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Israel Palestine recognition map

By Saint-Tepes
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Interesting how there are more dark greens than dark blues. Makes you wonder . . . 
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These are muslim states so you get the idea, and Cuba and North Korea, two isolated communists states who don't recognise Israel not from religious problems but ideological problems, Israel is a capitalist democracy with the rule of law and allied with USA.
Hi, your map is wrong with regards to Norway:(
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Did you even see the links ? There is nothing wrong.
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Interesting to see that in conclusion. Thank you for submitting it.
And as always the West is with Israel...
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You're welcome! Problem if the West is with Palestine? Maybe this way there will be peace between the two states.
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I think there can't be peace as long as Israel exists. Israel took the land of the Palestinians though they were welcomed as they arrived in Palestine the first time (when they were escaping the Nazis in Europe). They have killed and hurted so many of the people who gave them a home once and they try to show the world that they were are peaceful state, but they aren't! The Palestinians are defending thereselves because the Israelis attacked them first. Palestine isn't the one who started the whole conflict and Palestine isn't the violent party of this conflict. If the West supports Israel they support the oppression of the Palestinian people and the continuing of the war.
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United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine [link]

The Arab leadership (in and out of Palestine) opposed partition and claimed all of Palestine

1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine [link] the area of Palestine found itself the object of a battle between Jewish Zionist nationalists and Palestinian Arab nationalists, who opposed one another just as much as they both opposed the British 'occupation.'

Causes of the 1948 Palestinian exodus [link]

Arab–Israeli conflict [link]
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The Jew need to have their country back, they where here first, till they were exiled by the Romans and later by Muslims. They also need a country but not kick the new owner away. Both Israel and Palestine must exist, both must be independent and neutral and not enter in conflict. Israeli in Israel and Palestinians in Palestine.
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The Muslimin didn't exile the Jews. There were still many Jews in Palestine after the Islam came to this region (I don't know where you heard that we banned Jews from Palestine in the past, but it's wrong...) and most of them lived with the Muslimin and the Christians in peace. The descendants of the first Jews which came from Europe to Palestine and lost their homes because of the Nazis were the ones who destroyed the peace in Palestine. They became ignorant of the fact that their ancenstors were welcomed in Palestine. The Zionism became more and more popular and suddenly they wanted the land just for theirselves and didn't want to share it with anyone else.
Of course the Jews which were banned from Europe had to live somewhere but to ban other people from their home is the wrong way. Israel is the symbol of the land that was stolen from the Palestinians by the Zionists. Israel is the symbol of the ones who became arrogant and ignorant after they forgot about the fact that they were refugees.
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Israel and Palestine need each other. Iran is fucking around with Nuclear Power and is endangering the lives of those in the region. This is the WORST time for a civil war.
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Sorry, but I think you aren't getting the whole situation:
What would you do if your life and your family would be endangered by the settlers of another nation? Wouldn't you fight back and try to save what you love? The Palestinians couldn't and can't continue their normal lives because Israel is using its power to grow bigger and bigger and to take more and more land from the Palestinians. And how are they getting this land? By distributing the Palestinians.
Palestine does not need Israel. Don't believe in the stuff the Western media is telling us about Iran! It's the same like with Iraq a few years ago! Think for yourself and don't just believe what they try to sell us as the truth. Palestine is oppressed by Israel. Why should people need their oppressor?
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This time it's different. Regarding Iraq, the reason why we thought WMDs were there in the first place was because of some idiot codenamed "Curveball" that actually lied to the CIA about WMDs in Iraq. Now with Iran, we CANNOT let them have Nuclear Weapons. Even if they didn't, they are still dangerous. Giving Nukes to Iran is like giving a .45 Semi-Auto Pistol to a pissed off Chimp.

And with Israel and Palestine, if one side tries to destroy another, they'll end up destroying both. Unless you have a death wish, no one wants that. I agree that the Rocket fire into Israel and the subsequent leveling of Gaza is NOT justifiable. I support neither side in this stupid conflict. They need to end it now if they don't want any more innocents on either side to get killed. If only the idiots in charge of the Arab nations in 1947 had known that rejecting that UN plan would cause so much pain and suffering on both sides.
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