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Muscle Rosalina

By SaintxTail
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Muscle Commission for :iconelee0228: :)
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I'm not sure if I like this or not...I don't know why. It'd be cool to see like a uh, pre muscle Rosalina in this position.
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Her size is great!
LOVE the sexy muscle!!! 
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Excellent work!
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She doesn't need to be rescued now.
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I take it you've never played Galaxy
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Pardon? I have played only a few mario games.
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Rosalina never needs to be saved, she helped Mario save Peach
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She is a stunner!
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She is so lovely!
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Oh yeah!:p Now that's a good lookin gal!:3. If she becomes even larger, hehe... :3
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Cute and Beefy^^
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:o (Eek) :o (Eek) Epic muscle Rosalinda Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap +fav Heart 
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Elee0228. The best artist about muscle girls commisions haha :)
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Wow, very sexy.
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*Kasden Guy and Iris can be seen at the Comet Observatory which recently had a gym installed onto it thanks to Wonder Woman, Power Girl, She Hulk, Supergirl, Mary Marvel, Ms Marvel, Zatanna and Batgirl*
Kasden Guy: *looks around for Rosalina and sees her in the gym, looking like how she does in the picture as she lifts weights*
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Rosalina *grin* I've been working out.
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Krystal: We see that perfectly. *gives a thumbs up*
Kasden Guy: I don't even know what the Lumas do in here though.
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