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"This is Drachea's true statement about commission and non-commission artworks! So, please read this descriptions!" ~ Taiyouko

Konnichiwa, minnasan! Listen carefully...

You can ask him for his permission to trace his non-commission artworks, such as non-commission and non-prize, that have not from the commissioner who paid for him to draw because Drachea drew his own artworks, not anyone's commissions or prizes. You must credit his name on it back with the original link. So, that way they will track it and take a look at where it originally drew from.


You must ask commission / prize owner's permissions, not Drachea's, about want to trace the commissioner/winner's artworks include the prizes (that Drachea gave the prizes to the winners)... so I ask you to please respect the commissioner's art properties that they paid for Drachea to draw for them!

Not to snitch it without permission and made it as your own! Whoever (Commissioner / Winner) have their rights to ask you politely to take the traced artworks down for being disrespectfully steal the artwork you drew without their permissions.

Or... they will instantly report you for your non-cooporation!

Please don't mess with them or... you will be regretfully ban from dA permanently! This is serious words that you shall not play with! :no:

However... after you got approved from the commissioner or winner, then awesome, but... please credit their names back with the original link as well!

Am I clear this to you?

If so... thank you for listening and understanding this an important message from Drachea. Have a lovely day!

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Submitted on
July 31, 2013
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