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Star Wars : Legacy of the Force (Poster 1)



This wallpaper is part of a set of two posters/wallpapers featuring the main characters from the Star Wars books series Legacy of the Force. It's a piece I've been working on for some months now with En-Taiho . I made the characters and she made the wallpaper with it.

Here are the links for different wallpaper resolutions :

widescreen: 1280x800- 1440x900- 1920x1200
standard : 1024x768- 1280x1024 - 1600x1200

The wall can also be used to be printed as a poster.

The characters featured are the following (from left to right / top to bottom) : Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka Chume Djo, Tahiri Veila, Lumiya (Shira Brie), Ben Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Cha Niathal.

The second part is in the making now, and will feature more of the characters from the books (Jaina, Han, Leia...). I might post a few preview before the wall is done.

I want to say a big thanx to FalconFan and HanSolo29 from's boards for their support, advices, and advanced critique.

Please don't hesitate to give feedbacks (advanced and not advanced critique are welcomed)

-- Disclaimer: LFL owns all the rights for everything Star Wars. This wallpaper is made for personal use only --
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