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August 17, 2008
I loved After the Rain by *saiyagina when it was suggested to me! As the suggester said, "The picture says the story itself." and I can't agree more. It is truly a lovely piece!
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After the Rain

To see the details click here: [link]

This one came up with a little story:

I loved this one guy, two years ago, he was a nice person, but in rainy days he always stand up on the bridge, staring up to the cloudy sky and saying: "I'll be back up there, were I born", I didn't believe him until one day he stepped forward and disappeared in thin air, ever since then the sky never became cloudy...

But today was like that day when he left... rainy, I ran to the bridge, and found him, I never cared how did he left or came, I was just glad to see him again, and I guess he was as happy as me...

Hahahaha this has to be crappiest story ever, okay, I just came up with the story, just for adding a little more to the scene, I was inspired to do this while reading New Moon from Stephenie Meyer, ah, I love romance. You can picture these two a little like Edward and Bella, but... ok, Edward is not a cloud spirit xDDD as I said, it was inspired from it, but it's not fanart!

Also I was glad to make something in grayscale, and a melancholic scene, I never do those kind of things and this was a very nice experiment.

I hope you like this too x3, take the love with you :heart:

Art © Gina Chacón
Made in SAI
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This art makes me rolling in the deep. :lonely:
Do I have your permission to use this for a story I'm writing? The credit will go to you, of course! 
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The bridge looks like made of glass. So pretty! Rainbow Sheep #2 
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Oh love its a sweet little drawing two thumbs up
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that is a wonderful and beautiful drawing ;A;
inspired by twilight, still a better love story.
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Sad yet sweet at the same time... Incredible!
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Your artwork has been moved to the Featured folder of :iconwe-the-artists:. Thank you for sharing this with us, I truly am honored to see beautiful artworks in our galleries! :heart:
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beautiful beautifulll i love it
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I have loved the rain since I was young. I think I will marry it too.
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This is beautiful, I like the grayscale look :D.
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awesome ambiance !
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I just felt in love
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I think this is a beautiful story and picture. I've probably commented on it before, but since I can't find it, I'm going to make a new one. I love how the red is the only color, and the bridge and reflection are done perfectly! The clouds are also very well done, and you should be more proud than you probably are!
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This piece is quite beautiful. I love the story behind it, and I can really get a sense of emotion just by looking at the scene from afar. Your coloring really blew me away, too. Keep it up; you're incredibly talented! :wave:
One of my first dA pictures - joined here so I could fave this, very beautifully drawn.
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very creative.

so devoting ♥
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