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Countries in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog

1. United Federation - This is the country featured in nearly every game in the series since Sonic Adventure. It is based on the United States of America, with a republican government and a President who lives in the capital, Central City. Its military force is the Guardian Unit of Nations, or G.U.N., which has two known bases: Prison Island and the G.U.N. Fortress.
It can be assumed that Empire City is located in the United Federation, as both are based on America

2. Apatos - A country influenced by the Cyclades of Greece and located on a peninsula on the same continent as Spagonia, Apotos is the first level in Sonic Unleashed.

3. Spagonia - The world's art capital, located on the same continent as Apotos. Spagonia houses a university, which holds the lab of Professor Pickle. Its appearance is based on many locations in Western Europe, most notably Italy, with features like clock towers, aqueducts, and cathedrals.

4. Mazuri - A locale based on various places in Africa, Mazuri is known for its reddish-brown soil, sandy citadels, desert expanses, and its large baobab trees, particularly the gigantic one near the village Sonic visits.

5. Holoska - The northern-most country at the North Pole based on Antarctica and the Inuit villages of the Arctic, Holoska is gripped with extreme cold and covered in snow. The natives dress warmly for the harsh weather. The region features houses built out of ice, colonies of penguins, bobsled rides, and giant whales.

6. Chun-nan - This nation is inspired by Chinese culture and appearance with foggy mountains and waterfalls, giant dragon statues, bamboo groves, and lily pad-covered rivers and ponds. There are also brick structures that are identical to the Great Wall of China.

7. Shamar - Based on the Middle East, Jordan in particular, Shamar is a sandy desert landscape with several rocky valleys and numerous ruins (one ruin in particular resembles the monastery carved into rock at Petra, Jordan).

8. Adabat - A tropical island nation inspired by Southeast Asia, most likely Thailand and Cambodia, Adabat features Buddhist statues, stilt houses, and a thick jungle filled with high cliffs, waterfalls, and many ancient ruins.
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