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Gina Chacón
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
SaiyaGina, better known as Gina, is a random animu artist with a random taste for random things.
She enjoys to sleep, eat, play videogames, see comedy and horror movies and, obviously, to draw.
Not open yet to commissions, but looking forward to collaborate in a paid project.

Current Residence: Chihuahua, México

Back to 2015!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 31, 2014, 3:53 PM


How was 2014?</div>

Veeery busy! I'd say that this is the WORKIEST YEAR of all!

I feel very blessed to have my actual job OMG MOAR POEMS! , I mean, my dream job as a concept artist, and not only that, is in one of my fandoms! It's a real challenge to manage with my poorest skill at backgrounds, but this is what I like about challenges, I've been learning a lot through this last months.
On the other side, I've been the most absent from my art social networks, mostly because I'm trapped in another project I can't slip away, and it consumes all my art time, I still get my own healthy free times, but I prefer to spend these playing videogames or with my friends than drawing, I just get very tired to do so :( so no personal work or commissions in any level.

But that's just on the art side, I've got lots of fun times this year with my friends with lots of travels to tropical lands, SDCC again with even more friends tagging along, and also made new ones at my japanese class, on which I just made my N5 test, I hope that listening part doesn't screw up my score! haha

I hope you also had an incredible year! I really miss being in here and to improve on my artsyle, but that's gonna by my purpose this 2015, so let's review my last year resolutions!

2014 Resolutions

Bullet; Blue  Attend AGAIN SDCC 2014 (I already got the plane ticket :B
Bullet; Blue Make a themed portfolio
DID IT! It was very short but fun to do
Bullet; Blue Submit that portfolio to tons of places!
YES! Well, just two but almost made it through! Goddamn                   system screwed my chance to move to Finland
Bullet; Blue Fill my moleskine
Bullet; Blue Fill my agenda and keep better working times
            MY AGENDA IS SO FULL, but hey, it's organized! HOLY CRAP
Bullet; Blue Upgrade my tablet? (not sure about this one)
            Didn't do it, my tablet is still the best, but I got a wacom                   stylus for my iPad, that's something :D
Bullet; Blue Not let unanswered a single note/mail more than 2 weeks
Bullet; Blue Update and be more friendly in my social networks
            FAILED MISERABLY once again I think that I'm antisocial on               the net
Bullet; Blue Plan a personal publishing (may be an artbook, calendar, etc)
            I had the plan of the calendar! But I can't handle to even make             a single illustration for it! *despairs*
Bullet; Blue Enter a japanese class (Ok I'm out of ideas)
            Ok this one went unexpectedly well

Have a nice FNAF middle bar :D

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Golden Freddy - Icon Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Foxy - Icon GIF still not ready 4 freddy Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Freddy - Icon GIF Bonnie march Chicas intensify Freddy Intensifies you forgot the music box didn't you 

2015 Resolutions

Bullet; Purple Give my best at my concept art job!
Bullet; Purple Draw for myself at least once every two weeks (fill that moleskine, bish!)
Bullet; Purple Study enough japanese to excel N4 ;)
Bullet; Purple If I get the time, I'd love to study abroad in Japan (weeaboo life)
Bullet; Purple Cosplay at least once, I'm thinking about Zero Suit Samus haha
Bullet; Purple Beat at least ONE of my games on Steam
Bullet; Purple Read ONE book (I'm the worst reader ever)
Bullet; Purple Accomplish that calendar and develop well my story Kernel for webcomic
Bullet; Purple Buy a competent and light laptop for illustration
Bullet; Purple Shoot a commercial for a videogame :B

Thanks a lot for keep watching my DEAD deviantart! I'm also out of the subscription, but I'll buy another year soon before the promo ends!


Skin by SimplySilent


Sopa du macaco
Boarding the Pokémon Sword and Shield hype!

(I don't know if sopa du macaco is known outside mexico, but hopefully you can understand the joke xD)
Smashing Link
A Smash Bros Ultimate art jam piece I did for Rahuel Ware Inc at Facebook!

I was lucky to get Link because it was a long time ago the last time I drew him, and also he's so fun to play with now 💕👌
2018 Summary of Art

My 2018 art summary is surprisingly complete!? Thanks for following my artwork even if I don’t update that much! Hopefully I will upload here some stuff from last years =P

Wishing that 2019 will bring more and better art!

Blank here…
Cozy xmas paladins
I'm so (not) ready for Voltron final season!
This was made for a sheith 2019 calendar


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