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Atomix Comix - Zelda Theories

C'mon Link, don't get involved with your female sword like that...

Hyu~n! All this inactivity in DA makes me sad... so I'm uploading this little weekly videogame webcomic I'm working on for Atomix magazine.

I'm uploading this one specially because 1) I don't have to translate it and, 2) It's Zelda *v*

I'm soooo excited about the image Miyamoto shown in the E3, liek... Link... so big, and so handsome *¬* with this girl that (if anyone hasn't supposed it yet) is the Mastah Sword!

This isn't the style I usually do, but it's really fun to play, in other comics the faces look so weirdo hahaha T3T...

Ok! Gotta keep working on 3AM Room next chapter! Wanna finish it naaooo!

Zelda © Nintendo
Webcomic posted with permission of Atomix, all rights reserved


Ay Link, no trates así a tu femenina espada...

Hyu~n! Toda esta inactividad en el DA me pone un poco triste, así que subo este pequeño webcomic semanal que hago para la revista Atomix

Sé que hay otros pero éste lo subo en especial porque 1) No tengo que traducirlo y, 2) es Zelda *v*/

Adoro esa imagen que se posteó desde el E3! Link se ve taaan gallardamente guapo *¬* que me lo quiero comer, sorry si no se ve taan guapo acá porque estoy con otro estilo al que estoy acostumbrada, pero es divertido dibujar idioteces xD

Ok! me voy a seguir trabajando en los capitulos de 3AM Room!

Zelda © Nintendo
Webcomic posteado con permiso de Atomix, todos los derechos reservados
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Curious Link is curious. Gets his hearts ripped out. End of story. XD
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Me no get it. ¿Le tocó la pierna y le sacó los corazones por pervo? Por cierto que acaban de postear esta imagen en Zelda Dungeon en Face y por eso estoy acá. :D
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Man link has more heart than the doctor.
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ashkgjldg!!! love ♥
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Wooh, don't mess with Fi ;)
But if she would hear all our frustration in front of the screen...well I'm glad she doesn't :sprint:
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i was just wondering what would happen if he tried that :\
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she is the sprit of the master sword.
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Link is an idiot.
But now it's finally clear how he can manage so much girlfriends!
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yep...and were he keeps those hearts
CatriamFlockentanz's avatar
Actually a surprise that the aren't also stuffed behind his shield...
CatriamFlockentanz's avatar
The best is in Wind Waker not only that Sword and Shield are somehow sticked at him(maybe he's a human magnet) the skull hammer...
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In Wind Waker you have a quite giant mighty Hammer got from the second visit at the Forsaken Fortress this thing is called "Skull Hammer"!
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