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How to Make a Dragonair Plush

Okay I finally finished this, phew~

Hope you'll like this, I made this for anyone wanna make Christmas presents to your friends/family or whatsoever to someone if you want to.
Feel special that I made this. :P

Try not to claim that your the plush pattern maker or I will haunt you.....
Just credit me if you will please.~

Its Sold
By the way, the plush that I made in the tutorial is for sale for 50$ include shipping. First comes, first serves.~
That's just the USA cost, other countries would cost more though.
It be the easy way instead of making it, if your willing to buy Lol.~

This is a 6 feet Dragonair plushie I made.

*People that used my tutorial:……………
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Super cute! But one thing confused me: how I calczlate the size of the head? Do you know what I mean? 
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Best ever!
i can’t wait to make one!
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Hello again i would like to thank you for your help with this informative pattern, thanks to you i made my first pokemon puppet  Pearl the Dragonair by Crystalas
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This is really nice. Is there a pattern to print out?
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This was a massive help in my plans to make a dragonair puppet my only complaint is that it could do with something in the way of measurements to give a scale on how big to make things to go with the other parts
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Oh gosh, this is like really old tutorial, so i wasn't exactly that advance back then. xD
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I think these are the ones AntiSwoosh are mentioning. I just recently saw these online as well.……
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Found someone selling plush made out of your pattern for 250$ without crediting you. I know it's an old work but I want make sure you know.
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Just curious but are you talking about the deviant user poofplush?
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I am indeed. She's been using several patterns from different free tutorials and has been promising people 'lifesized' commissions for a price that's just not reasonable. 500$ for a LIFESIZED kyogre (The size of a car) that will only weigh in at 8 pounds! She's also not provided any other examples of her work and changed her name several times.
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Know this is almost 2 years old but gosh I hate people who do that with patterns, specially free ones, least ask to make profit out of it and credit them :(
Seen too many even try to sell off free-patterns as their own on Etsy and only caught when someone who bought it compared it to a free one :(
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Oh I used this tutorial to make my friend a Dragonair for Christmas. But I didn't link it at the time because I didn't have an account. So I would just like the say thanks for the awesome tutorial, and for helping me make my first plush. ^^

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I might try cuz its looks so cute
DakoDraggo's avatar
I'm gonna try to use! Faved!
OMG thanks! I'm gonna use this!
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.___. This will be very useful for my Dragonair Gijinka Cosplay....
saiyamewome's avatar
funny story someone did the same with the pokemon making and with the cosplay of a gym leader. xD
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Where are the patterns??
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i'm going to use like half of this and make one of my fakemon ill give u the link if i finish
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saiyamewome's avatar
that's pretty good! hope you had fun with it. XD
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