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Fifty Words One Shot: Sensory Overload
#42 – Sensory Overload
Everything was black. Blinking rapidly seemed to have no effect.  And his head hurt... a lot.  His mouth opened and a pained hiss spilled forth.  Muffled conversation wafted in and out of his hearing range, but he couldn’t for the life of him tell what was being said.  He desperately wanted to call out to whoever was there to help ease some of his pain but his serpentine tongue felt like lead inside his mouth.  He settled for another hiss.  This seemed to attract some sort of attention as the voices were silenced and the sound of footsteps against tile echoed around the unknown space instead.
“It’s awake.  Get the professor’s son in here.  He knows the most about it.”
There was only darkness and silence for several minutes.
“Why do you have a blindfold over his eyes?”
His leeku twitched a bit toward the new voice.  It seemed different than the others, not as deep.
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Icon: Royal Saiyan Crest by saiyan-queen-vega Icon: Royal Saiyan Crest :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 3 0 Red vs Blue Icon: Empty Base by saiyan-queen-vega Red vs Blue Icon: Empty Base :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 32 0
The War Against Ourselves 11
Chapter 11: Chapter 11: In Sickness and Not in Health
#50 – Revive
He'd been laying near the base for weeks now.  He hadn't been able to move, or blink, or tune out the strange glowing apparition of the real world that he'd been locked into since he'd been shot. He knew he should be dead... was this what the afterlife was like?  Or perhaps purgatory?
He wished, like he had hundreds of times in the past weeks, that something would take away the muted but still prevalent burning sensation in his stomach where he'd been wounded.
"Ending Recovery Mode, Red units."
He'd remembered too late to be careful what you wish for.  This agony was much worse.  And so Franklin Delano Donut did the most logical thing...  He screamed.  Long and loud.  He attempted to curl into the fetal position but his muscles didn't seem to want to function after so long locked in place.  Tears formed in his eyes as he felt the warm wetness of his blood begin to once again run down h
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Lyric Icon: I'd Rather Boogie by saiyan-queen-vega Lyric Icon: I'd Rather Boogie :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 7 0 Red vs Blue Icon: Way With Words by saiyan-queen-vega Red vs Blue Icon: Way With Words :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 65 3 Red vs Blue Icon: Excuse Me by saiyan-queen-vega
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Red vs Blue Icon: Excuse Me :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 32 1
Fifty Words, One Shot: Raw Epiphany
#12 – Epiphany
It was an epiphany… or at the very least, one of those moments where one slaps themselves on the forehead with the heel of their palm and utters 'why didn't I see it sooner' under their breath.
Though he'd never realized it before that very moment, the most important thing Dib had learned thus far about his enemy in the 14 months since Zim had landed on Earth was something so obvious that even his classmates could see it. It was a fact that was thrown in his face nearly every day since the alien's arrival, but he'd completely overlooked its importance. But now, thanks to the epiphany (and therefore to the rock that collided with the back of his skull that triggered said epiphany), he had the key to stopping Zim. Or at least slowing his evil to a crawl.
He barked out a laugh so Zim-like in nature that under normal circumstances he would have checked himself over to be sure that the Irken's pak hadn't somehow attached itself to him ag
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Icon: I Miss Being Young by saiyan-queen-vega Icon: I Miss Being Young :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 6 0 Invader Zim Icon: Love You Less by saiyan-queen-vega Invader Zim Icon: Love You Less :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 42 7
182 Days: Ch 1
182 Days
Chapter 1:  The Doom Song
"How long do you think it will be before he figures out that we didn't equip his voot with any food?"
"Oh he'll probably be too busy trying to plot a course while reining in that scrap of junk you made him to even think of eating for at least a few days."
"Really?  I kinda' figured that he'd attempt to call us within an hour to whine about it.  Too bad about that broken guidance system… and transmitter."
Both co-rulers burst into a fit of hardy laughter at the thought of Irk's most annoying failure attempting  to contact them as he sped through space, toward an uncharted quadrant that they were quite sure had no inhabitable planets.  A death alone and confused seemed fitting for Zim.
"I bet you 5 monnies that he starves to death" Purple quipped.
"You give him too much credit. I have 5 monnies that
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The War Against Ourselves 10
Chapter 10: Wash'ed Up
#49 - Forgive
The first time he'd met the newest member of Blue Team he'd been barely released from strict bed-rest by Doc. Every move he made hurt and he'd been on some impressive pain medication and antibiotics. So when Caboose had come bumbling into his room dragging the ex-freelancer by the arm to make introductions he'd barely realized that the man wasn't even Church at first.
But the moment that the man had opened his mouth...rage. The man even had the nerve to apologize. How could one apologize for looking another human being in the face and casually attempting to murder them for being an inconvenient bystander?
#25 – Throw
This wasn't the first time Donut had been in Blue base. Nor was it the first time he'd been taken prisoner into the Blue's base. But this was the first time that their team was trying to extort anything from him. Well, Church had once taken the jeep after a 'total ass-kicking', but that was more theft than exto
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Red vs Blue Icon: Real Life by saiyan-queen-vega Red vs Blue Icon: Real Life :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 38 4 Red vs Blue Icon: Stalker Scenario by saiyan-queen-vega Red vs Blue Icon: Stalker Scenario :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 37 4 Dragonball Z Abridged: Quote 5 by saiyan-queen-vega Dragonball Z Abridged: Quote 5 :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 157 52 Dragonball Z Abridged: Quote 4 by saiyan-queen-vega Dragonball Z Abridged: Quote 4 :iconsaiyan-queen-vega:saiyan-queen-vega 63 12


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I've gotten back into cosplay after a 10 year lapse.

Last year for Gencon I want as a Team Rocket Grunt.
This year I'm attempting a gender-bent Vegeta for the same con.  I'm currently working on the tail, creating one that is fully articulated and that will move with my body movements.  Meanwhile, my friend Eric is doing the preliminary work on the saiyan armor since I have no experience working with fiberglass.

It's been a blast and a learning experience so far.

Anyone know a really talented wig stylist I could be put into contact with? 
Or a good tutorial?

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