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I don't know you.
I don't know your name.
But i see you,
I can feel your presence across the room.
My eyes can never stay far,
always darting back whenever possible.
And i can feel whenever you look back,
my eyes darting away when they meet.
I'm always waiting for a smile too,
or a laugh I'm too far away to hear.
And when its over, its far too soon.
The room starts to pack up to leave,
classroom chatter muted as i listen for your silent departure.
With my head down, I watch you from the corner of my eye.
The air lightly brushes past me when you walk by.
I'm alone now,
and i wish you stayed.
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0
i don't know when it happened
that all these books,
tattered and torn,
have turned into you
anger, rage,
endless melancholy
my emotions are mirrored back at me
the words cold and taunting
im tired of filling these pages
with you
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 3
the covered slide king
He stood slouched, faking nonchalance
Craving a taste of something chemical
Black jeans clinging to bone legs
Empty-handed he settles, sucking on a cigarette
The wind is nipping, turning his knuckles pink
Burrowing inside a tight black jacket
The cars and pedestrians race by
His only shelter in the form of an empty playground
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 2
can you feel the falling stars around us
as the debris tear our limbs off one by one
and when its over were gasping, broken,
now the flies start to swarm
and the only thing keeping us breathing
is my fingers laced through yours
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 1
Inner by saintvjoy
Mature content
Inner :iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0
Hells Winter by saintvjoy Hells Winter :iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 1 0 bed of roses by saintvjoy bed of roses :iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0 jesus powder pose by saintvjoy jesus powder pose :iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 1 0 velvet by saintvjoy velvet :iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 2 6
Little Fall
Theres a poison running through my veins yearning for a taste. The landscape of you reminds me of something vaguely beautiful. That shine in your eye starves me. I want to dig it out with bloody stumps, that source of soul that emanates such vivid color.
One day we'll all be grey.
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 1 0
Teenage FLY
Flashing lights, wet kisses
There's a hand up my skirt as waves of sickness settle.
I'm swimming with the sharks, a bitter taste on my tongue.
White pills, deafening music
I call out to no one with glazed eye and flushed cheek.
The sharks are turning to sea horses out for honey-milk instead of blood.
Disoriented and reaching for steady footing but, the grounds opening up trying to rip out my tongue and eat through my body.
The pain in my stomach a warning;
There's fingers digging in my back, burning the bones inside, leaving a husk of brittle black hair.
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0
Dreams of Youth
The purple and pinks blended into
reds and oranges and yellows
disintegrating into a blinding white.
Loosing touch with reality, dreams seep
through sticky fingertips.
Were spinning round and round and have lost form
melting into the neon carousel.
There's no escape rapidly changing and the
sugars boiling up inside, overflowing now.
Pink honey suffocating.
I can't make my way out.
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0
Rapture by saintvjoy Rapture :iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0
His throat constricting.
His heart beating faster by the second.
Licking at his wounds,
He can taste the bitterness of panic.
The life he choose for himself,
Isn't how he imagined.
Everythings lost, or at least out of reach.
HIS love can't touch, burns when its tries.
A shell of the man that he dreamed of being.
Is what is left in it's wake.
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0
You can blame me if I tire,
The heaviness in my mind is seeping through my eyelids. With your warmth lulling me, I try to see the light, but everything is dimming. I'm suffocating now.
You can be mad at me if I tire,
:iconsaintvjoy:saintvjoy 0 0


the queen by nue-koneko the queen :iconnue-koneko:nue-koneko 3 4
Breathing Pages
Her heart pumped loudly
As she dipped the quill in ink
She would control them
Then virtue and vice, console
The starving and all the poor
She knew how and why
She could even sacrifice
All of her time--set
Writing to concept, open
The bloody masses for rent
But she wanted such
And got what her heart bargained
For all she wanted
Was to be immortalized
In pages, forevermore
:iconindiatango:IndiaTango 3 0
Pearly Skin by Y-n-Y Pearly Skin :icony-n-y:Y-n-Y 84 49 Zombie boy Rick Genest custom doll repaint by noeling Zombie boy Rick Genest custom doll repaint :iconnoeling:noeling 3,592 220 Meryl Streep as Miranda doll by noeling Meryl Streep as Miranda doll :iconnoeling:noeling 1,278 49 Doll Repaint as Angelina by noeling Doll Repaint as Angelina :iconnoeling:noeling 544 42 custom doll repaint Vivien Leigh  Scarlett O'hara by noeling custom doll repaint Vivien Leigh Scarlett O'hara :iconnoeling:noeling 681 37 Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady doll repaint steps by noeling Audrey Hepburn My Fair Lady doll repaint steps :iconnoeling:noeling 747 38 Vampire Bella Swan doll in Breaking Dawn part 2 by noeling Vampire Bella Swan doll in Breaking Dawn part 2 :iconnoeling:noeling 1,012 67 Hot Toys Sucker Punch Babydoll custom repaint by noeling Hot Toys Sucker Punch Babydoll custom repaint :iconnoeling:noeling 1,627 94 one last kiss before dying by proxi-mity one last kiss before dying :iconproxi-mity:proxi-mity 2,625 208 If There Be Thorns by surrealgreen If There Be Thorns :iconsurrealgreen:surrealgreen 83 57 Seeds of yesterday by ActsOfSin Seeds of yesterday :iconactsofsin:ActsOfSin 7 7 War Pestilence Death 2012 by AbbeyMarie
Mature content
War Pestilence Death 2012 :iconabbeymarie:AbbeyMarie 351 130
Shades of Perfect
Shades of Perfect
Rupert shifted uneasily in his seat, throwing his eyes all around the small cockpit. Was compulsively checking (fuel: 1/4 tank) all the gauges and lights on the (shields: 82%... repairs needed) dashboard of the small transport plane really (cargo weight: 573 pounds) necessary? No (passengers: 3). But it did help calm his (autopilot: off) nerves. Considering his fear of heights, maybe (miles to destination: 30) he should have considered a career other than (destination: Atlantis) a pilot, but transport was where the money was, and as his (security level: green) mother was always so keen to point out, money was scarce.
He took a shallow breath. He wasn’t even flying the damned plane. That was still Nikko’s job, and Rupert wasn’t going to complain that he’d been an apprentice for three years and had never touched the joystick. He guessed that Nikko knew more about his phobia than the pilot let on, which was perfectly fine. Rupert got paid and Nikk
:iconambiguous-catharsis:Ambiguous-Catharsis 7 10
i miss you i miss you i miss you
i feel you in my bones
like c r a c k s in the pavement
or birds trapped in cages.
you are threads of misery.
you curl around my ribs,
entangle yourself in my skull,
wind yourself into my fingertips,
ride upon the breaths i take
before i fall asleep
and you collect in the layers of dust
gathering upon my bookshelf.
i remember the way you looked at me,
i remember feeling you fall in love with me
and i remember feeling you love me
and i feel you, right now, falling out of love with me.
i miss you.
:icondespondentghost:despondentghost 2 1



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