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Smash Brawl Tegaki 01

Since I'm back, I wanna submit some Tegakis I've done so far x3, in groups of 3, 3 today, 3 tomorrow x3 and then keep it going...

Tegaki is so addictive, and also Smash Brawl, and so I had to do some fanarts!

STAR FOX TEAM! :D Humanizing Falco, Fox and Wolf, they look so funny and weird. I'm so nostalgic of Star Fox, I had to play de 64 game, and I'm looking for the SNES version (but I got lazy in the process), I gotta say, Corneria song is so catchy!

Starfox © Nintendo
Art © Gina Chacón

I'm not sure if I gotta scrap these
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Ah, the three as anthros was a good idea. And yes, Wolf looks pretty effing hot. Damn! Good job!
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Falcon looks like he's wearing mascara, Fox looks like he's looking at Wolf like, "What are you doing?" And why the heck is Wolf licking blood off his hand? And who's blood is that?
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Wolf you come here!All sexy and sh*t.
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Licking blood never looked so good,Wolf.And Fox is so handsome and Falco the badass.
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Wolf's expression is just perfect. Good job :)
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Wonder who's blood wolf is licking off his finger...

Cool pic btw.
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Wolf... Blood Thirsty, yet sexy.
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They look awesome! Especially Wolf licking the blood off his claws like so!
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wolf looks awesome!
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wow! fox look good o:
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q padres!!!! te quedaron muchidos q imaginacion=):)
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OMG. Fox and Wolf are too sexy! <3333
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that's a pretty cool drawing of the star fox characters as humans keep up the great work ok
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You know, just you mentioning that song got it stuck in my head >.<... Catchy indeed :D Oh, and I absolutely love how you drew Wolf!
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why do you think falco looks old?
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they looks great ;D
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