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a very scientific guide to boardwalk's men
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Published: October 12, 2012
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HBO's Twitter and Boardwalk's official Facebook page reposted this! I eagerly anticipate explaining to my mother why this is so cool and how Twitter works and what the hell swag is.

MEDIA: Photoshop CS4.
DATE: 10/8/12
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CainAndrewProfessional Digital Artist
love this xD made my day!
SalemJones's avatar
SalemJonesHobbyist General Artist
Com'on, Rosetti should have had a sliver for dick, dude was hung.
Really like the art <3
TheYuriReviewer's avatar
TheYuriReviewerProfessional Digital Artist
Perfect though i think nucky's use of fuck is like more 35%
And also nearly beating men to death for minor insults should be added
KehXKeova's avatar
KehXKeovaHobbyist Artist
This is so perfect!! XD
TBirdFan101's avatar
TBirdFan101 Filmographer
Great work!
satisfactual's avatar
Absolutely magical. Could only be more prefect if Charlie and Meyer were included!
luvfemuscle's avatar
&%$#@!.  The needle on my Awesome Meter broke!  Probably wasn't calibrated for such a high reading.
Amaterasujess's avatar
AmaterasujessHobbyist Traditional Artist
himgrl666's avatar
himgrl666Hobbyist General Artist
Richard is my husband.
LizzyChrome's avatar
LizzyChromeHobbyist General Artist
This is hilarious! The expressions on some of the faces are priceless and dead on (Van Alden and Rothstine made me laugh out loud). And the way you worded some of the pie graph titles (like "Italian shit") was also a riot!
Justysiaczek's avatar
You made my day. It cheers up like nothing else ^^
Puddum's avatar
PuddumHobbyist Digital Artist
The Richard one is my favorite but these are all so great and spot on.  EXISTENTIAL TERROR.  ITALIAN SHIT.  BOWTIES.  I love you (in a not creepy way), this is great.
47ness's avatar
47nessProfessional Digital Artist
I love how verbose AR's pie chart is. Could ttly hear it read in his voice. :>
anastasia1982's avatar
Bowties lol
Great job!
DENKRON's avatar
lol fucking awesome
OnlyALittleKraken's avatar
OnlyALittleKrakenHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is actually flawless. Mad props!
baretta-Bliss's avatar
LMAO! Van Alden and Rosetti are spot on! Chalky White too, except perhaps 80-90% Swag and the other half a killer fashion sense... his suits were always so interesting! XD
rainbowstardragon123's avatar
rainbowstardragon123Student Traditional Artist
the only thing about this show is that Gaston, "I've committed every crime in the book, and gotten away with it" Means is in it.
Sairobi's avatar
SairobiProfessional Filmographer
No one lies like Gaston!
rainbowstardragon123's avatar
rainbowstardragon123Student Traditional Artist
indeed, if Disney ever made a movie set in 1920's New York, it's legally
required that they must have either Gaston Means or Hetty Green (though
she died in 1916) as the villian.
jillamos's avatar
jillamosStudent Filmographer
Rothstein's my favorite: bow ties! You nailed him perfectly.
Sairobi's avatar
SairobiProfessional Filmographer
Thanks, he was definitely my favorite to draw. Michael Stuhlbarg has such a sassy face! :D
Gas-maskTeddy's avatar
I watched just one episode and that's pretty much the best description of them. I swear I giggle every time I see this.
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