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Darth Vader Unmasked Bust

Here the Darth Vader Bust 3D model I made for ICG Modeling Challenge #5 "villain Bust"

Done in Maya, Zbrush, photoshop, rendered with Vray in max

Inspired from The Darth Vader Life-Size Bust By Sideshow Collection
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Wow. How did you manage to make this?
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now if u could only animate it into some great scenes, that would be GREAT. :)
Vader is currently thinking "By the Force, I miss my tan. Even more than my limbs."
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I can tell this is him before he died, because of his eyes.
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his face remind me of a other villain
anyway its awesome
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Really Beautiful work I cant say enough.
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Nice render! I particulary used it as a reference for the drawing (as it has better quality and lighting than original photo), hope you don't mind ^^
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Wow, amazing!!
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cool!!! thumb up
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waaawww..!!! nice model!!
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WOW! just wow! What impreses me the most is the scars, they are spot on from the movie. Great job!
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man that really just makes darth vader look even more evil then he really is.
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great stuff!

however I always wondered, why Vader was so old without mask in the movie, according the time line he must be in his early 40ties at the moment of death.
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Hmm, Yeah!! You right, I just realize it, nice find :D
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thats what the dark side does to ya it seems ;P
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What I really love about this is that the face reminds me of David Prowse while at the same time still holds the look of the younger Anakin fallen towards the dark side. Very incredible piece and very realistic as well, at first I thought it was aan actual bust. ^^
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Anakins BALD!? O.O
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what do you expect when this happens :onfire:
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Wow!!! So much texture... Like that little crater on his skull? Where did that come from? Nevermind... I don't think I want to know. I love how you did the scars... He looks pale, but the burns give him more colour. Very nice work. I also love how sleepless he looks.
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Thanks man :D
I dont know about that crater, I see the reference has it too. Probably he got it when he was fighting Obi Wan.
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Maybe he hit his head on a rock when he fell into that volcano...
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