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The VIII Primarch

Konrad Curze, The Night Haunter son of the Emperor of Mankind.

Final update:

Most of the work was done to the background and armor, painting the blood pool along with the rocks. the armor received a lot of touches here and there, fixing the colors and adding textures.
I added the black halo as a final touch, i like halos on unholy beings (or maybe holy in this case, we would never know)

I enjoyed painting this piece :D
Hope you like it, c&c are more than welcome. :D
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"Death is nothing compared to Vindication." - Konrad Curze, Primarch of the VIII Legio Astartes
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Konrad Curze is like a cross between Vlad von Carstein from Fantasy, Rorschach from Watchmen, and Paul Muad'dib from Dune. Oh and by the way, the revived Guilliman's Imperium-wide anti-corruption drive will probably make Curze proud of his brother if he is still alive to witness it, even though he would feel the corrupt imperial officials weren't punished harshly enough.
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Hmmm yeah maybe he will be proud, i can see that happening
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emo berfore it was cool
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Angron and Curze were both heavily traumatized. 

But the Red Angel had a way to soothe his pain - at least, for a short time, covering everyting with blood and leaving only death behind. Konrad couldn't do the same, even by bringing pain to others. His mind was sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness, and even if there was a way to save him from total madness, the only person who could do that...well...did not care, I'd say (that's why I do not like Emperor, yes - he has totally failed as a father and as a leader :D). 

This portrait is insanely cool. Pain in his sight, darkness around tired eyes and unhealthy paleness... That's the way The Night Haunter should look. 
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Thanks a lot for the comment, I agree with you that is why I hate the Emperor, at least one of the reasons >_<
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Lovely fellow, too bad he's dead
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Amaziiiing artwork! The Night Haunter doesn't need a helm to be scary. Moreover...this pale vampiric skin is a good idea. It highlights the man's style :)
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Thanks a lot :D
really glad you liked it :D
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personally I think he'd look better wearing a helmet
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But its all about the portrait :(
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He was called here by huuumans who wished to pay him tribute.
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The Dark Night... Haunter! Curze is awesome.
I've had this image as my IPad background for almost a year. Now I finally know who made it. This is fucking sweet.
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its an honor sir :D
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Altrough I am For the Emperor and the loyal primarchs I find every Konrad Curze Picture Amazing,I can't believe how the blood red goes great with the shiny blue
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:D thanks
Glad that you liked it :D
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