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The XIV Primarch

Mortarion, XIV Primarch, the Death Lord, son of the Emperor of Mankind, Leader of the Death Guard Legion, Chosen son of Father Nurgle. ruler of the Plague Planet.

I decided to go with a more demonic scythe rather than a mechanical one that i have designed earlier. rather than having a chain-scythe kind of design i thought of a more poisonous blade, something so corrupted for the mortal minds to understand its power. i add some heat smoke coming out of the scythe, then i changed my mind and repainted it as a dark thick green poison gas generating out of the blade it self.

Hope you like the piece. :D
c&c are more than welcome
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One of the most badassed though under-written characters in all of 40K.
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The personification of death on steroids!!!!!
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Hahha yeah in a way :P
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I love this, and all the other Primarch´s you´ve done, you are an amazing artist.  A queston; Is this Pre-Heresy? See, i don´t remember, that was Mortarion into deciese´s and plague´s when he was whit the Emperor... Thank´s :)
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This is after the Heresy, but yeah Mortarion was obsessed with poison as I recall.

Thanks Fratermalus :D
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probably the most boring primarch out of them all.
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Hmmm but he got a really cool concept. ..
 (Awesome artwork. Really love how freaky imposing you made this guy. I saw him coming at me I would run the other way... and then probably die because of the noxious poison fumes he releases just by standing someplace but still, the point is, he is scary as heck. Nods.)
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Thanks a lot,
this is one of the first illustrations I did for Warhammer 40k, but I think I did him justice here :D
 (Welcome! And agreed. Scary as heck, huge pestilent scythe, nice three-skulls emulating Nurgle symbol, actually has a daemonic looking blaster as a side arm, right pauldron looks literally possessed by a rot daemon and the curved tubes in back pumping out noxious poison gas all while he stands cold and grim with a hooded face and gasmask... I'd say you did him more than due tribute in this pic. And I love the little skull-face on the scythe's handle... the little details really sell it.)
I think Morty got screwed into joining the heretics.
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Hmmm yeah probably
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THIS is the creature that had a grandmaster's name carved into his heart? Matt Ward I swear to Nurgle. Brilliant artwork, very creative and I love his fusion pistol design, brilliant.
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Hey thanks :D  yeah one of my first Primarchs to paint :D 
glad you liked him
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EASILY my favorite Primarch  :D (Big Grin) 
 Since Mortarion here looks positively daemonic I believe it's from after his ascention to Daemonhood, yes?
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Still before Daemonhood, hmmmmm not sure if I like his design when it comes to daemonhood, I think the making him look as a grim reaper is kinda meh :S
 He is still a badass though.
I've always had a unique liking for Nurgle. The way he and his Daemons fight is dangerous since 1) they rarely feel pain and 2)even when they do, they simply laugh in joy. Along with the fact that simply being near Daemons of Nurgle is dangerous enough to make someone sick is amazing in it's own way.
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