. As Our Lord, God the Heavenly Father took her away to heavenly home from Earth all the sudden. So, I knew the very moment that God called her home in her peacefully sleep after He took her last breath as His perfectly time is done end her suffering life.

(By many months ago, I asked Amber a question, "If you are not able to obtain a new and good kidney transplant in your body for so long, will you keep on or give up?” Her remarked, "I will keep on fight to live until my last breath".)

    Until home nurse came over my house, she and my mother went to check on her together at the same time. My mother tried to wake her up by shook her and called her name, but she found Amber unresponsive on the bed by turned her to see her pale face. My mother suddenly freaked out as flipped her and started to perform CPR on her with home nurse before to called my older half brother, Joshua to come for attempted to revive her through CPR and AED since at home to hospital. My mother called the ambulance.

    After for a short while later, I suddenly noticed my crying mother came at my bedroom with her mumble mouth, I was not believe at first with my heart thumped shortly. So, I asked my mother, "Huh, Mom? Say what?!" She yelled while holding the phone on her ear with her wet eyes looked directly at me, "Amber is dying!" with heavily weeps.

    With my eyes fully wide and gasp as a realization, I instantly bolt out of my bedroom as soon I witnessed my half brother and home nurse attempted to revive her by performing the CPR (and even the hospital tried their best ability to revive). I saw her face with opened eyes with wet weep out from her opened eyes in her bedroom (to the hospital). Her lips went pale blue. My half brother screamed at me, “Get out of here!”, but it was too late because my eyes already caught to witness her demise. I went into a state of shock and soon I started to get perplexed as I immediately asked my mother, "Mom! How could you not check on her? What happened?!" She shook her head with heavily sobbing and replied, "I don't know!" At the time of her demise, I believed that she probably saw the light when she cried out her opened eyes during the CPR, but... I also believed that she suffered the severe chest pain which they attempted to pump her heart to make its work. I could imagine that it is worse experience to feel ever in life that is like as if they destroyed her chest tissue and bones.

    Meanwhile I was keeping on pray to our Heavenly Father for her, but... my mother interrupted me. He ran to get towel from the bathroom to wrap her opened weeping eyes and her damped hair on the floor. I forgave her for that happened when I pray again, so I helped to move the furniture to make a way for the ambulance people to enter. My half brother bawled his eyes out and ran around inside the house with feeling distressed. Until the ambulance came, he told me, “Get dressed because we are going to hospital! As I nodded, I went back in my room to change my outfit from sleep wear to usually causal. Before I went outside in the front door, I saw my half brother wept in the dark bathroom while look at the mirror. I told him, “Come on, Josh and I am ready to go!” As I processed to go outside as I closed the front door, I suddenly noticed my mother waved inside the car at me to tell me to get in the car with her upset looks. I told her, “Yes, I am coming~!”. I got in the car while waited for my half brother as my mother honked on him to come out of the house and get in the car as well. I remained in a state of shock. While my thought of him in the car, I was thankful for my half brother to do his best as possible as attempt to save Amber in a heart beat. I knew the feel of how struggle he worked hard for his attempt to revive her. It was truly hurtful for him to see her lifeless body that lay on the floor right in front to him. Unimaginably pain he ever faced, he expressed with feeling violent for being fail to save her since he wish not to let that happen to her. Ohh~! My mind made me feel to make a message on the status to let everyone know what was going on.

    On the arrival at the Perry County Memorial Hospital, I waited inside the hospital with feeling petrified then my younger half sister, Kristal finally came to see my mother and wept with my mother. I went outside to get some fresh air to breath on while kept on more praying to Heavenly Father with my eyes looked up at the sky of what I spoke in my prayer;

Dear our Heavenly Father in Heaven I pray, I asked You to forgive my mother for interfere my prayer. And... will you please revive Amber in the Holy name of Jesus the Messiah? Unless... I will understand that you called her Home. I can’t complain against You. I can’t even mad at you, Father... I can’t stay mad at all. I also can’t be selfish against You for taking her away from us. I take my honestly heart to You, my Heavenly Father. I will understand and respect You because it is Your purpose to have her come Home to be with You, Lord. It is Your time and decision with her suffering life on Earth that must end, so I will understand since I (even we) don’t want her to continue anymore pain. She lived long enough to fight through her harsh life with those illnesses. So, I understand that it is time for her to go. She has to go, Heavenly Father~! It is my wish for her to go home in Heaven and live in a peacefully life. If that happen, I must surrender her to You and hope her to journey safe with one of Your angels to Heaven, our Heavenly Father! Thank you, God the Heavenly Father and Jesus the Messiah for listening this prayers I prayed. I love you, all! In the Holy names of the Utmost High, God the Heavenly Father and Jesus the Messiah in my prayer! Amen.

    My neighbor friends, Dave and Melanie came and Mel wrapped her arms around me while I held my iPhone with Amber’s photo on FB. I was thinking of Amber while talk to God in my head. I stayed outside of the hospital until I finally see the ambulance arrived, I ran back in the hospital. I watched them carried her through the window closely then my eyes immediately caught her opened eyes. It is nothing changed on her since at home. I sighed sadly and walked out of the outside to wait to hear the news after I watched my family heavily wept. I stayed outside to pray with God again until my neighbor friend, Melanie came to bring me inside the hospital with a small message that they wanted to say something to us. I came back again in the hospital with my family on the other side. They wept worse than before. With my weeping half sister, Kristal's help to interpret me of what the Doctor told them exactly. My mind was deeply crushed and my legs collapsed with broken heart by the doctor's news at the Perry County Memorial Hospital.

I have a mild spastic cerebral palsy at birth. Since my legs collapsed, it can hurt me by my broken heart and any ills such as common colds, fever, or stress.)

    Unfortunately, the Doctor informed us that they didn't able to save her
 and there was nothing they can do to revive her since she unexpected pass in her peaceful sleep at about between 3 PM - 3:30 PM, so the doctor declared her dead at 5 PM. She was already gone since her skin went pale blue and the damages in her body was done. She was not respond from anything as possible they tried to revive at all. Soon I felt my heart shattered, it caused my legs feel weak as my heart started to wrench and I cried hard upon sat on the wheel chair with their help. Upon see her lifeless body on the hospital bed, I saw her the same look with opened eyes. I wept heavily before I walked with my weak legs and clung to her to cry on cheek because... I was really close to her as my very important person, my precious loving, yet annoying sister, my personal interpreter, and my best friend for 28 years of my life. I called her name in her ear many times. My nightmare came true from few years ago when I told my mother that I predicted my nightmare about her life. I was afraid of lose her that I needed the most in my life, (so is my mother) but now... we lost her after nearly 3 good years to live with my family to take care of and to spend time with her. While I was beside her, I cried become worse as I became ill with a bad migraine when I had to by force to leave her behind as I felt numb. I never like nor want to leave her side, but they forced me to leave the hospital and the funeral home as I had respect them. She left us with heavily broken hearts.

    I will never forget the moment that I witnessed her demise in her bedroom where her eyes cried out of her face and damped her hair on the floor while performed the CPR by my half brother and the nurse. Amber was not respond at all with her eyes stayed open, unmovable, and internal body were done so much damages by those people performed (CPR and AED) on her from home to hospital.

    Recently on on Saturday morning of February 27th... I saw her again at the funeral home with my family and extend family, it broke my heart hard. I felt cold as froze from her body when I held her. (Break voices) She dressed in her new favorite sleep wear, plush pajamas set, black long sleeves plush top with word, "I ♥ Sleep" and leopard print on heart shaped to match her plush leopard print pants. She wore pink short socks. Those colors are my favorite which were also her favorite colors! Black, golden, pink! She and I were in so much common liking. It hits me hefty and so upset for me to see that she looks peaceful in sleep with wearing that outfits! In the past, I recalled that I saw her outfit that she wore for the first time my mother bought for recently Christmas. I found her to be a beautifully cute! I never thought that she claimed that she was ugly in the past because she felt unattractive. To me... she never was ugly! She was such a truly cutie fun-size sister ever I had in entire life! She was like a doll to me because her nose was so cutely small like my mother’s. When I looked at her, I felt comfortable because Amber and I were close, but... we were departing her due to time limited, my heart made me weak for my legs to walk again. I didn't like to know the fact that her physically body would be vanish forever by cremation. I was (and still am) very clingy and wanted to be her side. I hate very much to leave her side.

    Although I can't be selfish to keep her alive for my mostly need as my personal interpreter to communicate with my mother that I always rely in years. I don't want her to come back on Earth to suffer even worse than she was before. Living on Earth is terrible and temporary home, not our true home. I am truly happy that she is free from the suffer of many unnecessarily pains on Earth, but I also am deeply hurting that I will forever miss her from the day forward! The reason I am truly happy is that I always wished her to go home in Heaven. I am tired of worrying about her health since Amber was my most important priority that need lot of attentions which tend to scare me, but now... (sadly sigh) her presence is no longer with us. For this day forward, I am enduring and keep on going to take well care of my sick mother for her needing to help. My mother and I made sure whatever we could take to make Amber happy until her demise. We did willing to spend time with her for some of her nightly basis when my mother didn’t feel like it and when she asked me to.

Because of this such a horrible life she went through on Earth:

Bullet; Black No more suffers.
Bullet; Black No more dialysis.
Bullet; Black No more health problems.
Bullet; Black No more cramp pain in stomach due to inability to produce sufficient urine from her failing kidneys.
Bullet; Black No more surgery that left her many scars.
Bullet; Black No more many unnecessary medicines.
Bullet; Black No more fatigue.
Bullet; Black No more empty teeth which keep her from eating anythings that limited her.
Bullet; Black No more struggle to see the clear sights as a legally blind person since birth.
Bullet; Black No more struggle for not able to have a child that she always wished due to sterile and irregular period.
Bullet; Black No more allergies by specific medicines and metals that she couldn't tolerate with.
Bullet; Black No more fever.
Bullet; Black No more feel cold.
Bullet; Black No more migraine.
Bullet; Black (Sob) No more hearing my annoying voices that she always complained when she tried to sleep while I tried to talk my mother.

    (Sniffles) I am sorry to say this, but I know she knew me very well. I have to use both of my voice and sign language in order to communicate with my mother. I have some hard time to control my volume when I was emotionally or mentally unstable. When I was in emotionally stable, my voice can be soft as normal. My thought that if she was in my place while I was in her place, I would likely to complain about her and she would likely to understand that my inability of hearing the voice which difficult to control the volumes when come to emotional unstable. I know it was hard for her to tolerate from my voices, but she endured for years before the day she peacefully passed on. She did very good at sign language that she learned from me and in return, I do what she needed or wanted me to help with. She liked to learn new sign language for whenever some words were new to her.

    I loved her very much and still do. I loved her sweet, yet silly personality. I loved her talkative by using sign language to keep me from feel alone or invisible. I truly enjoyed to chat with her with sign language. She loved to pick on us. She loved to pick a prank on us because she was a monkey type to known for trickster. She was a funny person because she loved to stop my mother and let her to interpreter for me when she noticed my mother stammered with sign language. She tended to say, "Mom! Let me sign for her!" (Lightly chuckles) And she also tended to say to me with grumpy attitude, “Hey~! Stop being so perfect, Brandi!” when I habitually made sure it look neat. In return with my replied, “Well, nope! I can’t help it! Blame our grandma for having her ‘perfection’ traits that she inherited us (Mom and I)!” She knew that I am cleaning freak like my mother and maternal grandmother. She was caring when she thought of us. She was very supportive for us. She was loving person that like to greetings us and good night with expression of sisterly love ("I love you") whenever she entered the rooms with our presences. (Sob) Gosh... I miss her already. I even can't wrap my mind with her demise. I can't stand to think where she sat on the recliner chair near the TV that hurt me so much more than I foretold from few years ago when we got here in this state of Missouri. That place near the television where she sat on the same chair in the nightly basis with her presence is now gone. I felt totally not used and devastated. I thanked Amber so much for everything she done for me that I needed and with her strong-willed to interpreter me in my 28 years of my life... oh, dear Amber~! I am not even forget my many sisterly life moments since the day she passed away. I am now taking care of my sick mother and will start do my future for her. Oh, Amber~! I shall see her again when His time to call me Home and holds her tightly in my warm arms with sweetly kisses on her warm cheeks again, Amber~!

    She is free! Fly high! I love her and miss her, my eldest half sister, so much as always!
Rest in peace, Amber~!

Rest In Peace Amber 3 by Saiyaness-N-Goddess

Greetings everyone...

Amber, age of 35 and of Perryville (MO), went home with our Lord in her peacefully sleep after came home from the dialysis center on Friday afternoon of February 26th.

I want to thank you for praying to us, but keep on praying and supporting for my family. Especially for my sick mother who is still in grief.

    "Our dearest Lord... Heavenly Father, God and Jesus the Messiah in Heaven that I called your Holy names in my prayer, please comfort us through rough times and through our worries with your caring Hands. Please... touch and heal our broken hearts for the loss of our important member of our family. Please... give us the strength to endure through our lives from the loss of her precious life. I knew You heard few of my prayers and saw that we are totally broken hearts upon the tragic news at the hospital. Please forgive my mother for interrupted my prayer. I am currently sick with a bad migraine due to mentally and emotionally break down. We had witness her demise in her bedroom and I went into a state of shock. I am not able to say much because my head and heart are hurting. All I can say is calling her name in my head. Yet, I am keeping on try to express from my deep down of my heart to say something. (Sniffles) Oh, my dearest Lord... I understand Your purpose for her time had come. So... I want to thank you, Our Lord for having Amber in 28 years of my life and 35 years for my family's lives. Our Lord... please take well care of Amber for her journey into the gate of Heaven safety and rest her sweetheart soul in peace.
    My dearest beloved sister, Amber... thank you for being my loving, caring, yet annoying sister and for interpreting me that I always needed the most. I always love you in despite of your silly annoying behaviors and moody. We and I knew you were exhausted from the dialysis every times, but now... you peacefully passed into an eternal rest. Our lives will not be the same anymore. Amber... you will be forever locked in my heart and memories by the last time I saw you and smiled at you for petting Leo the Bengal Feline before you went on your own bed to sleep peacefully. Aww, Amber... you are eternally missed and loved by us! I am crying this crazily hard to make me numb! Oh, geez... Amber~! I forever miss and love you so much, Amber~! I am not going to say good-bye! I will see you again when our times are up! Go fly high to Heavenly home, Amber~!
    Thank you, Jesus the Messiah for Your sacrifice your Life on the Cross to set us free from the deadly sins that He paid for our freedoms! I really do believe in you, Jesus the Messiah! I am praising You, God... that she is no longer suffering in pain and living on this Earth! Thank you, God the Heavenly Father and Jesus the Messiah for listening this prayers I prayed. I love you all! In the Holy names of the Utmost High, God the Heavenly Father and Jesus the Messiah in my prayer!"


Rest in an eternally peace, 
Amber Jean Boeding-Gregory~!


Greeting everyone! :iconcocowaveplz:

Thankfully, this link (now not exist) is recently take down this morning by IP of Skreened (Intellectual Property) that I reported the person who violated the IP's laws in the e-mail. Whoo-Whoo!

Thank you, Teoma-The-Naraotor and my mother for helping me to report the Skreened. Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 

Oh, my dear!


I never give anyone permission to selling any of my my artworks!…

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to members of the DeviantArt community only.

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I found lot of stolen artworks on Instagram (IG)! Noo 

Will you please notify the original artists about IG that had re-posts without your permissions? Do you accept to recolored, chopped, and edited your original artworks, your OCs, or your OC commissions that you worked hard to make it? And, even hide your watermarks? :?

I am sorry to notify you because I found them to be very unacceptable since they can't make their own OCs to roleplay without credit yours. I don't let the artworks go unnamed artists without known the original artists who made them. :worry:

I already done mine to report the stolen pieces of my artworks after they rudely removed my polite comment of request to take it down. I silently report them to remove immediately without realizes because it is only way to take it down since they have no respect for our artworks. :no:

So... just simply report them with the link of your original artworks as the original owners must take actions without warn them! D:

Recognizable deviantARTISTS:
and much more unnamed artists if you know your artworks are being re-edit without your permissions, without credits, and even without watermarks. :/

IG Art Thieves:

Good morning~! :iconcocowaveplz:

I want to give a thank the Lord, my Heavenly Father and Jesus the Messiah for keeping remind me for several times until I finally remember something. It is about what kind of creatures can we eat in the Holy Bible as Biblical Laws that give by God's instructions for clean and unclean meats. Now, I found the best link to give lot of lists in the chart of what we can or can't eat the creatures from God's Laws in the Holy Bible. :lovesquee: 

Here is the link:…

I once ate rabbit and frog, but never again from now on because they are unclean meats. I strongly dislike it very much for my taste. I love the beautiful rabbits that are soft fluffy and delicate creatures until I witnessed my mother killed and cooked to eat it when I was little girl. Now I realized that I should not love to eat any kind of seafoods that is unclean meats. Noo 

So, I can eat specific kind of fishes that I like very much. :shrug:

Thank the Lord for opening my eyes to this that I should not eat the kind of creatures for now on. I will change my list of foods I can eat for my clean health and removes what I used to love. :meow:

No bacons, hams, nor porks because it is too much sodium for me and unclean creature by Biblical Laws. shakebacon 

Read this very good article about God's Biblical Laws of clean and unclean creatures:…

Meh... when I just learned about the Biblical Laws that the Heavenly Father, God given the instructions of what we can eat and can't eat. I knew from the beginning that I have never eat the dog in my whole lifetime because... God created the dogs and cats for the purposes which it meant to provide the people their protection, loyalty, hope, and most important aspect in this creatures is unconditional love from His own personifications! God never mentioned the dogs and cats that is meant to be the food! :tantrum:

Nope... the dogs and cats are not the darn foods! They are our loving family and friends like the humans because the creatures does have feelings (or consciences and consciousnesses)! If you ate the dogs or cats, you are not holy and disgraceful to the Heavenly Father! Period. Angry emoticon 

Stop eat unclean creatures that God created for the purposes, not the foods! Even more... stop steal the loving owners's precious pets that have collars and tags on! Steal their own properties, that is so seriously sinful crime! :angry: 

For me as the dog lover, you made me so disgustedly sick to my stomach with my heavily crying eyes and broken my heart into the million pieces when I saw the horrific murderers did to the beautiful loving creatures on the recent news! What did the loyalty creatures do? Is that how you repay the innocent creatures for your protections that God provided for you, yet you viewed it as the food? How inhumane you are! The dogs and cats done nothing wrong! All the dogs or cats wanted and needed is your love and caring in return! I am totally indifferent about the countries's religions and beliefs because they are not real, just fictionally myths that invented by human beings! Only God, the Almighty One who created everything and even the universe, is REAL! And, the Christians who believe in Him through Jesus the Messiah are REAL. :grump:

The question is... where are your humanity? You shut your own humanity away because you chose the World (greed for money) over the humanity of your own! :facepalm:

Gee... my dear, sorry... -I shook my head- this is my own expression of my true feelings toward the inhuman people of how twisted mind they are, however... I pray in the holy name of Jesus the Messiah to take care of this for the twisted mind people! This really upsets me. :pissed

Please Sign In Petition To Save the Dogs's Lives!>> << 
>> <<

God said, "I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blinds. Somebody who will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirits of a broken heart, so God made a dog."
Another way to say in the quote on this image's link:
I am signing this because I am a dog lover fo

‪#‎StopYuLin2015‬ ‪#‎NoToDogMeat‬ ‪#‎NoToCatMeat‬ ‪#‎SayNoToDogMeat‬‪#‎STOPEATINGDOGS‬ ‪#‎PetsAreFamily‬ ‪#‎STOPYULINFESTIVAL‬‪#‎LoveThemNotEatThem‬ ‪#‎imadoglover‬

>>… << 


>>… <<


God said, "I need somebody strong enough to pull sleds and find bombs, yet gentle enough to love babies and lead the blinds. Somebody who will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirits of a broken heart, so God made a dog."

Another way to say in the quote on this image's link:…

I am signing this because I am a dog lover for years as this beautiful creature is known for unconditional love and loyalty which is blessedly created the beautiful gift from God. The word itself is the backward of God! Also... it is not only the dogs, but the cats as well! How could this cruel and heartless Chinese people eat their owner's dogs and even cats as the pets who are their family members?!

Please... the Lord, in the holy name of Jesus the Messiah, this need to be STOP eat the dog (and cat) meats because the dog and even cat are meant for giving the love and caring for the people whoever is in need! Dog is never meant to be the food as the meat nor cat, too! Dog and cat are meant for guards the family and the family who is in need to light up their life with its hope for God! Please stop this dog (and cat) meats festival and save the innocent dogs (and cats)'s lives for God and us! Rikka Crying Icon 

And, please returned it to the owners safely where it once stolen because... look at the dogs's collars!
My gosh... this is totally wrong and so horribly crime! It need your help!  Nadeko Crying Icon by Magical-Icon

If you are the dog and cat lovers or whoever you have the hearts for them you once petted with love, please help them to this petition in order to save this precious and trustworthy animal's lives! This dogs and cats are meant the world for the dog and cat lovers! This made my heart sicken and wrenches! :cryingla: 

Please leave your signature and help to stop this festival! Sayu Crying Icon 

And, spread this word for the dog lovers to save its's lives!  Chitanda Bowing Icon by Magical-Icon

#StopYuLin2015 #STOPYULIN2015 ‪#‎stopyulin2015‬ #stopyulinfest #stopyulin #stopyulinfestival #‎SayNoToDogMeat‬ ‪#‎PetsAreFamily‬ #ItsNoFestival‬ ‪#‎STOPYULINFESTIVAL‬ ‪#‎LoveThemNotEatThem‬ ‪#‎SignThePetition‬ #STOPEATINGDOGS

Stop Yulin 2015 by iYuze
by iYuze
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So, visit :icondahub: now!

Okay, that is it... I have to make a distress announcement after I wrote my dA status. I have also to bring the old issues to reveal what was going on in the past of who she really was. This is which a totally unacceptable, so I have my right to take the Nadia's traced artworks down for what she made the wrongful actions due to violent the truce between us. 

In the past, I have had trouble with nads6969. At some point after we came to a truce, all the drama ended. However, it came to my attention recently that nads6969 promised user Iggwilv bases made from the headshots I commissioned from Drachea Rannak among other artists' works. 

Here is the below I have attached a photo where you can see the exchange of comments which is seen on 8th page at Nads's main page:  Oh, my... what kind of artist friendship are you! by Saiyaness-N-Goddess

I have sent nads6969 a note, and it reads as follows:

Dear nads6969,

From this point on, you are no longer having the permissions to keep the busts you made from the commissioned busts I have from Drachea Rannak, nor do you have permission to use any of my submissions for past, present, or future. You are necessary to remove those pieces you made from my Drachea's commission arts immediately. After getting confirmation that you have done so, I will block your account from further accessing art in my gallery. Please note that if you simply "move to storage,", or re-submit to say on the pictures after I have blocked you, I will take action at whatever steps necessary to seek justice for this.

Sincerely Yours,

However, she chose not to be professional and has yet to remove them. So, I bring this to you on the public. Please help me remove the art that she has posted traced from my commissioned busts. I have included the thumbnails of her traces of them below.
Tempest - Bust by nads6969  Sailor Winter - Bust by nads6969  Scorched Beryl - Bust by nads6969

I also ask the public to please keep a watchful eye on this user. If nads6969 re-submits the headshots, please... notify me immediately.

Tracing is a form of theft and art theft is one thing I will NOT tolerate, be it with my art/commissions or someone else's. Please do not go on the offensive, just simply report the images. There is no need for unwanted or unneeded stress. 

Thank you all for your cooperation.

1. bloodsplach - Colored for my OCs since he done the lineart for me with both request and commissions
Hello everyone!

I had previous art requests which I saved the list is gone due to the premium expired. I tried to remember what I should owe to our dA friends! D: Only 5 slots to fill up! Please let me know what you expect me to owe back! Please forgive me for delay so long! D'X I had busy going on in my life and now, I am finally available!

1. Iki-Fujisaka - Colored for Female Goten embarrassingly flirting with Trunks in Battle Armors (Progress: Linearting)

2. EspadaDelOscuro - Lineart the Restrained Saiyan Goddess :Sketch: (Progress: Linearting)

3. Persephone-Almana - Colored her OC, Isuzuly with Goddess Bete in Mirror (Progress: Linearting and Coloring)

4. Naraotor - DB couple (Forgot character names?; Progress: Pending)

5. Redheaded? - Mirai Trunks and her OC! (Progress: Pending)

6. RESERVED (a friend from Skype) - The Maid's Back (Progress: Pending)

7. RESERVED (a friend from FB) - Sexy Seripa :Sketch: (Progress: Linearting)

8. RESERVED (a friend from IMVU) - Iri-Mei as a half Saiyaness with black hair, for toddler year, curly with little pigtails, and 10 years old to adult will be side ponytail (Progress: Pending)

TYPES AND PRICES ( $ ) & POINTS ( :points: )

Um... this art commission business is still opening, so 
for everyone who is interesting in commission my artworks with different type of art-styles.
And, here is the list of the prices for one character each!

Traditional (Pencil or with Colored Pencils)

CHIBI (eg: Cute Sad Chibi Bete): $2 / 160 :points:
HEADSHOT (eg: Headshot): $3 / 240 :points:
WAIST UP (eg: Goddess Bete's Wrath): $4 / 320 :points:
FULL BODY (eg: Sailor Earth): $5 / 400 :points:

CHIBI (eg: Upgraded Sailor Phaeton SD Wink :Lineart: ): $10 / 800 :points:
HEADSHOT (eg: Mysterious Warrior Appears): $20 / 1,600 :points:
WAIST UP (eg: Blood Mask and Sailor Drakulon :Lineart: ): $30 / 2,400 :points:
FULL BODY (eg: Gonou Walks and Salutes): $40 / 3,200 :points:

CHIBI (Not have done yet): $15 / 1,200 :points:
HEADSHOT (Not have done yet): $25 / 2,000 :points:
WAIST UP (Not have done yet): $35 / 2,800 :points:
FULL BODY (eg: The Legend of a Saiyan Goddess): $45 / 3,600 :points:

CHIBI (eg: Upgraded Sailor Phaeton SD Wink): $50 / 4,000 :points:
HEADSHOT (eg: Broli Cuddles Eimi Sexually and Lovingly): $60 / 4,800 :points:
WAIST UP (eg: Tsuyoshi Tamaryuu: the Son of Broli): $70 / 5,600 :points:
FULL BODY (Not have done yet): $80 / 6,400 :points:

CHIBI (Not have done yet): $55 / 4,400 :points:
HEADSHOT (Not have done yet): $65 / 5,200 :points:
WAIST UP (Not have done yet): $75 / 6,000 :points:
FULL BODY (eg: Beautiful Guardian Sailor Earth): $85 / 6,800 :points:

ONE CHARACTER WITH "CLOSE-UP" ACCESSORIES (eg: Princess of Eris): $90 / 7,200 :points:
ONE CHARACTER WITH SEVERAL FACE EXPRESSIONS (Not have done yet): $95 / 7,600 :points:
ONE CHARACTER WITH DIFFERENT WARDROBES (Not have done yet): $100 / 8,000 :points:

Oh! An additional character is $5 each!

Bullet; Red Vampire Hunter D
Bullet; Orange Dragon Ball
Bullet; Yellow 
Sailor Moon
Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Blue Free-Hand (as an original art-style of my own)

:note: Please send me a private message to discuss about the info you want. :note: 

Please pay or donate before I start work immediately!
Best to put friend and family to send me USD only because... I view you as an artist friend! :heart:

Star! SLOTS Star!
1. Lassic 50% Pink Progress Sparkle Bar (Edit) (Sketching/Linearting~!)

2. SerenityDragonhart (Full Body Couple Sketch - Paid and coming soon!)




If you wish to commission, but can't afford and want to reserve it until you got money to pay. It will be waiting list!


Please be patient because it will take a while since there is no deadline after all. I have an illness (Migraine) that prevent me from my desire to draw the artworks which slow me down with the time consume and can get me an art-block.
No kidding. :grump:  

And... of course, I will show you the sketch before I will go farther and I can post "W. I. P." (working in progress) that allow you to see how it goes if you want! I am exciting to have the commission artwork for you and support me at the first time! I will do from the start as first serve to down the list!

:nod: What will I do: :nod: 
- Light ecchi
- Yaoi/Yuri (Must 18+)
- Slight anthro (wings, tails, ears, etc.)
- Slight gore

Stop What will I NOT do: Stop 
- Heavy Hentai
- Mechs
- Heavy Gore
- Full Anthro
- Fetishes
- Animals

:iconlainloveplz: Thank you! :iconlainloveplz:

Emoticon: Bow Have a lovely day! Emoticon: Bow 
Here are my of how to report FB by step to next steps:

FB Report Link:…

Just click on "online form", so you can report it to them with the link of art theft that stolen your original artworks and give the link you post from your dA with copyrights. And all that crap, and submit it to them.
Hopefully FB will do it to take it down for you FOR goods without warn Sailor Moon Viva and hope everything are going well with you when you try to work on it in order to get your images out of the art theft's page! ~Taiyouko
 Oh! You are not require to sign up for your FB account, so it is free to report FB without need your facebook account! :nod:

"Do I need a Facebook account in order to report an alleged rights infringement?"
"No." ~FB's FAQ

nads6969 Re-Pyper JackoWcastillo ai-sanura zelldinchit HatterRose stefanolattanzio MoondancerAya YukiMiyasawa JATGProductions SailorLunarAngel iCheddart Arch-Guardian-Angel E-Zeal SLMGregory CatofArt dedizenoflight Sir-Frog sailorsilverstar SandraCreations kuki-ca MahouChikara krilin86 brianna5899 AmantBandit firecat88 fataleflare sihi-chan Isis-M Sugar-Senshi AK-Manga Silverlegends Hybryda goddess-of-the-moon1 artisticchica Weslie LBorstProductions Yukina-Snowbunny princessfromthesky DarkSailor7 LadyBrot EmpressTerra Hikari53 Master-of-Senshi SunnyDOU722 PhinyxRose isei92 Shinta-Girl SailorVicious serenofariane Harroway Queen-Rini Axsens @

and more artist friends of ours,
so spread this journal to yours to notify your dA friends to help others to get rid of their images off the Sailor Moon Viva page! :heart:

Please spread this journal to stop that madness!

Totally disrespectful of her for doing wrongfully take your artworks without your permissions or credit names on it!

DarkSailor7Chioneeee~~Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 

I reported her and asked some friends of mine too. 
I can't believe she is writing that we disturb her and she dares to say that those images are also hers!

"Someone can help me... and I find photos of people tell me that I have to delete them, but... what's wrong with posting pictures and then they also say that are mine. Please help me." ~ Sailor Moon Viva

onion head 'siga' 
I think I'm gonna slowly pass away, because it's just too cruel Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] 

So, I replied to her comment back and say: 

"OMG?! WTF! Share this and spread this journal for everyone to stop that madness! :angry:
I feel you, sweetie! Just keep on and make it stop! We did not disturb her! That's a lie! Not true! Because she give us very disrespectful to our artist friends's artworks that she snitched from!
She is too immaturely cruel! Very immature! She need to grow up and respect the artist that they asked for remove their artworks since she did not give the proper credit or permissions from the our artist friends's artworks!"

Sailor Moon Viva dared to say, "Those images are also hers!"  

onion head 'siga' 

Seriously?! WTF! Wow. :disbelief:


Please take this seriously important issues about an Italian person who give no credits or permissions her to re-post your original and commission artworks from you! 

Yes... it is the same FB page that I once thought it was already removed, but I was wrong... it is still there! It fools us! I remember I saw your commented there to tell her (or him) to take down, yet she deleted your comments and still keep your artworks there as if there is nothing happened (like she didn't give a fawk about you)!

I want to let you to know and look here! :omfg: That Facebook Page of Sailor Moon Viva is an Italian speaking!

S/he stole your artworks to re-post there without your permissions and even without credits you! :no:

Report them that need to be delete the thief's FB page with the whole pictures s/he stole from! D: 

>>… <<

nads6969 Re-Pyper JackoWcastillo ai-sanura zelldinchit HatterRose stefanolattanzio MoondancerAya YukiMiyasawa JATGProductions SailorLunarAngel iCheddart Arch-Guardian-Angel E-Zeal SLMGregory CatofArt dedizenoflight Sir-Frog sailorsilverstar SandraCreations kuki-ca MahouChikara krilin86 brianna5899 AmantBandit firecat88 fataleflare sihi-chan Isis-M Sugar-Senshi AK-Manga Silverlegends Hybryda goddess-of-the-moon1 artisticchica Weslie LBorstProductions Yukina-Snowbunny princessfromthesky DarkSailor7 LadyBrot EmpressTerra Hikari53 Master-of-Senshi SunnyDOU722 PhinyxRose isei92 Shinta-Girl SailorVicious serenofariane Harroway Queen-Rini Axsens 

"I named your dA usernames because I recognized your artworks in that page there!" 

Whoever the name of dA users that I am not able to recognize the artworks, please spread the word about this page need to be remove for not credit you and re-post without your permissions! O:<