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by Hekkoto

The art is pretty good, however the nose is quite small. It also looks as if the person has a strangely turned up nose. I like the inte...

My critiques~ (Thumbs by AkumiIrako )

LDS_05 by AkumiIrako LDS_03 by AkumiIrako LDS_06 by AkumiIrako

Newest Deviations

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The Many Woes of Being Medusa.
Medusa sighed as looked around the abandoned town. Trash flew around, some of it revealing the dead and rotting corpses of certain rodents.  She was staying in this dump for the sake of those stupid mortals... and yet the gods still didn't accept that she had changed her ways. When she thought more about it... was this really all worth it? Was changing herself really as good as she thought it would be? 
In recent months, all this change had done was ruin her life... now, every monster that had accepted her as one of them had turned their back on her, left her in the dark and dust to die. 
Her change, it was supposed to make everyone like her. Well, probably not everyone. She had predicted that the monsters who were previously her "friends" would no longer like her if she changed herself to be good. A small price to pay for freedom and popularity. A small price... maybe.
And what about that promise Athena had made to her? Medusa had fulfilled her part, but Athena still ha
:iconsaitamatale:SaitamaTale 0 0
Further World Development
So, I made up this fictional world. I develop it when I'm bored. 
Ashtellers: People who read the ashes of a dead person. That person can send messages through their ashes to the Ashtellers. They wear enchanted skull masks which help them to read the ashes.
Star Gazers: People who contact the Star Creatures to receive their advice and news.
Star Creatures: The guardians of the sky. Their bodies are made up of stars, and they guard the world from evil creatures not from my made up world. (I have yet to name my world)
 The most well known one is Vlaskketter. He is a dragon who holds two magical stones in his talons, these stones are his weapons. He rubs them together to create magical sparks which harm evil creatures, and on rare situations, create new Star Creatures. Star Creatures move along the sky in a pattern. If the sparks hurdle towards my world, they usually are too weak by the time they get there to much of anything.
Blood Block: An  abandoned town shrouded 
:iconsaitamatale:SaitamaTale 0 0
Undertale AU storyline summary.
This an idea for a Undertale AU, and I swear, I WILL finish it, unlike my other projects which I ditched.
It's called "UnderWater" and the main character is Adriax. Where his eyes should be white, they are black, and he has red irises. He has these eyes for a reason. Anyway, the Dreemurr family in this AU are all mermaids/mermen. There are different types of monsters: Sky, Ocean, and Land type. Each type has it's own royal  family. Gaster is the villain, but a villain with a somewhat good reason for his actions. He is not a Ocean type monster, because it would look weird to slap a tail on him. But he still serves the royal Dreemurrs. He is a Land type monster, but there are ways that Land type monsters can visit the underwater Dreemurr castle and navigate in it. 
There is a disease going around among monsters, and worse, there's a war going on between the humans and the monsters. Humans have decided that monsters were becoming a threat to them, with their magic, teeth and cla
:iconsaitamatale:SaitamaTale 0 0
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My newest deviations~

[F2U] Clovers and Fireflies by CloversInTheSnow
Icon by CloversInTheSnow.


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Caterpillars can become butterflies.
Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
For those who think they "can't draw," you'd be wrong. It is physically possible for you to draw. (I know what you would mean by "I can't draw" but still.)
With that said, why don't you sharpen your physical ability with that famous whetstone, "Work"?
FNS [f2u] by RenIrako

I guess I'll describe myself. Ehem, I am SaitamaTale, which I'm sure you already know so this bit wasn't really needed but whatever. Uhh... in my opinion I'm pretty stupid and lazy. I must admit that I rarely exercise. I like to procrastinate, which always ends up biting me in the butt, but I always do it anyway. I'm Christian, and I know that if I admit that I'll probably get attacked, but I'm saying it anyway. I'm Lutheran, to be specific.

So, umm, if you need a character design, I guess I could make you one, or I could just give you the design to one of my OCs that I never use.

My current art level: Last time I checked, which was maybe a year ago, I was somewhere between 3 and 4. It probably has changed a little though.

EDIT: I took a art skill level test, and I got level 5.

(Thumbs by RenIrako and CherushiMetsumari)

Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

Also, when life gives you lemons....

Freeze them and throw them at people.

Links to the comics I am reading so that it's less likely for me to lose them:… (Springtrap and Deliah)

creepycheesecookie.deviantart.… (FNaF The Comic)… (Springaling)…
(The Story Behind Forgiveness)… (Shattered Realities)… (Africa)

(Party Pooper/Ask Goldie Anything reboot)…… (Spring-Trapped)… (Spirit)



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