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All of Mr. Van Hoof's works are exemplary. The play of chiaroscuro and feeling gigantism in the works are what please me the most. In art lighting is the hardest thing to capture. Lighting that captures a mood, whether it be romantic or in this case horrific, is one of the most important aspect of the visual art of illustration. His composition is always dynamic and evocative of a world that is like our own and yet also unearthly and fantastic at the same time. This particular piece with its use of both back and front lighting shining off a misty rain which evokes feeling of coldness, loneliness and desolation of spirit would have thrilled Clark Ashton Smith or H. P. Lovecraft. The feeling too of realism, one almost can smell the stink of this creature's wet fur and hear its rumbling growls, is apropos to the subject matter. Yet in the final analysis the creature's form and visage is entirely original to the mind of the artist and not derivative of any other creatures of myth.
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VincentVanHoof Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, thank you very much for the kind words and high praise. I really appreciate it. 
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