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The XIth Primarch

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The XIth Primarch

Number XI crashed into an ocean world, risking being drowned, he was saved by sea hunters and been raised by them. Living in a solidarity society of both humans and aliens, XI didn’t take much time to become the king of hunters. Later XI was found by the God Emperor and accepted to serve the Imperium of Mankind but not for a long, when he was accused of heresy for supporting a Craftworld in a conflict long forgotten, he and his legion were cast out from the Imperium by his father the Emperor to be forgotten just like his brother the Second.

Now thousands of light years away from the Imperium, XI fights his way through with his legion allied with the Eldars.

This is my attempt to create a concept for one of the Unknown Primarchs from the universe of Warhammer 40k.
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I come back here at least once per year, still one of my absolute favourite 40k pieces.

It is now the inspiration behind my sons 40k SM army, the Manta Marines.

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<3 am humbled to read this. Thanks you very much :D

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I'll send you photos when we've got the army all painted.

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I think that this one could be one of the most interesting concepts for a forgotten legion.
Even the eldars that fight with him could be outcasts of their race.
A pariah for the Imperium, the Eldars and the Chaos at the same time.
I really like his armour, good job.
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Thanks Sebastian :D
One day I might go back and do another painting for this guy :D
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This is cool, I like the shoulder pads :)
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Thanks Antcow :D
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Oh my.. just realized his face looks exactly like the Puri-Puri Prisoner from One Punch Man..
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Ahahahah yeah maybe :P
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Awesome, I love it
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Given what we know of the emperor, working with aliens would be a crime greater than treason or heresy. he did have Vulcan wipe out a world where humans and Eldar lived peacefully. It's an amazing idea and an even more amazing character design
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Thanks Master of the Boot :D
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OH WOW! OH WOW! OH WOW! What a cool idear!!! Thats so original (as far as I know). I would VERY much like to read/see some of their adventures... I haven't looked @ your profile or anything so if you have already done some then oops, my bad... (¦-D)
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Thanks a lot :D
Yeah as I mentioned in my other comment, I have another piece that I should get back to or maybe redraw and paint :D
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I like everything about this, the artwork and the background of the XI Primarch is brilliant. I'm just going to accept that this is exactly what happened. 
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Hahah thanks :D glad you liked it, and deep in my heart I know that one day I will return to do another piece for this Primarch.
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Thats a pretty good piece of fluff along with a badass rendition
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Amazing. The idea of his story is sound and the drawing itself is breathtaking. I'd really like to know more of his life. *applauses*
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