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Jaime Lannister


Ok, now turn your head upsidedown

Long time no posting something new!... well, regularly new, this was done a few days before going to SDCC, this is my part on the GoT Art Jam and I'm glad I got Jaime Lannister, he's so damn hot ♥ I couldn't decide which version to draw, but a friend told me that he'd look nice like a card.. that's it! :D

btw Do not reply with spoilers!!! I'm up to date in the series but not in the book, also mind fellow deviants! =)

Game of Thrones © George RR Martin
Art © Gina Chacón
Done in SAI and Photoshop CS6
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© 2014 - 2021 SaiyaGina
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I love the characters in cards theme. It's good idea - to Draw Jaime as Jack of hearts. 
draconion's avatar
otro para mis favoritos!! te quedo padrisimo!
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fantastic idea and great style, you've perfectly captured *cough*his hotness*cough* his character development ;) love 
LucieSimi's avatar
Well... This is- what is the right word?... Ah! AWESOME! :D
cest-gabi's avatar
Wow, super conceitual! Well thinked, well distribued... Beautiful! :aww:
ScorpionFlower1's avatar
Awesome! Do you have more like this one?
Nikhilified's avatar
Fucking epic!! :D Could you draw anything to do with stannis baratheon?? :o
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Awesome! *-*
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Jaime needs more than his hand chopped off. 
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This is fantastic. The different sides of Jaime. Genius.
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Oh I love this!
I can't believe how accurately you've actually captured all the aspects of Jaime in just one picture
It's amazing!
Nice drawing and colouring too ♥
HarleyIvyPLL's avatar
Es genial, has mostrado muy bien la progresion del personaje atraves de las temporadas, de verdad me encanta :)
DABomb27's avatar
Haha Jack of Hearts suits his character, makes me think of the song Lilly, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts.
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i would totally want a deck of cards like this! this is awesome!
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super chido Gina! :D
That is some amazing work.  I wish you could do an entire deck and sell it I would totally pick one up. I really love the artistry and that the sides give a different version of the Jaime we have all learned to love.  Great work!
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Well..if youd make a whole card game..that would be so awesome *___*
Hermosísimo SaiyaGina, Orgullo Mexicano
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Hey Gina!! Gorgeous artwork :)

You should know that the Lost Kids issue featuring your cover has just been released and I posted it up over the weekend :)

Thanks so much for being a part of making the LK dream come true! I hope we can work together again in the near future, I'm doing more and more comics these days!
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Awesome! They look very cool! :)
TheStrategos's avatar
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askdjkasjkasjsdk so nice!!!!!!!!! >w<
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amazing!!! but i love the Arya! <3
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What, you dont want spoilers? Don't you know that Jaime is really Robert Baratheon annd Ned Stark in disguise? At the same time?
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