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The XII Primarch

Angron the Red Angel, the XII son of the Emperor of Mankind, Primarch of the World Eater chaos space marine legion, Demon Prince of Khorne.

Greetings all, I know it been some time since I posted the first sketch of Angron, but I got really busy with the book fair for the past 2 weeks or so.
As promised, Angron is stepping on the ruined bodies of the dead Ultramarines. ;)
Again I feel its more epic to have the Chaos Primarchs painted before their Demon Prince state, so that is the first goal i had in mind while sketching this piece.
I went with a less complicated armor design, I wanted to give him something more practical that would give him a free space to move.

Hope you like it,

C&c are more than welcome :D
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Super amazing coolness!!!


Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon) 
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Chill primarch when he's on his chill pills
saint-max's avatar
haha not sure about that
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The only primarch who failed-failed-failed to capture his birth-planet and eventually became an even bigger failure then he already was before!
oODark-DawnOo's avatar
At least he gets shit done. And he's not nearly a failure as Abaddon.
saint-max's avatar
Hahaha yeah maybe
Plus he admits what he is, owns up to his choices, and hides behind no moral pretenses. 
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Somebody please tell me thats not a human torso on his left pauldron.

anyways, awesome work, sir. i like how you made it feel a bit painterly when you zoom in on the details. the flame sticking to the armor is a nice touch evocative of Angron's seething and burning anger. I like the dead smurfs on the ground, too. :)
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Hahaha yeah, thought that would be a normal sight when it comes to the World Eater :D
Actually I asked for fans to vote on whom would they like to see being crushed by Angron, and the majority voted for the smurfs hahahah, no wonder :P
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Never ones for subtlety.
 Angron is perhaps the only Primarch who didn't look much different after becoming a Daemon Prince, just add bat-wings and that's him.
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Hahah yeah I agree :P
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one of my favorite primarchs :) (the other is mortarion). I really don't know, how you do it, but whatever you did, you did it marvelous :D
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Hahaha thanx a lot :D glad you liked it
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Personally, I like the dual chain-axe Angron the best, but that's just me. Still some amazing art, though. Would love to see Magnus and Sanguinius, or Ferrus Manus since nobody ever asks about him lol
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Almost got wasted at the hands of Guilliman : P

Also this is the most menacing depiction of any WH40k character I have ever seen! Simply brilliant!
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Thanx a lot :D glad u liked it ;)
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this looks so freaking awsome it's terrifying how cool this is
love it
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Glad you liked it :D :D
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Strait up brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hahahah Yeah
Blood For The Blood God
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