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Crystal Twilight Sparkle

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From Season 3, Episode 2 - The Crystal Empire, Part 2.

Could have started with one of the easy poses from the start of season 3, but no, I had to pick the one that took me five hours of fiddling around with stars and facets and gradients.

Feedback is particularly welcome on this vector.

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Very cool! Thanks for the credit!
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This looks just awesome pure and simple! :)
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Could you do the crystal prep ponies as crystal ponies please ?
Is it just me or the same name lol by the way twilights my favorite pony ever the one with wings is just a new change to the fan club but i tried to deal with it and i did! But shes still my favorite know matter what! :3
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Dangit I was going to do a vector like this but I guess I cant not; I don't want to copy you
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Gorgeous Vector (Like all of your work)!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)
KatjaPegasus's avatar
can you tell me,
how to make crystal ponies?
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I wrote a brief tutorial on how I did it over in my Crystal Fluttershy vector's description (link below). If you have any trouble with it, let me know and I'll see if I can help.
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Is she a vampire now? *Insert vicious roar of boos and disapproval as I'm pelted by tomatoes*
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Cool! Looks great! Thank you for the credit. :)
Demiilia's avatar
Wow i will use her
FD-Daylight's avatar
Beautiful, nice work 
Sairoch's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it. :)
LLNystanplz's avatar
I used your base for a drawing of my OC
Here the link:…
PD:Sorry for not asking before use ;-;
-I dont have a good english asdksa-
Sairoch's avatar
No need to ask before using my vectors, so don't worry about it. That looks excellent! The color scheme of your OC looks really good with the crystal effect. Good job!

Thank you very much for the credit, and thanks for letting me know you used it. :)
LLNystanplz's avatar
Thanks!! And its nothing  c::3 
lillyflover's avatar
Hello, can I use this?
Thanks :D
Sairoch's avatar
Yep, you're welcome to use it for whatever you'd like. :) All I ask is that you please credit me as the guy who made this. And maybe post a link here so I can check out whatever you've done with it, if you'd like. It's always nice to know that people are getting use out of my vectors. :)
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