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Night Hunter

Night Hunter
Commission for :iconabrahell:

Greetings friends and followers,
I never thought that I will get back to painting Konrad, well not this early, at least once I am done with all the Primarchs. This is my first commission on DeviantArt for "abrahell".

I did enjoy working on this piece and specially using Photoshop cs6, the brushes are just amazing and dynamic.
This piece is kinda way darker than my first painting of the hunter.
My favorite part is the lighting claws, they just feel so deadly and dry, ready to cut the air at any moment.

Hope you like the painting,
C&c are more than welcome.
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thank you for this commission

awesome, w40k
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He reminds me of the Lich King from WoW, but I bet this badass kiddo right here could down LKx10 and then some, amazing bit of work SM
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Honestly, Konrad is a more of a mix of Master Chief, Punisher and Batman than the Lich King. Having a multipule personality disorder (The Night Haunter is a completely different personality), bringing order and justice to a planet-sized version of Gotham on steroids by scaring and killing them to submission and always preferring intimidation above all else...

He's a Space Marine Batman. Which makes him awesome.
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Thanks a lot Joshua :D
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And here I am being proud of my Konrad sketch...brilliant job mate, just brilliant.
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Thanx :D :D
I know its a bit dark but probably was a reflection of my mood at a time
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Darkness fits perfectly with Night Hunter. 
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Man I wish you could make this a print, I would love to have it to go with your other Konrad
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Hahha thanx :D
Well I can submit it for print but am not sure if it is ethically right >_> I mean its a commission and although I own all the rights ( not the character rights that are owned by GW ) but am not sure. I will see what I can do and I will msg you if the piece made it to print :D
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man i wish i could draw like this, im a poor ass dude so i cant afford art classes or a digital tablet to learn to draw digital art. i guess ill keep practicing with my old pencil...
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Well you dont need more than a pencil in my opinion. And I believe that you need to start from there if your goal is digital art. Just keep practicing and drawing all the time. Oh and u got a lot of free tutorials online, enough to keep you busy for years :P
Good luck
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ive gotten better at drawing with a pencil , but i dont know how to learn painting, how did you learn to paint?
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I started with The Gnomon Workshop, its the best place to learn digital art. go to their website and check out the dvds they got there. I hope you find it useful :D
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i checked it out, it looks cool but i have to pay, i hate being poor...
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Torrent is your friend then. I dont like to say it but u go ahead and get them on torrent. I think you will be able to get the new ones.
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fist thing i searched after i went to the website was a torrent XD
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