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By SaiyaGina
I said that I was uploading more stuff this month, but I failed because of lack of art xD

But hey, here's a Maleficent! =D Done for SketchMatch, and colors that makes your eyes bleed, I hope to get more in next months! *slowpoke slow*

It really resembles a really old piece ;v; I'd wish to redo it but I'm a lazyass

Maleficent © Disney
Art © Gina Chacón
Done in SAI - 2 hours
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© 2010 - 2021 SaiyaGina
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Al diablo la de Angelina Jolie, esta ES Maléfica.
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Ugh....can't...stop.....COMMENTING! :typerhappy:
soovigon's avatar
Magnificent, Great!!!!!!!!!!!
princessofDisney27's avatar
what a pretty maleficent! XD
Meddler-Of-The-Ages's avatar
One of my top 10 Disney villains.
foxgirlrao's avatar
lol u just encountered a shiny Maleficent
userantonella's avatar
Its awsome! and I see a bit of nose-plastic-surgery noo? lol :D favs+
s-carter's avatar
Fabulous!! I love the touch of her dragonly form in the background! :D

LEXLOTHOR's avatar
Excellent work. I have recommended it to a couple of groups.
Tuliharja-art's avatar
This is really amazing! I love how the colours suit each others so well and how evil Maleficent just looks...=)
BloodyEye's avatar
Best villianess ever!
padawanhop's avatar
Good day dear artist. Your amazing arwork has been featured in my Fanart feature pt. 2.
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mags-duranb's avatar
She is one of my favorite characters, villains for the winz!! *_*
yellowsmoke321's avatar
she never looked so adult (good)....
Carlotus's avatar
la expresion es diavolica a la vez que agradable!! :D
FairyTailGray's avatar
this lady brought me some horrible nightmares in my childhood D:
can't forgive her >.<
Sei00's avatar
mori con los colores D:
userantonella's avatar
OMG this is amazing! I love malefica :D Did a meme of her for villian characters!Love the dragon at te bckground too :D
I love your style :teddy:
Blueoriontiger's avatar
Wow...the colors are nicely believable on this one, and she actually looks sort of attractive. xD
PlasticLion's avatar
This is amazingggg :D!
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