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ReDesign - Sunflora by Saiph-Charon ReDesign - Sunflora :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 19 5 Helios system - overview by Saiph-Charon Helios system - overview :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 8 0 Wind Type Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Wind Type Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 9 1 Plastic Type Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Plastic Type Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 10 0 Plant Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Plant Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 8 1 Monster Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Monster Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 8 3 Mineral Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Mineral Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 7 0 Marine Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Marine Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 8 0 Mammal Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Mammal Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 7 2 Insect Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Insect Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 7 0 Humanoid Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Humanoid Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 9 0 Formless Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Formless Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 7 0 Fish Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Fish Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 7 0 Fairy Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Fairy Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 7 0 Dragon Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Dragon Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 8 0 Bird Pokemon by Saiph-Charon Bird Pokemon :iconsaiph-charon:Saiph-Charon 8 0

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ReDesign - Sunflora
Got inspired by (while watching him come up with his redesign of Sunflora on Twitch) to try improving this PKMNs design.…

Basically, I share his opinion that Sunflora has a very bland design, to the point where even Sunkern looks more exciting and creative.

In addition to coming up with a different look for it, I also took the liberty of giving it a huge boost in stats (+90 total, which still ends up being less than Exeggutor for example), most notably in it's Sp.Atk, which is now a threat, but I also slapped a secondary Fire type onto it to make it truly unique among the plethora of other Grass PKMN.
In order to have access to a STAB move, I gave it Fire Blast as a move it learns upon evolving.
Helios system - overview
The map... I mean overview... of my new PKMN regio.... I mean planetary system!

This would be the setting of a hypothetical PKMN adventure. An exotic planetary system with each planet being home to a handful of unique habitats.
I have plenty of details thought through for the individual planets that I might share as I make actual maps of them, as well as more general elements like interplanetary travel etc.

Imagine PKMN x GoldenSun x MagicalStarsign and you get the idea.. maybe xD
3 Favourites per Gen - template
06-01-2019 UPDATE: changed the design of the whole thing.

In case anyone wanted my template empty ;O

It's intended for global link art images 300x300
(which you can get here:!UttUyQqR!KTNv5pCpSRvyFyDVS-ft-vmCP48XQZ_RgpbvBUju5fc)

EDIT: added white shadows where the PKMN go, so they stand out from the backgrounds a bit better

Journal History

I think I just blew my own mind and feel dumb for not having predicted this xD...

At this point it should be really obvious to everyone that the Alola forms (or rather which PKMN got them and what types they had added) were made specifically based on what the first generation of PKMN isolated is lacking in type diversity (in the context of the 3 new types since then, as well as overall).

I realized that early on (they weren't based on popularity and they definitely weren't random or shared any other traits, besides complementing the original Pokedex really well with every single addition), but didn't understand why they would ever do that, and in hindsight, it was possible to deduce merely from the Alola-form selection that GF had planned a Kanto adventure that pretended that even its neighbour-region of Johto doesn't exist yet, which essentially would have told you a lot about the kind of games Let's Go would eventually have turned out to be.

For example, the most prominent type the Alolaforms introduce to the Kantodex, is the Dark type. Those added Dark types in forms of Rattata, Grimer, and Meowth, all of them full Alola-forms (in contrast to Alola-evolutions, which I argue should be considered a separate category more akin to location-based evolutions, rather than regional variants per-se), giving the Kantodex 3 basic and full evolutionary families of the Dark type to choose from rather than none.

And you could tell from that, that it was going to exclude anything post-generation-1 by the simple fact that as soon as generation 2 came about, this issue was actually already canonically addressed, when GSC gave Kanto some Dark types (that were even exclusively native to it at that point, despite the reigon being locked into the post-game, making this seem like a "fix"...which makes Let's Gos ignorance of it kind of ironic) with Murkrow and the Houndour line, pretending like they were always there and we didn't encounter them simply due to the absence of a night-time.

Same with Vulpix and Sandshrew offering Ice options to the dex that otherwise has basically no "typical" Ice type to even show the type off in a cliche fashion.
Same with viging 2 Steel lines in Diglett and Sandshrew, adding to the otherwise only Magnemite line.
(The most recent type, Fairy, only got one with Ninetales, due to it having retconned a healthy number of PKMN across all generations, giving Kanto 3 Fairies already)
They also treated the 2 rarest types in gen-1 (Ghost and Dragon) equally, by keeping them quite rare, and merely adding a single alternative, that is an Alolan evolution with the mentioned type as a secondary evolution-gained type (Marowak and Exeggutor of course).

I'm not sure if I'm getting to some bigger point, but I guess #1 is for the people who have been wondering why USUM didn't add more Alolaforms or why Alolaforms were exclusively generation-I, was because they were conceived with a Let's Go plan in mind, and more importantly, #2 implying that Let's Go were already planned as far back as the days when Sun and Moon were still in development!
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