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The XIV Primarch



Mortarion, XIV Primarch, the Death Lord, son of the Emperor of Mankind, Leader of the Death Guard Legion, Chosen son of Father Nurgle. ruler of the Plague Planet.

I decided to go with a more demonic scythe rather than a mechanical one that i have designed earlier. rather than having a chain-scythe kind of design i thought of a more poisonous blade, something so corrupted for the mortal minds to understand its power. i add some heat smoke coming out of the scythe, then i changed my mind and repainted it as a dark thick green poison gas generating out of the blade it self.

Hope you like the piece. :D
c&c are more than welcome
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Yeah, how Nurgle and Tifus humiliated him) Unlike Fuli, Angron and Magnus, he is not the first champion of his god, Typhus is higher than him.