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Logald Duckerine

By SaiyaGina
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EDIT: I even recorded the process, here's the link to my youtube channel =P

I blame myself for doing this 2-3 hour thing besides work, but I just couldn't avoid to hop in the bandwagon.

Like... whoah... the news are still surprising... Disney buys Marvel!? hahaha!!!!

So... why not drawing my favorite duck with my favorite x-men? It's just delicious º¬º
(and man... to have only 4 fingers makes harder to pull out those blades... ouch!)

Logald Duckerine © eeh... what should I write? xD
Art © Me (I bet you dare to steal ò_ó )
SAI + Photoshop CS2 for texture
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© 2009 - 2021 SaiyaGina
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¡¿Tú dibujaste ese Donald Wolverine?!

Estoy im-pre-sio-na-do.
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I agree. He does look swag like that, about as charismatically good looking and interesting as either Hugh Jackman or Rocket Raccoon.

I love this picture because Donald looks really awesome and in character with his boundless rage and yet still manages to look adorable, even when he's about to stab you in the face.
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Donald Duck looks soo goood as Wolverine! I like it! Now I want to watch Prestige because it was made by Touchstone and Warner Brothers and stars Wolverine, Batman and his butler, and Black Widow, well, at least the actors.
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I feature you here, Hope it's Ok ;)

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my life is complete now
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mis dos ídolos de la infancia, excelente!!!!!!!!!
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555 i like it
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this is the coolest thing ive seen all year !! <3
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Disney just bought a really good superhero brand and fucked it up. Nice going, Disney!
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Looks awesome!
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Does your epicness know no bounds?
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I had the same idea when I was 5 years old. But.. my drawing was lot more ugly! LOL Yours is great ^^
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I love you for this. D:
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Love this!My two favorite characters Donald and Wolverine fused into one!
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I think...I think you just blew up my brains, knocked my shoes off and stole my socks...and made my DAY!
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this looks cute... and dangerous at the same time? XD
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That's the thing about these characters. Never underestimate them.
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I find this humorous and amusing!
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Nice Job!! Keep it up
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