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Protect the princess, save the world! 
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I love how all the side characters are all standing there helping(?) Queen Serenity. It looks very good! I could never do anything like that! I'm not very good at art and I really wish I was, so looking at other people's art makes me feel better. Also it just looks freaking awesome! I mean, how many times a day do you see something that looks this darn cool? All of them look pretty good. I mean, anything looks pretty good to me! I can only really draw a stick man and a potato! So in my eyes this is awesome!
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Wow! Thank you very much for your critique *O* I'm very glad that you liked my art! Sorry for the late reply, I was very busy -___- 
And I'm very glad that this art makes you feel better
Your critique very important for me and make me happy)

*And sorry for my bad english* 
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I normally have bad engrish too.
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Thanks for making and sharing this beautiful fanart!
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Thank you very much! 
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Don't forget the inner senshi!
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Love the look Puu is giving makes her truly the Sailor of the Underworld  
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Your welcome Who is your fav senshi?
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Sailor Uranus <3
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Mine is Pluto. Outer Buddies LOL ;P 
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This Facebook group is using your art without credit to spread the word that any art put online is free to use/repost/print however and wherever they wish.
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thanks for letting me know
Can you please look at my blog and ask a question? Thank you!
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Okay, I have SERIOUSLY never gotten the whole "outer Senshi" thing. Can someone explain?
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