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Megaman Tribute

Again, drowning with work ;A; that's why I haven't uploaded this until now!

They're everywhere!

I'm so happy that I'm not in 1 nor 3, but 2 tribute artbooks by #UdonCrew! And more happier that I can finally show my piece.

Again, the story of why I drew 85 characters: If I couldn't decide which to draw, why not drawing everybody? Hahaha so I took that as a personal challenge and I didn't care if it would be picked for the book or not, but hey! It's in there! *tears of joy* (I just missed a couple robot masters from the first game)

Here's a game, can you find the spot I forgot to color? HINT: It's a circle. OTL I just saw that a couple of days ago and now it's printed hahaha.

♥ Preorder the Artbook! ♥


-the book is premiering at the San Diego Comic-con at the UDON booth (#5037), July 20-24
-for fans not attending the show, you can preorder the book at ([link] )

- The standard softcover edition is also available for preorder on ([link] )

I'm glad my hometown friends did in too!

Megaman © Capcom
Art © Gina Chacón
Done in SAI and Photoshop CS2

You can watch the process here:
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© 2011 - 2021 SaiyaGina
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Awww! I love how Toad Man is holding onto Snake Man's shoulders, that's so cute cause they're one of my many Mega Man OTPs >w<

Also Jewel Man's face XD

Ledaris's avatar

Do it but upside down and Gravity Man in the front

Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
That's your brother you're stepping on1!
Tommypezmaster's avatar
Roll's quite the jumper
SCP173TheSculptureYT's avatar
Bass: *all smug in the back* pfft they will a die 😂
Mega man: *shoots bass from far away*
Jeticus's avatar
Super detailed and awesome
I love it
very good job
RecklessHero17's avatar
Poor HeatMan tho '3'
Crotchbellygeneral's avatar
Amazing job on this!
I loved it so much!
I wonder if M#9 will get a book too from UDON
Binaryrobot's avatar
Hahahah this is so cool
flamestar1031's avatar
I like to think that roll just jumped on guts man's head till he gave up. Cool picture!
lyralinks999's avatar
Heatman, you're so adorable when you're scared X3
And look at Crashman, always head first. Gotta love him.
Snakeman's gonna kick your big blue butt, Megaman. He's coming for you.

Anyways, awesome work! I love this so much! <3
sendy1992's avatar
Aww... poor Gutsy. :D
ToyChicaCutiepie10's avatar
Don't kill your bro, please.
LighttheChao's avatar
So many Robot Masters!!
J4B's avatar
That is a lot of characters. Welly done i say.
Ask-CrystalWoman's avatar
Snake, Bass, Gemini, Tomahawk, and Shade Man have that rape face.
EdvinDraw's avatar
Watch out Heatman!
DaehanBountyHunter's avatar
Not to question your but is mega a woman in this image? No offense
Easonn's avatar
Megaman 8 says it all XD
DaehanBountyHunter's avatar
yeah that is true long live that classic ip.
Nezefarian's avatar
Take my money @_@ This is glorious!!
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