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January 14, 2011
Winter Fest - Steampunk by =saiyagina
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Winter Fest - Steampunk


Winter Fest 2010!

Update: I won the contest to meet Hideo Kojima! I'll be stalking meeting him this tuesday! I'm planning to do a community gift for him and you can be a part of it! For more info, go here! [link]

Finally submitting something... something! 8D

This artwork is a bit old (2 months ago), done for our local convention Winter Fest 2010!... hey.. wth... I'm just realizing that I've never submited something about WF! *selfshot*

These are WF's mascots Fuu, Zion and Tomate (yup... the tomato is named Tomate... SUPER ORIGINAL YEAH!). =SiliceB and me selected the Steampunk theme because it's pretty and we love it (I'm not sure if I did it correctly), BTW! =SiliceB did the logo and she with `Thiefoworld did the pwetty pweeeety design!

TvT I hope to upload more stuff soon!

Fuu, Zion and Tomate © Fusión Anime
Art © Gina Chacón
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Aseika's avatar
a cyborg tomato?! 
Sotiris227's avatar
If you don't mind me asking what Software did you use? Was it Photoshop? Paint tool sai? Great work anyway!
francybel's avatar
That's a tomato? ahhah Cute!
luffy10000's avatar
this awesome; I like the colours
Yo quiero el tomate!
MikyNyaw's avatar
Detalles detalles detalles!! No hay cosa que más me guste de los dibujos que los detalles ><!! <3
DNQ13's avatar
it's so beautiful! i've been watching steampunk pics here and there because i love them so much, and then i came across this beauty. thank you for making it :love:
rgate's avatar
Awesome!!! >w<\
Murasakii-sama's avatar
Oh! Cómo amo este dibujo~ De lejos se ve el steampunk~
Este dibujo está en el libro de Manga Shonen Paso a paso, es muy chulo~
amebleu's avatar
This is so beautiful !!!!! I really love it
nananonao's avatar
amazing colouring and designs.
BlueDarkAngelWings's avatar
They are so cute and I love her wings!!
XEnnaXHatterX's avatar
I really like the style its drawn in pretty cool
Opheroth's avatar
Me gusta el estilo de tus dibujos ^ ^
tabu123's avatar
very nicely done
Asix996's avatar
IMPHeavyArtillary's avatar
Anime,Winter,Steampunk THANK YOUUUUUUU~
Borednation's avatar
wuaaaaa *w*
STEAMPUNK! <3 love the drawing and the steampunk items! :3 Good work!
melonbun695's avatar
dats cooooolllll!!!
empty-shape's avatar
like the tomato :D
polarityplus's avatar
Really like the color and composition of this piece
draco713's avatar
Cybernetic tomato for the win! XD
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