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Character Sheet - Felipe


His name is... FELIPE SALAZAR!!! (the title isn't that long u_u)
He's one of my latest OC's, but I grew fond to him, you never know how he can act later, because he's a child trapped in the body of an adult :love:

This is the last Character sheet!! For now, because I'll be busy later, but this is so much fun anyways <3

There were so much references of him that I was unable to make the color squares xD but I'm sure that a quick eyedrop in the non-shaded parts is enough *-*

The fourth submission in a month! Yahooo again! xD, this was too much, thanks a lot for all the comments, I'm replying all them right away!!

Felipe Salazar © Gina Chacón ---- Don't Steal Plz!
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Felipe looks good :3
I really think that you're doing your OC Sheets right. I'm too lazy for that kind of stuff^^
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OH! very nice!! I have been too lazy to make sheets on any of mine XD
I found this very interested, I really love it!! *0*
that leg is just awesome!!
I so envy you!! you are very creative wow! I'll steal your brain muahaha!!
.___. sorry...
XDD keep drawing and congrats!!
xxflyingfreexx's avatar
Gah I love this! you should make a story, orrr a manga I just wanna see more! lolz
i-spangler's avatar
your oc's are so original, i love them. Leviathan is the demon of Envy, right?
Shadow-Blossom888's avatar
awesome characters!
uzumaki-nanaze's avatar
felipe... bonito felipe ^w^
requiem18th's avatar
It's like Jumanji but with unspeakable horrors instead of monkeys.
deviantdance's avatar
WOAH NICE!!!!!!!!
Ishtaryasha's avatar
Asgfgs *v*
This one appears in my Epsilon comics!

Kisses from basque country xxx
MochaValkyrie's avatar
I have an OC with the same name and the hair style is so similar.
I love your OC!! And your artwork!! You're amazing!!
NEOmi-triX's avatar
wow! creative!
MEW-tiful's avatar
Would you mind if this fella makes a cameo in a tutorial i'm making about drawing prosthetics?
I'm featuring a number of characters as examples for different kinds of prosthesis; I really love that leg of his
ibuki-san's avatar
Muy bueno para saber mas de Felipe. Ojala algún dia subas a los gemelos XD me encantan!!

Un saludo chicuela!!!!!!
Yavannie-Winter's avatar
sdhgjadgj... no se porque pero me enamore de el al instante >w<~ So cute!! Must fav :Q__
Jarvisrama99's avatar
I love both Felipe and Julie's designs and back stories. Both seem like creative people, which you proved with their design. I would love to see more art of them and other characters to be added to the cast. Will they also ever have a story?
the-trash-guardian's avatar
Hes so cool :iconhurrrplz:
*looks at bottom right pic* AWWWW *hugs him* Who said you we're dumb??? I'll beat them up for you!
MissNoir's avatar
Gorgeous - I love what you've done with the wing-bits!
Green-Allien's avatar
nooooo yo tengo un ex companiero llamado felipe salazar xDD
Messenger-Of-Chaos's avatar
Nice character sheet! :D
Punkysuiseiseki's avatar
felipe es cool...
pero napo es napo jajaajja me encantan los gemelos XD lastima q aun no salen en dibujote n.n
Envy-Incarnate's avatar
I'm debating whether to watch you or not. Specially if your art's always this good.
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