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Sister of Battle WIP 3

I cant even remember the last time I worked on this file >_>

Greetings friends and followers, well here is another wip from this piece, I have been working on it for so long and months would pass between each big change I do to this painting.
So I am kinda stuck with this one, I no longer like the face, maybe I dont see it representing the idea I had first in mind. I am not sure if I will keep working on it any more, but I am thinking of starting a new one, u know like starting fresh :P

Anyway c&C are more than welcome :D

wip 1: [link]
wip 2: [link]

p.s: in the next sister painting there wont be boobs armor.
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Is that supposed to be Goge Vindaur's head she's holding? Or just a random heretic? Either way, Well done!
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Also a nice illustration of the battle sistres, she looks really BA.
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Maybe I should finish this one soon :P I got frustrated with getting the face right.
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Beautiful, The Sisters of Battle are one of my favorite factions in all of 40k and this is perfect  
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I should go back and finish this one.... one day maybe ... :(
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Masterfully done. I quite like her armor.
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Wow @_@ thanx a lot :D really glad you liked her :D
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nice, more SoB stuff please!
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Yes most definitely ;)
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NP I'm a big fan of Warhammer 40000 and find your art awesome! I would like to make a space marine of the Chaos in a 7" action figure but didn't find the basis yet :(  But I have hope to find the figure in the future When I had a new challenge to front of I always found a solution!
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I would like to see a 40K 7" action figure, that should be really interesting. hope that you succeed with this quest ;) 
awesome love the Adepta Sororitas :D 
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Thanx :D
hopefully one day I would paint one to completion.
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Daammmnn that chest piece is just cool as hell! Too bad there won't be any boob armour next time :p

Nah, but super solid work! Just a miiiiiinor nitpick, though! Shouldn't the grip on the blade be longer to accommodate holding the sword with two hands? I mean, she did decapitate that vampire dude with it. It takes an awful lot of force to do that!
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Hahah thanx :D well boob armor is not completely out, when I get back to Slaanesh its going to be a mush have :P
Yeah I agree on the grip, tbh I didnt touch that sword at all, it needs a lot of work and I just put it there as a place holder >_<
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whoa!! very cool!:D

but we love boobs armor.:D
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Hahaha yeah I know, but they dont make any since :P maybe coz I like to keep my 40K art with in logic >_< but am sure boobs armor will show up in future sketches in the future :P
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well they sort of make sense. those smooth curves are ideal to deflect incoming solid fire. ;P
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Hahhah yeah that could work :P
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she's still awesome!her armour looks fantastic. Such a calm look. Yeeah very cool
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Glad u liked it :D yes I did change parts in the armor. I am happy that you liked her features hmmmm
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