y helo thar poverty (commission me!)
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Published: September 26, 2006
I'm about to do something I've never done in the history of me.

I'm going to sell some art.

Specifically, as of today, 9/26/06, I'm opening a commission queue. Until I know how my real life (BOO) job is going to work out, I'm just going to offer pencil drawings -- if you want something inked and colored, give me a couple weeks to find my equilibrium.

Basically, it'll work this way: I will start a queue based upon the notes I receive from you guys, first come first serve. I'm going to strive for a turnaround of one week when you make it to the top of the list, unless the drawing is crazy complicated. Once the drawing is in the mail, I'll knock you off the list and move the next person up.

Payment will be accepted in the form of Paypal, cashier's check, or, if you're feeling really brave, cash. With Paypal payments, I'll ask for half up front to begin the commission immediately, and half upon completion. With stuff in the mail, I'll ask for payment in full upfront, but I will start your work as soon as I have the money in hand. (If you're at the top of the list, I will put a "pending" note next to your name until I receive your payment and move to the next person who has paid. As soon as I get your money, though, a "paid" will appear next to your name and I will turn my full attention to your drawing.) Sound good? :D

Sketchy Stuff:
All sketchy stuff this includes the original for you, a disc with a high quality raw scan (300 DPI) in TIF format for you to print/manipulate to your heart's desire, a cleaned up JPEG (150 DPI) for posting on the web, and shipping.

All originals are completed on ordinary 8.5 x 11 typing paper unless otherwise noted. All drawings tend to average six to eight inches in height, and are exquisitely/ painstakingly/COMPLETELY ANALLY detailed within an inch of their lives.

$10 for a raw pencil sketch of one character
This isn't a finished drawing per se, but more of a raw concept. This option would be ideal if you're just trying to get a quick visualization of your character. (Or if you're as broke as me, haha.)  

$20 for a polished lineart pencil drawing of one character
This is a very clean lineart, suitable for display or your own experiments in inking or coloring. On this option, I will be happy to include one printout in cyan duotone on Paper for Pens for you (or another artist!) to ink. (You can choose to have this drawing flat shaded instead of pure lineart -- this option is a little messier, but better for display if you don't plan to ink it. See sample three.)

$40 for a fully rendered pencil drawing of one character or environment (or two characters with less polished rendering -- see second example)
This is the most time consuming option, but will produce the most finished image. You want this if you want something worth framing, or a quality image to make your pitch really special. Or, hey, your D&D game. Whatever.

+$5 for every additional character
+$5 (and up) for background, depending on complexity
+$2 for additional cyan duotone printouts for inking (first one is free!)
+$10 (and up) for flat colors/cleanup on top of pencils -- see sample: studentpages.scad.edu/~bthiem2…

Stuff I Do/Don't Draw:
+Artistic nudity. Sure, fine, whatever. But mommy told me I'm not very good at drawing penis. :(
-NC17. I'll happily give you sensual stuff, just nothing super-explicit. This is something we can discuss, if you're not sure where your ideas fall on the spectrum.
+Hetero, homo, whatever; it's all good.
+Copyright/fan characters. If I'm not familiar with the universe, though, I'm going to need a little help. (And also, please let me know if you have any particular way you want that universe imagined -- I know just about everyone has a different idea of how Hogwarts uniforms should look, for instance.)
-Anthro. Sorry, Charlie, I just am not the artist for you -- I'm happy to try a few anthro traits on a human, but I'm just not practiced enough in the art of drawing anthros to give you quality work.
+++++DETAILS. Oh god yes, I'm the artist for you if you like your work RETARDED WITH DETAILS.

Any questions? Comments? Clarifications? Drop me a note, leave a comment, or email me at tetmonkataoldotcom. I'll set up a queue to appear as my next journal entry.

Last but not least: thanks for your time, thanks for your interest, and by god, thanks for the rent money, folks. You have no idea how much your support means to me. :heart:
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GAHHHHHHHHH.. i cannot touch my paypal yet. i dun have a creditcard to support my paypal fees. TT_TTlll let me try to find a way.. hmmm... are the queues all filled up yet?
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SairobiProfessional Filmographer
Nononooo, my queues will never be full, sweetPea(nut). And I should be able to offer ink/colors once my body gets used to working these hours, so you might as well save your cash. :D
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mikilanaProfessional Digital Artist
i'd love one... later in time. when i actually have money to spend. :blush:
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SairobiProfessional Filmographer
Sho nuff! There's always room on the list, and I'll be happy to work something out with you if you're suuuuper broke.
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mikilanaProfessional Digital Artist
awesome. :)
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You will not find another artist of sairobi caliber charging less than twice these rates!
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SairobiProfessional Filmographer
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Holy crap!! I am so all over this. *notes*
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SairobiProfessional Filmographer
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Bwahaha... bwahaha... BWAHAHA.

It begins.

You will recive my note and tremble.
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SairobiProfessional Filmographer
I will be honored to do my first for-money-drawing-EVER for you. :D

I just got your note -- I need to shower, run to the grocery stores/bank, but I'll send you a reply as soon as I get home.

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Kilts are the highest form of clothing! So very perfect >_> I await with baited... well, not breath, but internet-tension!
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