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Genos by saints-fan-12 Genos :iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 0 0
I'm sorry
The crack of thunder woke Clara up. A storm never brought good things, she knew that much, especially in the sea. She got off the cot, shakily making her way to the deck.
She wobbled as the wind screamed, rain hitting her like bullets. The sail flapped uselessly as a few men tried to tie it back.
“Head for the eye,” Nazo shouted, leaning against the rail.
Clara walked towards him, watching the sea churn, white sea foam lapping against the ship’s side. The ship turned, heading directly towards the eye of the storm as thunder rumbled again. She hoped the storm would pass quickly.
“Do you know this place?” Nazo asked, looking at Clara before marking something on the map.
“No,” she answered. The storm had ended long ago. “It was always too far away from home.”
He nodded, standing up from his desk. He headed out onto the deck, looking at the calm, deep blue sea and the upcoming shore. He would find his father, no, he’d find the
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 2 2
Casca n Guts by saints-fan-12 Casca n Guts :iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 1 0
It was a stupid decision, but Sandy was not going to marry someone just to be a plaything or arm candy. She just needed somewhere quiet. To think, that’s all. And that’s how she found herself in the forest and admittedly lost.
The setting sun did nothing to ease her worries and the later it got, the more alive the forest felt. The wind howled as she tried to make her way back to her village, snow seeping into the edges of her dress, dragging her down.
She stopped as a branch snapped, something large and imposing standing in front of her. Its dark fur bristled at the sight of her, large paws kicking up snow as it walked towards her. Sandy swallowed, grabbing the closest branch she could reach.
The thing stopped, looking to the left of them before growling. Shadows flickered in the distance, the buzz of chatter reaching them. Hunters. A way back home.
Sandy moved, darting forward before the trees spun and the cold, wet ground rushed to meet her. She grunted, glaring at the sp
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 2 2
Sleeping Beauty
Tugging on the reins, she looked up at the tower. Patting the horse’s white coat, she slid off the steed, going forward to pull on the wrought iron handle. Having the door creak open, Sandy looked into the corridor leading to a set of stairs. Normally silence wouldn’t be this off-putting, but the various bodies she saw peeking out of shadowed corners as she ascended the stairs convinced her otherwise.
This castle’s been under a sleeping spell for at least twenty years, or at least that’s what the old man told her. Finally reaching the top, an almost tired smile lit up the princess’ face at meeting a large door. She wasn’t here for money or even the prince, she heard he caused a lot of trouble, but her mother wouldn’t let up about this over pompous duke asking for her hand in marriage. So, maybe she could get out of it.
Nonetheless, she grabbed the handle on the sagging door and pulled it open. The overbearing smell of herbs and flowers brought
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 2 3
Dancing bears, painted wings. Things I almost remember, and a song someone sings. Once upon a December.
It wasn't going to change no matter how many times she looked at it. If she could get her head at the right angle to see it clearly that is.
"Sandy, please. One of these days you'll break your neck trying to figure out what that tattoo is," Krystal said, glancing at her.
Sandy turned her head towards the vixen, fixing her shirt. Resting her chin in her hand, she grinned, replying, "Be worth it. It ain't a tattoo if it comes after you turn twenty, 'sides that whole soul mate malarkey."
Krystal smiled, dragging a hand over her wrist. "Well, it'll happen; no matter how much science you use to back it up or not. Fox and I are having a party tonight; Marcus wanted you to come. He loves it when you visit." She said, taking a sip from the mug beside her.
Sandy nodded, hopping off the counter, and walking towards the door. "I'll make sure to be there fer him." She said, smiling and leaving.
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 2
Nazo was bored. Sure, the ball was to celebrate his upcoming coronation, but he could’ve been doing something else instead of entertaining women who only saw him as royalty and not a person. He sighed, watching another potential bride walk away after introducing herself.
He headed outside, stopping only when he saw a woman in a light blue dress sitting on the garden swing.
“Um, excuse me,” he said, walking towards her.
She stood, quickly dipping into a curtsy. “I’m sorry,” she said, looking at him. “I didn’t know anyone else was out here.”
“It’s fine,” he replied, “I just needed some air.”
The woman nodded, reaching her hand out towards him. “I’m Clara by the way. Honestly, it’s a miracle I’m even here.” She said, clearing her throat when Nazo kissed the back of her gloved hand.
“Would you like to dance with me?” he asked, his hold loose on her hand.
Clara looke
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 2 0
Forced To A Concert
Shadow really had to wonder why he got dragged here of all places. Right, only one (1) person was responsible for this and he couldn’t find her. Amid all the surging bodies, sticky floor, and beer stench, Amy Rose had run off for a better place to stand. If only he knew her visiting brought him to a rock concert, he would’ve sent her home.
Don’t listen what your girlfriend says, she reads those magazines
The crowd screamed as a woman walked on stage in a red tank top, black ripped jeans and steel-toed boots to top off the grungy look.
That say you failed the test, you don’t have what she needs
Her voice was rough as she sang, easily reaching the chorus to a song Shadow never heard of. She did have a stage presence, he noted, gaze never leaving her as she walked across stage, arm tattoos gleaming under the overhead lights she high-fived a few people up front.
Love bites but
“Sing with me,” she called, grinning as the crowd responded with ‘so do
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 4
Heat 24
Von Barke was, in fact, dead in a couple of days. Shadow shoved his hands in his pockets fiddling with leftover change and a gift as he looked at the closed, cherry wood casket.
“After all that talk, you barely bit. It’s kinda funny,” he said, scratching at his ear. “Alright, lower him in and grab a shovel.” He continued, looking at his men and rolling his sleeves up.
Funerals were supposed to be a somber affair, a loved one gone from the material world. It was ironic for the whole thing to be quick, no mourners, just an unmarked grave, and utter relief.
Shadow closed the door behind him, reaching down to pet Rune as the houndoom ran towards him. He stopped in the doorway of the kitchen, asking, “What are you doing here?”
Sandy smiled, getting up from her seat at the table. “I wanted to talk to you ‘bout somethin’. Ya left the key under the mat, so I let myself in.”
“Breaking and entering aside,” he repli
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 2
Heat 23
The weeks passed by rather slowly. Sandy was finally out of the hospital and everything was mostly back to normal.
“So, what’re we doin’ about Von Barke?” Sandy asked, shuffling cards and then dealing them three ways.
“I always figured something like this would happen, so,” Shadow started, glancing at his cards. “lucky for you, I have a plan.”
“Oh, really?” Static asked, sighing and putting his cards down. “I fold, also, real weird you already planned your former boss’s death.”
Shadow shrugged. “It’s efficient,”
“It’s both, adds a certain charm,” Sandy said, pushing a few chips forward.
“So now he’s charming? Boss, we need to get your priorities straight. I thought the whole life-saving thing was a good start.” Static said, looking at both of them.
Shadow put his cards down, asking, “How have you won five times in a row?”
Static held his chin i
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 4
Heat 22
“My baby!” Jodi cried, throwing her arms around Sandy. “We were so worried,”
Sandy groaned. She loved her mom honest, but sometimes, like now, she was overbearing. At this point, Sandy was sick of being hugged.
“Ma, I’m fine.” She said, “Doc already said I’d be able to walk in a few weeks.” She looked at her dad for help, a bit thankful Randy kept himself busy by getting food from the cafeteria, lessening her chances of him almost not letting go.
Kenneth put a hand on his wife’s shoulder, separating them. “She’s right, hon. Matter of fact, she’s the picture of. . .almost health n been through worse with her lil stunts.” He said, shrugging.
“Alright fine, but if ya need somethin’, Mama’s right here.”
“Ma,” Sandy whined, moving into her wheelchair. “Much as I ‘preciate it, I ain’t—” she stopped, looking at the shark that had walked in
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 3 6
Mature content
Heat 21 :iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 4 4
Heat 20
Clara and Nazo were smooth, each move precise and their theme: innocence and love palpable.
“Stop fidgeting,” Shadow mumbled. “You’re making me nervous.”
Sandy breathed, tugging at her sleeves until Shadow grabbed her hand. She squeezed, letting out another breath to calm herself. “So, our theme, run it by me again.” She said, watching Nazo lift Clara. It was like something out of a painting.
“Us,” Shadow answered, glancing at her. “Rivalry, hate, jealousy, protection, love. Just a taste of what we’ve been through.”
Sandy smiled, rubbing her thumb against his knuckles. “What was that last one again?” she asked.
“Rivalry,” he said, watching the crowd cheer and throw flowers as Nazo and Clara bowed.
In the beginning, they were rivals. A full leg drag as the music started, moving forward, repeat, moving back to their original spot. Her hand gripping his shoulder like her life depended on it
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 5 9
Heat 19
Rune barked, hopping onto Shadow’s bed and barking again before pawing at the cover. He barked again, getting down and tugging at the cover as Shadow groaned.  The days had passed by in utter monotony and he was being woken up like this.
“Rune, quit it. You’ll burn it.” He mumbled, pulling the cover back and turning over. Rune barked again, shoving Shadow out of bed and running out of the room.
Shadow found him at the front door, sitting in front of it. “You can let yourself out, you know.” Shadow said, yawning as he opened the door.
“Yer such a good boy, Rune,” Sandy said, reaching down to pet him. “Was Shadow mean to you?” she continued, receiving a whine from the houndoom until she pulled a bone out of the many shopping bags she had.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, watching Rune go to his spot on the couch.
She walked in closing the door behind her. “I picked up your suit from the dry cleaners si
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 4 14
Heat 18
Von Barke wanted her dead. That was Sandy’s first thought of the morning as she laid there, watching 10:59 AM turn to 11:00. The news stung at first before she tampered it down to something she could store away and never revisit. She never really overslept before. Waking up every now and then to make sure Shadow’s hands weren’t around her throat wasn’t pleasant, especially when he was actually lying next to her instead of just a subconscious image of him.
“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” she asked.
“Besides practice, nope.”
She didn’t expect him to be awake or even answer. “Is he yer boss? Well, former boss, I guess.”
“Yes.” He answered. “Pretty much built me from the ground up. You okay?”
“Clothes should be dry by now,” she said, sitting up and getting out of bed. “Big Momma’s a real help when she wants to be.”
“It’s been raining all night, there
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 4 2
Heat 17
Shadow looked at his former boss as he stepped into his office, shaking out his umbrella.
“I didn’t know that girl was a fan of mine,” Von Barke said, walking towards the liquor cabinet Shadow had yet to clean out. “It’s sad, really.” He continued, opening the drawer. He looked at the various rings before picking up one with a rose-gold band and large bloodstone in the center.
Shadow watched as he slipped it on, flecks of red showing themselves as Von Barke looked at it.
“Where’s your other ring?” Shadow asked, standing and going around his desk towards him. There was only one reason as to why Von Barke would switch them. He grabbed the front of Von Barke’s shirt. “What did you do to her?”
Von Barke smiled. “Nothing. I just gave her a gift,” he answered. “You’ll finish it off, I’m sure.”
Shadow grit his teeth, tightening his grip on Von Barke’s shirt before letting him go.
:iconsaints-fan-12:saints-fan-12 4 11


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saints-fan-12's Profile Picture
Artist | Literature
United States
I'm just a wonderful black girl in many fandoms. I'm shipping trash who writes fanfiction and just wants everyone to get along. I have a tumblr which is below this bio.
I've been kind of dead on here so not many of you know that I'm publishing a book. Right now, I'm in the middle of my first edits and I found my beta readers! I'm really excited to publish my own book because it's something I've wanted to do since I was six. Hopefully, it'll be out at the end of this year. 


I still really like how this came out. Black edits give me life and yes Genos is still Japanese. 
The crack of thunder woke Clara up. A storm never brought good things, she knew that much, especially in the sea. She got off the cot, shakily making her way to the deck.

She wobbled as the wind screamed, rain hitting her like bullets. The sail flapped uselessly as a few men tried to tie it back.

“Head for the eye,” Nazo shouted, leaning against the rail.

Clara walked towards him, watching the sea churn, white sea foam lapping against the ship’s side. The ship turned, heading directly towards the eye of the storm as thunder rumbled again. She hoped the storm would pass quickly.


“Do you know this place?” Nazo asked, looking at Clara before marking something on the map.

“No,” she answered. The storm had ended long ago. “It was always too far away from home.”

He nodded, standing up from his desk. He headed out onto the deck, looking at the calm, deep blue sea and the upcoming shore. He would find his father, no, he’d find the treasure his father left behind.

He glanced over as Sandy stood by him, arms folded as she took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“You’re nervous too?” he asked, receiving a nod in response. “I, uh, I’m sure we’ll be fine. There’s no way we can encounter the same,” he stopped, glancing at the scar on her throat. “We’ll be fine.” He repeated.

No one would suffer because of his choices ever again.

The ship kissed the shore hours later, the crew milling about as the sun beat down. Clara smiled, mopping up excess water from the deck. It wasn’t much, but she could get used to tasks like this.

“Clara,” Nazo called, jogging towards her. “I want you to come with me. To the island.” He said, taking her hand in his and tugging her towards the rowboat.

She settled in beside another crew member. The island was quiet, the white rocks gleaming as they made their way to the shore.

Something felt off no matter how much Clara followed them until they reached a small alcove where a brown chest rested, algae growing on its edges.

“It’s. . .that has to be it.” Sonic mumbled, almost dropping the shovel he brought.

Nazo swallowed, carefully wading towards it. The water was unusually deep, but he was so close. Just a few more steps.

He glanced back as a splash sounded behind him, he opened his mouth as Sandy and Clara swam towards him. He choked, salt filling his lungs as something grabbed his leg and dragged him down.

“No one touches my treasure,” a deep voice hissed, tentacles lashing out as the witch brought Nazo into his field of vision. “Especially you, son of Crono.” He growled, translucent skin shifting from cream to white. A large scar running from his cheek to his neck stretched as he smiled.

Nazo frowned, grunting as he struggled against the witch’s hold. He groaned, feeling the tentacle tighten around his body as he was held upright.

“Nazo!” Clara screamed, catching the witch’s attention. She swallowed as his light blue gaze settled on her and Sandy.

“You’ll die like your father,” Chalakon rumbled, flashing rows and rows of teeth. “At least you’ll have an audience this time.” He continued, lifting Nazo high in the air. He roared, looking down as Sandy stabbed at one of his tentacles.

Blood ran free, staining the water red as Chalakon growled, lifting her as well. “Oh, it’s you.” He said, grinning and knocking Sonic back. “What shall I take next? Your leg? An arm? Or,” he paused, bringing the woman close and removing the silver wedding band she wore. “Shall I make you my bride?”

Clara breathed, swimming to the other side, and climbing high enough to get into the witch’s line of vision. “Don’t, don’t hurt them!” she cried. “Take my human form instead.”

Chalakon stopped, finally looking at her. He smiled, letting both people drop unceremoniously to the hard ground. “A human form,” he said, opening his hand and lifting her once she stepped in the palm. “I’ve never had one.”

“Well, you can have it if you leave them alone.” Clara said, swallowing nervously. “And let them take the treasure.”

“A human form is worth so much more than useless gold,”

Clara nodded. She would give this up, only if it meant that Nazo and the rest of her crew was safe. She groaned, watching white crawl up her legs. She wobbled, watching as the orb floated towards Chalakon.

The world spun as she fell, the sea waiting to welcome her back. She grunted, feeling a pair of arms around her. Wrapping her arms around Nazo, she mumbled, “I’m sorry. I just wanted you guys to be—”

“It’s alright,” Nazo interrupted, holding onto her as her tail moved in the water.

“Little one,” Chalakon rumbled, looking down at them. “I’ll allow them to take the treasure, but you must stay here with me and no harm will come to them.”

Clara nodded, watching Sandy stand. She held the sword tight in her hand as she started towards Chalakon.

“And you,” the witch continued. “must return home. Never to set foot on a boat as long as you live. Only then will you earn your voice back. The sea is no place for a woman of your caliber.”

Sandy looked at him for a moment before nodding. Clara could see the obvious conflict on her face, one she wished she had the strength to fight for.

“Now, go. Before I change my mind.” He said, tossing the chest towards them.

Nazo stood, cautiously helping Sonic drag it to the rowboat. He bit his lip, heading back to where Clara floated, long blue hair flowing around her.

“Clara,” he started. “I’m sorry it ended up this way.”

The mermaid nodded, digging her fingers into the sand. “You will at least visit, right? All of you.” She said.

He nodded, bringing her hand up and kissing her knuckles before kissing her. The taste of saltwater wasn’t lost on him. The ocean breeze a constant reminder of things that would never change.

Clara watched them go. She turned towards Chalakon, sniffling as he opened his arms. She sobbed into him, wailing as the rowboat grew smaller and smaller.

“Little one,” Chalakon said, wiping her face. “Welcome home.”

He was right. This was her home now. A price to pay for her crew’s protection. For their child.


“Are ya gonna go visit?” Sandy asked, her voice rough from disuse. It was still nice to hear that drawl after all these years.

Nazo cleared his throat, looking at the map laid out before him. “I want to,” he replied. “I miss her.”

A year had passed since that day, since Clara gave up her human form for them. Nazo sighed, walking out of his study and heading towards the docks. He needed to prepare anyway.

The alcove hadn’t changed since the last time he was there. Or at least it’s appearance hadn’t as Clara sat on the rocks, her fin languidly swishing in the water. He paused, seeing something move towards her.

“Clara,” he called, running to her only to stop as she moved her tail away and slid into the water where a small boy popped his head up.

She smiled, moving towards him, holding the boy. “Do you want to say hi?” she asked.

The boy looked at Nazo with familiar green eyes. He waved shyly, hiding in his mother’s hair when Nazo reached towards him.

Nazo swallowed, pulling his hand back and taking his boots off to join the two. “I’m your,” he stopped, hugging the boy as he swam towards him.

Chalakon looked on for a moment before moving deeper into the alcove. He didn’t want to ruin such a precious moment.
I'm sorry

A/N: Remember when I said Memories was the last part of the mermaid AU. I lied. (: Suffer. Nah, I’m mostly kidding, but this is based off of klaudiapasqui 's recent art.



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