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Inktober 2018 Sketch, 10/9/18

By saintartaud
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It's been several years since I posted any work to my gallery, but since Inktober 2018 was productive for me and I wanted to share some of these outside the other venues I am currently using, I've decided it might be nice to upload again to dA.

All my Inktober sketches were done using a Pilot Precise V5 extra fine on a handmade cotton rag paper. This paper is not optimal for drawing, since it doesn't hold up to eraser, but that also forced me to accept mistakes and think more about what I was drawing as I drew it. References for many of these were pulled from photos on an app called Sktchy, which is a great little artistic community that I recommend joining if you want some practice w/reference photos. Unfortunately, because this is an app, I can't easily link to my references.

I've done some minor editing to clean up the paper texture and remove minor stray lines, but I've tried to keep the character of the sketch intact as much as possible.

Comments welcome. Enjoy!
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This is really beautiful~! You've done an excellent job of capturing the curving shape of the eye~ Your crosshatching is spot-on, and I love how the eyelashes aren't lost amid the shading lines~! Well done!
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Thank you! Eyelashes are always challenging, esp with ink, but it was a lot of fun trying to capture them.

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The line work on this is brilliant. :3 
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Thanks! The most challenging thing with this sketch was figuring out how to do the eye lashes...
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You utilized the contrast of black and white well on them. They look so natural and distinct with the other line work. :3 So you succeeded.