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Skating Giants: Sport Spirit

The second installment for the Skating Giants concept.
It took its time but it is finally here. I wanted to explore more of the concept and show more of the actual race.
More ideas to explore in the next one.
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Absolutely awesome!!! A terrific blend of style, beauty, and action!!! Look forward to your next artistic display!

matthewmoss101's avatar

Absolutely stunning! The vibrant colors, action, energy & story are amazing!

saint-max's avatar

I am SO GLAD you returned to this. I LOVED the other painting. Please do more.

saint-max's avatar

Thanks :D yeah more are planned :D

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Cool, I didn’t know you were on Deviant Art. I saw this on IG and I’m curious if these ladies regenerate body parts? Cause I get that vibe by the skinless limbs.
saint-max's avatar

hmmm the flesh parts can be grown outside and then attached, the concept is still under development :)

thevampiredio's avatar

wow fantastic work!!! sexy too.

Spacegryphon's avatar
O U C H ! ! !

Oh, by the way, what brush do you use?
saint-max's avatar
I use Evan Lee brush set :D 
ecogmedia's avatar
Is the blade missing in the bottom right?
saint-max's avatar
nope no blade there
EchoXrime's avatar
Did someone say Deathball?
Theeartistkid's avatar
I'm a little confused with the leg part where it's cut,I see another leg going in another direction.Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong!
saint-max's avatar
its the speed ;) 
AnaNymous0's avatar
Oh my love 😍
saint-max's avatar
Thanks <3 <3 

you are gorgeous, sensei. let me respect your work.

saint-max's avatar
Hahah thanks Kishlir <3 
LastMinuteReplicas's avatar
Oh no ! Her wonderful leg :'(
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