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The V Primarch

Jaghatai Khan, Son of the Emperor of Mankind, Primarch of the White Scars space marines legion.

Greetings friends and followers.
So its finally done. It took me more time than any of the other Primarchs' illustrations I did. Probably for a lack in composition planning at the start. I changed a LOT in the pose and perspective... >_<

My original plan was to have some space marines in the background, but that didnt work out well. So I decided to go with this one.. not sure it it fits right, but I do like the colors.

c&C are more than welcome :D

Now to the next Primarch ;)
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Having read EVERY novel about the White Scars and all their back history, I would LOVE to see this Primarch return to the WH40k universe, as Roboute Guilliman just doesn't hit that "awesome" level of much-needed character for me. R.G is just too "Aryan Race" and perfect for my tastes. Give me a raw meat eating, hard riding, sword wielding force of nature over any Ultramarine, any day. Just my opinion, people, as I like my Primarchs/Astartes to be that much more believable and earthy, not all pristine and infallible, as the Ultramarines have almost always been depicted.

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Warrior: Am I done?
Painter: Yah.
Warrior: (Arms slump down) HOH BOY... You have NO idea how heavy these shoulder pads and spikes are...
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Hahaha yep thats what happened :P
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Dangerous looking
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I think I should repaint this one
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never get to see the khan. Thx a bunch. Your very good
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Thanks a lot :D
really glad that you liked the artwork
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whoa! primarchs come alive!
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:D glad you liked it
Amazing second best primarch lol
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Hey thanx mate :D
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AMAZING! Love your works so much!
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;) honored to hear this sir :D :D
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He's a real primarch? looks to good to be real :o.
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this iz great! love the armour and the sword :)
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