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November 30, 2009
"Leaf Style by =saiyagina is full of life! With gorgeous colours and a very original design, this piece is a real treat for the eyes! I adore how the leaves are so well incorporated into her costume design and the overall adorable mood of this artwork!"
Featured by sambees
Suggested by rydi1689
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Leaf Style



Another piece for the fun of myself, but... damn, I'm getting this nature-fantasy themed pics, the next one I'm making is also of that kind o^o...

This was made to be used in a promo, but since the event has been postponed, well... I couldn't resist to upload it xD.

She looks so loli, ugh I gotta stop doing that kind of faces but... they're so cute... ;^;... and... hahaha dunno! I'm just writing for the randomness, as the same as the picture, I don't know what I was thinking while doing this.

I wanna try the critique system, but not for this piece, I'll enable it the next deviation because it'll need it more xD

Art © Gina Chacón
Made in SAI, other adjustments in Photoshop CS2

EDIT: Holyasdf!!! my third DD!!! TvT omfg this is really great!!! Thanks a lot =rydi1689 for suggesting and ^budgie for featuring it! :love: you made my day!
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Wow!  The colors are amazing! :heart: